Canvera is an online digital photography company that offers high-quality prints, photo albums, and calendars containing photos. You must have already come across a Canvera album, which might have developed your interest in Canvera photo albums. There is also another Canvera app, known as Canvera photobook.

In this article, you will mainly learn about the Canvera platform and the services offered by the platform. Furthermore, we will also talk about the general details of the Canvera app. Apart from that, we will also discuss how you can make use of the Canvera app better if you are a photographer. To know such details about the app, read on through to the end of the article.


Why Do You Need The Canvera App?  

Why Do You Need The Canvera App

Canvera is one of the first companies that came up with a dedicated platform that offered different photographers them to showcase their work through albums. Furthermore, photographers will also be able to sell their photos to customers on the platform. If you are a photographer, then you will have different customers who will be able to access your photobooks through the app.

With the help of this platform, if you are a customer, you will be able to access different photos through photo albums and can buy them as per your choice. According to the official website of Canvera, the new app offers all kinds of consumers and photographers a safe and secure level of access to Canvera Photobooks.

According to Canvera,

The all-new app is geared to provide you powerful end-to-end photography solutions, from finding the perfect photographer for your needs to recording your images forever in lavish, award-winning photobooks.”

Basically, with the help of the Canvera app, you will be able to turn up your smartphone whenever you need to look for older memories. Apart from that, you will also be able to hire photographers if you happen to need one for any event or any other personal or professional need.

How To Download The Canvera App?  

How To Download The Canvera App

The following are the ways through which you can download the Canvera app:

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store on your smartphone.

Step 2: Type “Canvera” on the search bar and tap on the search button.

Step 3: Click on the app named “Canvera – View Photobook, Hire”

Step 4: Download and install the app.

Step 5: Sign up for the Canvera platform, and enjoy the different photo albums and the work of various talented photographers.

The app is also available on iOS App Store if you are an iPhone or an iPad user. After you launch the app, you will get a prompt of a unique ‘app album code’ that is printed on the last page of their Canvera photobook.

Benefits Of Using The Canvera App  

Benefits Of Using The Canvera App

Here are the major advantages that you will be able to benefit from if you make use of the Canvera app:

1. You will be able to access and create custom-designed photobooks with just a few taps on your smartphone.

2. You will be able to make your custom photo album even when you are online.

3. There are multiple options to share your memories, photos, and even photobooks through various social media platforms.

4. By accessing any photo book, you will also get a link to the photographer’s Canvera profile on the Canvera platform. Here, you will get to see all the names and work of the photographer.

5. If you are a photographer, you will get benefitted once your followers and customers share your photobooks on other social media platforms, as well as on the Canvera platform.

6. Once your photos get more views and your name and work get more famous, it will be easy for you to generate more leads, and also open up new business opportunities. Apart from that, you will also be able to cater to new markets than before.

7. As a photographer, you will not need to carry your photobooks or portfolios around to show presentations to clients. You can just share links to your Canvera profile, and your clients can see your work. Basically, Canvera makes it easier for you to get clients.

Canvera – Top User Reviews  

The following are the user reviews regarding the Canvera app that you must consider before you use the app as a photographer or as a consumer:

App fails at getting basic functionality right. Unable to download a photobook. No content is rendered within the app. Login takes a lot of time. The side menu shortcuts take you to an incorrect page. No way to contact the developers through the app.”

By – Praveen Devu

Review Source

Found a bug in the app. On the menu bar, ‘my account’ is linked with ‘my activities’ and ‘contact us’ is linked with ‘my account’. Therefore, no information is available for ‘contact us’. Also, my albums are not loading, though I have good internet connection. Kindly fix it asap.”

By – Naina Grover

Review Source

Comfort and easy process to visit this app.”

By:- Venkatasamy Manoharn

Review Source

I am unable to review this – the photo book does not download and I am not able to reasonably rate this. I am disappointed that this basic function is not working. if you correct it I will revisit this. Truly upset.”

By:- Gerard Joseph

Review Source

I zipped this app for while but now when I unzipped the app I’m unable view my photo books. Even I reinstalled the app still I’m unable to view the photos from my albums. Please take care of this issue urgently.”\

By :- Dipanjan Goswami

Review Source

Summing Up  

In this article, you basically learned about the Canvera app and how you can benefit from the app as a photographer. However, if you are a customer, there are a plethora of benefits for you, which you can avail of through the Canvera app. There are many options for you to make the most of the Canvera app, whether you are a photographer or a customer. If you know about similar apps like Canvera, consider sharing details with us in the comments section so that we can come up with more details about it.

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