Everything You Should Know About Blowout Haircut For Men & Women In 2023!  

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There are a number of ways that you can create magic and look can be one of them— not really, but yeah! Coming to looks, do you know what are some of the elements that can help you create the magic? Well, for most people a lot of their confidence comes from their hairstyle. The hair trends that they follow. And if you are one of them, you must have heard about the hair trend that has been going on— the blowout haircut.

If you have been searching for some information related to blowout haircut trends and how to pull it off, you will find this blog to be of help. Keep reading this style guide till the end to learn more about the same…

What Is A Blowout Haircut?  

What Is A Blowout Haircut?

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Before starting with this one, there is something that I would like to bring to notice, and it is the fact that there are two types of blowout cuts or trends that are present when it comes to men and women. The haircut for men is very different from that for women.

“How is that possible?”

Let me explain it to you!

The terms “blow dry” and “blowout” have certainly come up in conversation with a friend, family member, or coworker at some point. You might have wondered at one point, “Is a blowout just blow-drying your hair?”

Blowouts have been a mainstay of hairstyling for a very long time, and today there are numerous variations on the concept. You could end up with a variety of styles depending on the products used and your stylist’s skill.

A blowout is just the process of drying your hair in the desired style after a wash. Without using a curling iron or flat iron, a blowout can give you straight, curled, or softly waved hair.

This is what the blowout hairstyle stands for when it comes to women. However, things are different for men.

When it comes to men, the blowout haircut trend stands for anything that makes their hair “appear” tall. How should I put it? Let’s just say that it should look like someone is holding a dryer near their chin which is making the hair stand up.

For Women: Can You Get A Blowout At Home?  

For Women Can You Get A Blowout At Home

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When it comes to women, yes, you can easily get a blowout hairstyle at home, even though it might take you some time, energy, and a lot of effort and patience. And trust me when I say this— the results are always great.

To achieve this, here are some of the things that you need to do:

1. Use A Heat Protection  

You should preserve your hair strands because a blow dryer will be used to style your hair. Start by applying a quality hair spray or heat protectant. For optimal protection and to control frizz and static during drying, be sure to distribute evenly through clean, damp hair.

2. Brush And Detangle Hair Strands  

To untangle your hair, run a brush through it from root to tip. This makes sure that your hair is lovely and silky, which is essential for getting the ideal blowout. And keep in mind that the brush you use can make or break your appearance when it comes to a perfect blowout. The usual rule of thumb is that you may expect a smoother finish if you use a bigger brush.

3. Section The Hair  

Sectioning off your strands is now necessary after detangling your hair. First, divide your hair evenly into two portions, and clip the top section in place. After that, divide the bottom section into two equal pieces and let one of them hang over each shoulder. To make things easier to handle, the idea is to keep the areas you aren’t working on out of the way.

4. Start Blow Drying  

Rough dry your hair, beginning with one of the bottom portions, until it is about 80% dry. On the opposite side, repeat. Next, apply your blow dryer with a brush, starting near your roots and moving down to your ends. Use a regulated technique, of course. On the opposite side, repeat. Continue drying the top half of your hair after releasing it. When finished, twist your hair and direct the blow dryer toward the length.

5. Switch Between Equipment  

Brush it towards the direction of the back of your head after a few passes. For a fantastically straight finish, dry your hair straight down and directly angled to the floor. And it is the correct way to blow dry your hair straight.

Start by brushing your hair forward and toward your face, then finish with the blow dryer for a blowout with curling ends. Blow-dry your hair down the length after one or two passes, and when you get to the ends, twist the brush to give it a curl. You’re finished once you’ve made a few more passes to define your curly ends.

6. Final Touch  

Now that you are done with all that, it is best to put the last touch— a hair spray or serum to keep everything shiny and in place. This will last you the entire day very well, if not the entire week!

The Top Blowout Haircut Men Should Try In 2023!  

The Top Blowout Haircut Men Should Try In 2023!

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Now that you know what a blowout haircut trend is and how to do it at home, it is time for you to learn about the best styles when it comes to blowout trends for men. In this part of the blog, I will be focusing on the top haircuts that men can get when they are looking for blowouts.

Take a look at some of them:

1. Straight Blowout Hairstyle  

Straight Blowout Hairstyle 

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This side-shaven straight blowout style is daring and on-trend. Maintaining a natural texture while keeping everything in place is essential to pulling off the style.

Take extra care if your hair is fine. If your hair is thin, a blowout in this style can result in falling flat and limp before the day is over.

2. Textured Blowout Hairstyle  

Textured Blowout Hairstyle  

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Do you have a rather straight hair textured and do you want to add volume to it to make it better? Well, in that case, you can try out the textured blowout haircut trend. In this hairstyle, your hair will get the basic blowout while making the lengths of the strands of different lengths.

This form of haircut will ensure that your hair looks rather voluminous. You can further add some colors to the hair if you want to. But if you ask me, this looks great as it is!

3. Taper Blowout Haircut   

Taper Blowout Haircut   

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The next on the list is a tapered haircut but in a blowout. In this hairstyle, the focus is put on the temples of the face and the neckline.

In this style, the sides of the head are ensured to have shorter hair than the front. This semi-faded style or feel to the head makes it more dashing than you can imagine in real life.

4. Fade Blowout Haircut  

Fade Blowout Haircut  

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If you want to take the tapered haircut a step forward, then there is only one thing that you need to do. And that is to go for a faded blowout haircut. You might be wondering what that is.

Well, to make it clear, the sides of your head in this style is made to have smaller hair and the length of the strands becomes shorter the more you go on the ear. If you want to make sure that your hair stands out in the middle of the crowd, this is a perfect haircut for you to try.

5. Afro Blowout  

Afro Blowout  

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Last but not least, we have the afro blowout haircut. If you have really thick hair, this hairstyle is going to suit you really well. A great blowout style can also be worn by men with afro hair.

This hair type is the perfect complement to the outfit because it has a lot of natural volume and substance. For a balanced appearance, keep the edges of your hair neatly chopped off if you wish to try an afro blowout.

Wrapping It Up!  

In case you were searching about the trending blowout haircut and how to style it well, i hope that this blog has been of help to you. If there are any other queries related to the same, feel free to let me know, All that you need to do is scroll down till you reach the bottom of the page. Then leave your comments and queries in the box below. And I will be there to answer them all for you!

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