It used to be, once upon a time, that everyone strived to own their home, to be the master of the castle, yet when you come to think about it, owning a property is really a tenancy. I mean, can you take it with you when you leave this dimension?  The short answer is a resounding no! In fact, you can’t take anything with you when you check out, property owners are looking after the asset for the next tenant, whoever that might be.


Enter A New Concept

So, what is perfect living? We think that having everything on tap, never having to worry about maintenance or repair and enjoying your surroundings is pretty much the perfect life. This is what build to rent actually is; A blocked sink? Call maintenance …. a leaking faucet, let maintenance know and they will fix it ASAP!

A build to rent apartment complex is owned by the company and tenants pay rent, yet there are many benefits:

  • No maintenance fees
  • No need for pet approval
  • Flexible leasing
  • Able to decorate without permission
  • No rental bond
  • Fixed lease costs

There are stunning build to rent developments in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with fantastic amenities to 21st-century urban living, which are located on prime real estate which means you are walking distance from whatever you are looking for.

Prime locations

If you want to be near the CBD in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, there are build-to-rent developments within walking distance of the action. No more wasting hours sitting in traffic; many tenants sell their cars within a few months of moving in and on odd occasions, you need wheels, car rentals are on your doorstep, and can deliver the car of your choosing. Bicycles are very popular and with dedicated bike lanes, it’s a safe way to get around and you stay in shape too!

Fitness Rooms And Sports Facilities

Daily workouts are popular and with no real schedule, people come and go at all hours, if tennis is your thing, there are a few courts, while a dip in the pool at dawn is just what the doctor ordered. Jogging through the grounds is a great way to get those major muscle groups working; what more could you want?

Ideal For Digital Nomads

Why not live around other online professionals and create unique workspaces? You don’t want the hassle of home ownership and you can rent out your unit if you fancy spending the winter in Thailand! You will love the dynamic vibe when young tech professionals get together to create a diverse community and enjoying the beautiful grounds is a highlight of the day. Many tenants work from home and you will surely make some valuable connections when you come and live in a young, energetic community.

Shared Workspace

With a high number of tenants working online, you can expect to find a few co-working spaces in a build to rent project, which is set up for laptop work in a very informal setting. There’s little traditional about this new urban lifestyle; digital nomads don’t compromise on the quality of life and there’s a positive energy when young minds get together. Wireless Wi-Fi is possible with a few routers, the team can quickly sort out the web connection. Click here for space-saving tips in a small apartment.

Urban Life The Green Way

With the right design, materials, and energy systems, you can create a sustainable development that is harmonized with nature, right in the center of the city! As soon as you move in, you will encounter many green initiatives and for those with leadership potential, tenants are looking for representatives to lead the community.

Fixed Leasing Costs

Flexibility is the name of the game when you become a tenant at a build to rent apartment complex; the typical lease period is 12 months, although you can have longer leases, and you can renew when it suits you. The management are very responsive and are dedicated to giving you perfect living conditions. If the cost of living is rising, your housing is capped, which is great!

Life Can Take Many Directions

In this global 21st century, it is an exciting time to be a young tech professional and life can change at any time; you don’t want to commit to a 25-year mortgage when you could end up living in Thailand; career opportunities often lead to relocation and with flexible leasing, you have the freedom to travel and stay a while. Fancy coming back to Oz in a few years? The development will always be there and with plans for many more build-to-rent projects in Australian urban zones, this new way of living will make the planet a nicer place.

A Safe And Secure Environment

Next time you are in the city, check out a leading build to rent apartment development, where you will receive a warm welcome; many people come to experience the vibe and check out the amenities. If you are an app developer, you will meet many in your field and that could work to your advantage; networking builds connections and who knows where that might lead? You could be one of those 30-year-old millionaires if things work out. The Australian government fully supports solar energy systems and many developments use clean and renewable energy. The grounds are well-maintained by a team of landscape gardeners, with manicured lawns and flower beds.

Online Solutions

Start with a Google search to find nearby build to rent developments, then you can visit and see for yourself why so many young professionals are choosing build to rent rather than traditional renting or owning.

Many tenants will tell you build to rent developments tick all their boxes, giving you flexibility and a well-managed development with all the amenities you need for an active and happy life in the city!

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