Actors Boycott Barbie Costumes As Halloween Hits Hollywood Strike

Actors Boycott Barbie Costumes As Halloween Hits

This Halloween season, several vague vampires and generic ghosts haunted the Hollywood picket lines as actors of Hollywood strive to scare studio bosses by declining to dress up like Barbie or any of their famous characters.

Multiple costumes that could have been used to promote the lucrative movie figures like Oppenheimer or Barbie have been announced off-limits this creepy season. A recent SAG-AFTRA post said, “Let’s use our collective power to send a loud and clear message to our struck employers that we will not promote their content without a fair contract!”

Actors marching outside the Sony, Amazon, and Netflix’s Los Angeles offices had taken that advice to heart, with cats, dancing frogs, and bats in terms of replacing any usual cast of sexy villain and superhero costumes beloved in the United States entertainment industry capital.

Actress Sonia Grace explained that she would be a little strange while you are protesting these companies, but they are also supporting them. On the other side, Christan Copeland added Boo, boo to the AMPTP, which refers to the Alliance Studio of Motion Picture and TV Producers.

Even though there was a dire situation, Grace still insisted that the strike shouldn’t prevent actors from dressing up and having fun this Halloween. This actress also said that in the strike, there are a lot of people who are non-actors who are supporting us, and of course, they want to celebrate the Halloween season with some fun.

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