The popularity and growth of a business in the 21st century do not just depend on its sales and profit anymore. 

More than building a sale-oriented business model, it is crucial to create a brand-oriented business model, where building a brand name is very crucial for attracting the audience. 

So let’s take a look here where 10 businesses giving back to the community in a unique way. Keep on scrolling to know why is giving back to the community important. 


Businesses Giving Back To The Community

Since the mid-20th century, it has been important for companies to give something back to the community; these businesses have a moral duty to give something back to the community. 

More than 70% of the majority of Americans think large businesses and corporations have a duty towards the community they are from. With different issues, these businesses should show their responsibility. 

For example, most big companies have shifted to eco-friendly and environment-friendly products and energy. Fashion houses are using reusable products and recycling old clothes. They are even using paper instead of plastic bags. 

1. BLQK Coffee

BLQK Coffee

The popular coffee shop BLQK was founded by none other than a popular NFL player Justin Watson The intention behind the business was to show the intersection between a community and coffee as a drink. 

About 25% of the startup goes towards the development of black communities. Towards the development of education, bridging the opportunity gap, and also to cultivate food justice. 

2. Toms


The shoe brand Toms initially created a business plan of donating a pair of shoes to children with each purchase they make. But in later years, the brand shifted towards a more free donation strategy. 

They give one-third of their profit to different causes, like mental health, increasing opportunities, and stopping gun violence. Toms now has impacted the lives of more than 100 million. 

3. Sackcloth & Ashes

Sackcloth & Ashes

The company Sackcloth & Ashes are one that is equally socially conscious and sustainable. They created all their products with 100% environment-friendly and recycled raw materials. 

After selling every blanket, they donate a blanket to the homeless shelter. Sackcloth & Ashes even give a buyer’s zip code; this way, they help the customers make an impact directly. By 2024, Sackcloth & Ashes pledged to donate about 1 million blankets. 



The company FIGS is known to create high-quality scrubs which are able to able to withstand all types of things that a healthcare professional might go through. 

This company is known to donate hundreds of thousands of scrubs and other types of equipment to healthcare professionals in poor countries. 

5. Two Blind Brothers

Two Blind Brothers

The store was created by two blind brothers, who create comfortable clothes, whose 100% profit goes towards finding a cure for retinal eye disease. 

The customer here can purchase and browse each item like “shopping blindly” and are also able to purchase mystery boxes. The products they purchased are a mystery without them seeing. 



This bag brand first started to donate bags filled with school supplies to kids in need with each purchase they made. They then made a new strategy to donate to useful causes like racial injustice and mass incarceration. 

7. Mable


Letting go of the plastic toothbrushes that create a lot of pollution in landfills, the company Mable started creating bamboo toothbrushes. 

With every purchase they make, they donate a toothbrush to children in need. They even go around teaching about hygiene and the need for sustainability. 

8. Thinx


The underwear company Thinx has found a unique way of pioneering period underwear. They have changed the way women think and feel about their bodies during periods. 

The company later teamed up with a number of non-profit organizations to start donation camps to distribute their products. 

9. Bombas


The sock company Bombas is popularly known for donating and distributing socks and clothes to at-risk people all around the world with every customer purchase they make. As of now, the company has successfully donated over 4 million t-shirts and socks to communities of more than 3500. 

 10. The Right To Shower

The Right To Shower

All around the world, people dealing with homelessness are a real struggle. Even more so to keep themselves clean and hygienic. The company The Right To Shower is a brand that believes the Right to cleanliness is a basic human right. 

The company is known to sell body washes and ethically-made natural soaps. About 30% of the profits go towards building mobile showers all around the cities in the world with high amounts of homelessness. 

Frequently Asked Questions!

If you have any more doubts about the businesses giving back to the community, then here are a few questions others have asked that might help you as well. 

1. What Are Some Examples Of Giving Back To The Community?

Some examples of giving back to the community are.
⦿ Philanthropy
⦿ Donate
⦿ Drives
⦿ Fundraising 
⦿ Volunteer work
⦿ Disaster Relief

What Are Some Unique Business Ideas?

Some unique business ideas are.
⦿ Dog Walking
⦿ Online course creator
⦿ Food truck business
⦿ Social media photographer
⦿ Pop-up retail store
⦿ Alternative wellness spa

How Do Businesses Give Back To The Community?

Here are the best ways to give back to the community.
⦿ Donation drives
⦿ Meal Donation
⦿ Offer your product & services
⦿ Peer-to-peer connection

Wrapping Up!

A big part of owning a business or a brand is knowing how you can do good for the community you are living in, businesses giving back to the community. This is the only way you are able to grow as a business as well. 

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, or corporations and companies doing something for the society they live in, is a huge responsibility.  

If you liked this article, leave and like and comment below on how modern businesses can do more for society.

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