How To Ace The Beach Aesthetic For Your Room

beach aesthetic

– A compass on the mantelpiece.

– A rustic wooden ship wheel for the wall.

– Cane lamp shades.

– An anchor in the corner of the room.

The Beach…

The Beach

The serene beach vibes are something we all love. There is a reason why a beach destination across the beautiful ocean is the number one holiday destination. So, why not bring that peaceful vibe to your bedroom as well, holding the subgenre of beach aesthetic room decor?

Here is how you can ace that beach aesthetic for your room. This will include the elements to add, decorations to consider, and even walls to paint.

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1. Nautical Elements

Nautical Elements
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Ocean elements are the best thing to adorn your room with. Everything that makes you feel like a sailor on a ship from the medieval period. These elements can also add a vintage vibe to your room. Some of the common nautical elements for your bedroom could be-

– Vintage sea map over the headboard.

– A classic ship in a bottle.

Whenever you get a nautical decor, try to thrift some with an antique touch and blue aesthetic and get the entire vintage beach aesthetic aced. 

2. Blue Blue Everywhere

Blue Blue Everywhere
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Your beach aesthetic is incomplete without a splash of blue in it. If you are going all in with your decoration, then painting the walls is the first choice. However, rather than going for an entire room painted blue, you can bring more of the beach aesthetic with the help of a few blues here and there. Here is how you should look the because-

– You can try two different hues, one for two walls and one for the upholstery of the furniture.

– If the room stops giving the beach vibes and starts executing more 

3. Accent Walls

Accent Walls
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Aesthetic beach wallpaper is a lucrative option when you want the beach aesthetic but do not want to spend too much on it. Rather than going for the entire room, you have a focal point. Generally, you pick the wall behind a furniture set. If it is a living room, you go for the sofa set, and if bedroom, then the accent wall looks phenomenal right behind your bed.

It is all about what people notice first when they enter, and mostly it is the furniture that is the main focus of the room. Accent wall ideas can range up to something as simple as blue ombre paint or wild clashing waves as crazy as the sea.

You can even have vintage nocturnal items like tea-washed ocean navigation maps, old ships, and even compasses.

4. Beach Prints

Beach Prints
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This is pretty obvious for a beach aesthetic. However, we would suggest that you do not oversaturate the aesthetic. Always find a focal point, or add minimalistic designs of that subgenre of aesthetic. Some of the beach prints which can adorn your sheets, curtains, and walls are.

– The seashore.

– Ocean blue, light blue aesthetic, and white.

– Everything is coral.

– Sea shells and other aesthetic marine lives.

– Inside the ocean aesthetic, because that will be unique. 

5. A Picture Says A Thousand Words

A Picture Says A Thousand Words
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A picture wall or just a few statement portraits can change the entire aesthetic of any room. You can even go for one huge portrait in the back of your bed. If you do not wish to spend too much scouring through galleries or asking someone to paint it for you, just print it.

You can take inspiration from some of the Pinterest feeds, print a single statement picture, or make a collage wall. The fun about these aesthetics is that it lets you experiment with your own creativity rather than picking something obvious from a home decor catalog.

6. A Shiplap Pattern

A Shiplap Pattern
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What could be more beach aesthetic or sea than the inside of a ship? This is what the shiplap patterned decor will look like. Just the inside of a ship!

You can make it look more preppy and beachy with a white shiplap, or a vintage wooden shiplap can bring the vintage feel. Top it with the right beachy furniture, and you have a beach getaway right in the heart of your city apartment. 

7. Lounge & Relaxation

Lounge & Relaxation
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What is that one thing which beach reminds you the most? 

Vacation & Relaxation!

A beach aesthetic is not always what you see but how you feel in a beach house. In order to give that all-known beachy feel to your room, the kind you grew up seeing in Hannah Montana and Jersey Shore, then you should know that the comfortable couches and seating arrangements are more intriguing than the color of the room.

Have common areas, comfortable armchairs by the window, sea shells or bamboo window curtains, and everything which helps your eyes and feet to relax.

8. Try Retro With Sea

Try Retro With Sea
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If you are tired of the somber paint colors and neutral tones of the beach and want something fun with the undertone of the beach, then make it retro. No matter the aesthetic, if you add the flair of the 80s to it, it will automatically become vibrant.

Here are some of the 80s beach aesthetic room decor ideas you can try.

– Purple and Neon accent walls in a beach theme.

– Old 80s beach archive pictures framed and put on a frame that can make the best accent wall for your beachy living room to match your sea-shell aesthetic.

– When you are getting into an 80s summer beach aesthetic, you can never leave the beauty and color of the golden hour. So, you can try silhouette beach patterns with the sunset and sunrise color palette for your retro beachy room.

Time To Vacay!

When you return to your beach aesthetic room, every night will be a vacation. You need to have that tranquility of ocean waves and serene tall palm trees in your room. Something to kick back the stress and relax when you come home after a long hard day.

Beach aesthetic or any aesthetic subgenre is not just about the decorations. It is something that helps your beach be cozy. Light some beach aroma candles or just play beach waves to enjoy the most of this aesthetic.

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