Top 13 Best Vertical Farming Companies Of The World – 2024 Updates

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Vertical farming is by far the most effective means to develop the farming cycle in the best possible manner. You must understand that if you want to save the farmlands from destruction, you must consider vertical farming for a better experience. There are very few vertical farming companies in the USA that practice this sort of farming. 

Many vertical farming companies in the world can help you save your money and the chances of obligations to a great extent. You must understand that if you want to develop your fruits and vegetable productions vertically by arranging them in stacked layers, you must consider these factors from your end to develop your farming processes.    

Different Forms Of Vertical Farming Companies In The World  

There are several forms of vertical farming companies that can help your business grow in the right direction. Therefore, let’s get some of the details about these facts to understand them better.   

1. Aero Farms 

Firstly, multiple plaudits of its operation have been own by this company. Along with that, it uses its own planted Aeroponic technologies. Indoor vertical farming comprises a new level of technologies with new productivity and precision with minimal environmental impact without risks.   

The best part of this company has already raised $238 million from the funding since its inception. Some of the investors of these companies are quite impressive. You must understand these facts before you seek the help of ant vertical farming companies. 

2. Plenty  

Plenty is another big brand among the vertical farming companies, and it will help you develop your farming activity in the best possible manner. It reduces the chances of water consumption in the vertical farms by 95%, as per the statistics and records. This organization also takes care of the environmental norms to preserve the greenery. 

It is another big retail giant for the vertical farming big companies list. It will help your company to develop your business in the right direction. According to Crunch Base, plenty has raised almost $225 million. It is also one of the biggest companies in terms of money.    

3. Green Spirit Firms 

From the year 2013, the Green spirit firms have started raising the money. The important thing is that they have not disclosed the amount. The development area has reported that they have invested almost $27 million from Pennsylvania’s vertical firm system. Few vertical farming companies in USA can help your business to grow. 

One of the essential aspects of vertical farming companies is that it helps you protect the farmlands from extinction, and the destruction of the forest land is prevented due to it.. Thus you can say that it is an eco-friendly farming technique that you must consider from your end.   

4. Bowery Farming 

The farming startups can genetically modify to steer clear of everything that is modified genetically. An essential thing of Bowery farming is it avails the Zero Pesticides and the non-GMO seeds.   

Since its inception in 2015, it has already raised $140 million. It has been developed carefully with the distribution of the network of the leafy greens available in the Whole Food Gatins and the leafy greens and the Foragers. 

You need to understand that you must make eco-friendly farming habits that if you want to develop your business. Compared to traditional agriculture, vertical farming companies require 95% or less water usage. It is 100 times more productive in the same amount of land.   

5. Bright Farms 

Compared to other vertical firming startups, bright firms have already raised $112million since its establishment in 2010. It seems to be more interesting regarding hydroponics. It can help your business to grow further in the right direction. 

Neither Aquaponics nor hydroponics uses the soil. It will compare the terms in the form of quality, profitability, and efficiency. It will be clear for a few years now; it depends on how you see these companies. 

6. Gotham Greens  

It is extraordinary to view the new sectors; the new sectors’ market can be saturated for vertical farming in the city’s places. Gotham Greens was established in 2011, and for the initiative of vertical farming, it will provide $45 million.   

The production scale facilities have four units. You need to consider these factors while eventually mixing up to try different approaches with different facilities. Vertical farming companies in USA. 

Furthermore, you must not consider the environmental factors for granted while you practice vertical farming. You need to consider these issues carefully while developing your business. 

7. Iron Ox 

For doing the picking process of farming, this company uses robotics, and thus it claims to operate a fully operational indoor autonomous farming. It is a retail-oriented company that comprises the proponent of hydroponics. You must not make the wrong choices from your end.     

It is important for you to understand that if you want to develop your vertical farming company, you must take leafy greens such as lettuce and the kale of the things you must like. 

You need to understand that if you want to develop vertical farming, you need to take care of the environmental norms in the best possible manner.    

8. In Farm 

The In Farm has numerous vertical farming startups that are present both in Asia and In Europe. It is a US-based company that has already raised $35 million in investments from all over the globe. These companies possess an exotic herb market.   

The best thing about this company is that it claims to use 95% or less water at the time of irrigation. It comprises both aeroponic or hydroponic systems. You must also consider the environmental norms to develop your business in the right direction.

9. AgriCool 

Recently, one of the best vertical farming companies across the globe has been AgriCool. The staggering revenue of this company is around 103 millions USD. This vertical farming company uses recycled shipping containers, known as “Cooltainers,” to create multiple farms. 


Recently, Agricool has grown vegetables and fruits such as strawberries, basil, and coriander. Above all, no pesticides or even preservatives are used. Agricool also offers standalone solutions and turnkey for a breeder, layer, cattle farming, etc. 

10. iPower 

Another one of the most feasible vertical farming companies is iPower. This business has around $88.9 million and $34.8 million in profits as of 2024. Above all, this also offers pet care, gardening products, homewares, and many others. Not only that, but this vertical firming company sells multiple third-party brands and in-house online to every individual and business across the globe. 

11. Bowery Farming 

Another best vertical farming company that might trail behind Agricool is Bowery Farming. This operates three vertical farms in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. 


Above all, the company recently raised around $647 million in debt and equity from top business investors. Recently, Bowery Farming has grown lettuce, basil, and many others to sell to major retailers across 850+ locations. Recently, Bowery ranked in the top 100 private deep tech companies. 

12. Freight Farms 

Freight Farms recently has a network of more than 1000 farmers and around 600 farms across three territories and 50 U.S. States. After all, Freight Farms is one of the top vertical farming companies that pioneered several container farms with hydroponic systems. This vertical farm was founded in 2011. The total revenue of this farming business as of now is approximately $72 million. On the other hand, the specialties are Leafy Greens, Herbs, and lettuce. 

13. AeroFarms

When this concerns the world’s leading vertical companies, AeroFarms is one of them. After all, this farming company uses aeroponic technology for up to 390X higher yield while you are using 95% less water. In addition, you can easily recycle and reuse its cloth to grow medium. This vertical farm leverages automation across the entire value chain, from loading and unloading to harvesting and packaging.


Hence, if you search for the best vertical firming companies, you must consider certain essential things to help your business grow further in the right direction. The more proactively you can think, the better you can find the vertical farming companies’ results to develop the fruits and vegetables in your backyard.    

You must develop your farming habit in such a way that it can help your business to grow in the right direction. Ensure that you have made your choices in the right direction so that it can help your brand grow in the best possible manner. One of the essential aspects of vertical farming is it reduces the chances of environmental pollution.

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