A Famous Gymnast Nastia Liukin Posted Her Picture On Instagram: Flaunting Her Festive Christmas

A Famous Gymnast Nastia Liukin Posted Her Picture On Instagram

Nastia Liukin, one of the famous gymnasts, dominated the gymnastics world during her active years. This 34-year-old Russian-born gymnast had earned an Olympic all year round for the US in 2008. With multiple other World Championships wins this former artistic gymnast exceeded the past competition to match Miller’s record.

In recent times, Simone Biles snatched the record of winning the most in non-boycotted Olympics. After 11 years of Liukin’s retirement, she still keeps her fans on her toes. Celebrities and athletes have already started decorating their homes with just a month away.

She has also said that a 26-year-old gave her a sneak peek at her Christmas dream. Recently, this former Olympian tried to sell her art through social media platforms. She recently posted a picture on Instagram standing on one of her steps of a folding ladder, posing in front of a mirror. Moreover, the room where she was in was nothing less than a short of a fairy tale cut.

In this picture, she posted by writing a caption named “Available for hire.” There, she asserted that she was proud of her work and indicated her career options.

Users can also see a gorgeous Christmas tree decorated with a mesh bow and little bows through that mirror selfie. In this case, leaves were hanging from the ceiling and standing in a magical form.

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