Best Beaches In Italy That You Must Visit On Next Vacation

Beaches In Italy

Are you dreaming of a sun-drenched getaway?

Check out no further than the awe-inspiring beaches of Italy! The Italian peninsula stretches over 7,600 km and is a hot spot for beach bums. Italy has everything one might wish for in terms of thriving nightlife, undisturbed retreats or idyllic landscapes.

Here, we shall virtually visit the finest beaches in Italy that you absolutely have to go to on your next vacation. Prepare to put your feet into clear water, enjoy Mediterranean sunshine, and make memories that will last long!

Amalfi Coast: Where Heaven Meets the Sea

Situated along the southern coast of Italy, the Amalfi Coast is a true treasure that will capture your heart right from its sandy shores. With its towering cliffs, lively towns, and multicolored parasols crowding the coastline, this UNESCO World Heritage Site cannot be missed by those fond of beaches

  • Positano: A town known as one of the most picturesque ones on Amalfi Coast; Positano boasts an unusual combination of rugged mountains and untarnished beaches. Walk through its narrow meandering streets lined with pastel houses before descending to Spiaggia Grande where one can sunbathe and swim in azure waters.
  • Amalfi: Take a gentle walk down Amalfi’s promenade while enjoying great views of majestic cathedrals and cute cafes. Jump into cool water at Marina Grande Beach or uncover secluded coves dotted around the coastline.
  • Ravello: For tranquility lovers and panoramic view seekers Ravello is just perfect. This hilltop village may not be directly on the coastline but provides stunning scenes for a peaceful getaway. With all these amazing sceneries enjoyed it is worth going down to such beaches as Castiglione or Minori in order to experience what the Mediterranean offers.

Sardinia: The Mediterranean’s Unspoiled Paradise

The white sandy beaches, clear waters, and untouched landscapes make Sardinia a true paradise for beach lovers. This Italian gem is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and has different types of beaches that can satisfy all tastes.

  • Costa Smeralda: Known as the ‘Emerald Coast’, this exclusive destination is a playground for the rich and famous. Costa Smeralda is a paradise on earth with glamorous resorts, luxurious villas, and pristine beaches such as Cala di Volpe and Liscia Ruja.
  • La Pelosa: La Pelosa is indeed a must-visit place in Sardinia due to its picturesque turquoise waters, soft sand dunes, and a medieval watchtower overlooking the beach. You have to get there early enough so that you can secure your spot at the iconic white beach and witness an awe-inspiring sunset.
  • Cala Goloritzé: A hidden gem for adventurers, you can only reach Cala Goloritzé by boat or through strenuous trekking. Nestled among towering limestone cliffs, this beach is one example of how grand nature can be; it is also an excellent spot for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts.

Sicily: Tapestry of History and Natural Beauty

Having deep roots in history as well as a variety of landscapes Sicily has countless stunningly beautiful beaches which will not let you stay indifferent. From untouched white sands to volcanic black ones, every tourist visiting this place will find something suitable exactly for his taste.

  • Isola Bella: Isola Bella near Taormina is one of those places that shows Sicily as a truly amazing land. On this small island nature reserve, there is even no need to mention the captivating atmosphere because it lies across from the mainland by a thin strip of sand. Here tourists are welcome to explore transparent sea waters teeming with marine organisms or enjoy marvelous coastal views.
  • San Vito Lo Capo: San Vito Lo Capo is another hidden paradise in the west of Sicily with its Caribbean-like beaches. Here you can feel the soft sand under your feet while sitting under the shadowy palm trees or dive into azure waves to admire the bright underwater world.
  • Scala dei Turchi:  Get prepared to be amazed by Scala dei Turchi’s unique beauty. It is a stunning white cliffside formation shaped as stairs which serves as a background for golden sandy beach and glittering Mediterranean Sea. Go up its steps, investigate interesting geological sites and take awe-inspiring photos.

Apulia: Where the Adriatic and Ionian Seas Meet

Apulia, located in southern Italy, is a region known for its stunning coastline, clear-as-crystal waters, and rich cultural heritage. With their charismatic grace and natural splendor, Apulian beaches are sure to leave you stunned.

  • Baia dei Turchi: It is an obscure paradise in Apulia surrounded by sand dunes and pine-fragrant forests. A Wilderness of Baia dei Turchi, listen to calm waves and feel the silence.
  • Polignano a Mare: Get ready to be enchanted by Polignano a Mare, a charming town that boasts a magnificent beach called Lama Monachile. Situated amidst high rocks of coastline this small pebble bay provides amazing panoramas and will not let you forget your swim ever.
  • Porto Selvaggio: Porto Selvaggio is an unspoiled gem hidden within a nature reserve that epitomizes the pristine beauty of Apulia. Follow the path winding through dense Mediterranean shrubbery until you reach the secluded beach where it is possible to have a peaceful dip into transparently calm seawater.

Italy has several wonders when it comes to natural resources which make it perfect for beach lovers. Starting with the breathtaking Amalfi coast up to untouched Sardinia with never-ending exotic beaches of Sicily lying between them as well as the beautiful Puglia region; this Meditteranean pearl offers no other place like a beach. Thus, do not forget your sunblock cream or hat as we set off on an incredible adventure along Italy’s stunning coastlines because your vacation dreams become real here!

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