Champion Island: Where Gamers And Athletes Unite In Pixel Glory

champion island

Do you have any idea when the Tokyo Olympic Games began in Japan? The Olympics were rescheduled for the Covid-19 pandemic. Google recently rolled out many exciting things for the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Now, let’s talk about what the Google Doodle Champion game is all about. This is a retro-style game that takes players to an imaginary island. This is a free game, and anyone can access it from the Google home page.

This champion game is one of the most common games globally featured on Google’s home page. You will also see the ninja cat over here between the O and G of Google.

Don’t you wish to know how Google has created this game? This game was created in collaboration with a Japanese animation company. If players want to play this game, they have to click on the “Play” button. In this article, I will discuss Champion Island, where gamers and athletes unite in Pixel Glory.

How To Play Google Doodle Championship Island?   

How To Play Google Doodle Championship Island?

Some Doodle games are interactive, which you can play on the Google home page. These Google Doodle games Champion Island are usually available for a limited time frame. Below, I will discuss how to play Google Champion Island games.

This game is quite simple to play and even to launch. In this case, you just have to open the Chrome Browser and see a retro-style logo instead of the causal Google letter. You will also be able to notice the lucky Ninja cat, which is at the center of this. This is mainly an animated play button.  

Once you click the animated play button, you can start the Google Doodle Champion game over the browser in a small window. You will get the directions when you enter the game and can play once the intro part is over. You can skip this cutscene by clicking the skip arrow at the bottom of the left corner.

One of the most interesting things about this game is that it starts with a lucky Ninja cat standing on the bridge with an additional two characters. Handling this game is simple to control. In this case, you have to click on W, A, S, and D, or else you can click on arrow keys on the keyboard. On the other hand, if you want to carry out each action, you have to use a space bar.

Let’s Talk About The Most Popular Google Doodle Games You Should Play.  

Let's Talk About The Most Popular Google Doodle Games You Should Play

Some of the Google Doodle games are interactive, and you can play directly. Below, I will discuss the most popular Google Doodle Champion Island you should play.

1) Pac-Man   

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One of the most popular Google Doodle Games, which was released in 1980, is Pac-Man. If you want to take a trip down memory lane and if you want to revisit the game, then you will be able to do it directly from Google Doodle games.

2) Pony Express   

Pony Express  
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Another iconic racing game based on the real-life Pony Express is Pony Express. This game is about a mail delivery service that operated mainly in the U.S. until 1861. The main goal of this game is to collect mail and reach the finish line.

There are multiple obstacles along the way that can stop a player, like rivers, houses, thrones, and so many others. On the other hand, if you think this game is easy and simple to play regardless of age, then it is actually true. You will also be able to play Pac-man on both desktop and mobile.  

3) Cricket   

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Do you know how easy it is to play Cricket in a Google Doodle Championship game? Developers presented this game as part of the ICC Champions Trophy in 2017. This contains just a single button to click to hit the ball.

The grasshoppers will be on the batting side, and the field of the slugs is on the ground. This is still a very interesting game that you can play. On the other hand, you can play this game easily on desktop and mobile.

4) Soccer   

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If you prefer Soccer to Cricket, Soccer 2012 is one of the best games you can play. This was developed at the 2012 Soccer World Cup. This game is easier to play and even simpler to operate.

If you are not interested in playing this game as a player, then you can play this game as a goalkeeper. If you are playing this game from a desktop, you can use a mouse or a keyboard to control the player. Then if you are using a smartphone device, you can control it just by swiping.

5) Basketball   

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Another one of the most popular games which most people around the world love is Basketball. This game is about throwing the balls through the net in just 24 seconds, like a typical basketball game.

On the other hand, if you are playing this from a PC, then you can use Spacebar, or else you can use the mouse to adjust the pressure, and you can throw the ball exactly into the net.

6) Coding For Carrots   

Coding For Carrots
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Coding for Carrots is another one of the most interesting and fun games developers create to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Kid’s coding. This game teaches some basic coding principles, allowing you to drag to make the rabbit eat carrots.

This game particularly highlights logo programming language, and Seymour Apapert develops this game. On the other hand, Coding for Carrots is not just about fun but also helps your children acquire programming skills.

7) Champion Island Games   

Champion Island Games
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Do you know about the Champion Island Games? This Doodle game was launched to celebrate the Doodle Champion Island Games. In this game, if you want, you can play the role of a cat protagonist who enters onto Champion Island.

This game is not just about challenging but also about fun from the start. Through this game, you will also be able to explore the entire Island, and you can even compete in any game.

8) Hip Hop   

Hip Hop
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Haven’t you heard about the Hip Hop game? Do you know the reason behind the invention of this game? The Hip Hop game was made to celebrate the 44th anniversary of Hip-Hop. On the other hand, this game is filled with multiple vibes and music from the introduction part. Overall, this game is fun if you want a little break from work.

9) Base Ball   

Base Ball
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The next exciting game of Google Doodle is Baseball, which game developers mainly create to celebrate the Independence Day of the U.S. This baseball game is just like a traditional basketball game where you have to hit the ball out of the park, and you will score as you run. Playing this baseball game is one of the best ways to take a break from your hard work life.

10) Cut Pizza   

Cut Pizza
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If you like cutting Pizza into equal pieces, this game is one of the best. Game developers introduce Cut Pizza to celebrate pizza parties as this is part of an intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This game is not just about fun games but also allows you to meet the given requirements.

In Closing  

In this article, I have discussed the Doodle Champion Island games and how to play them. Google Doodle games are fun games that are easy to handle and great stress relievers. On the other hand, you can play Google Doodle games in several variations, some of which you can finish within a few hours. Thank you for reading till the end.

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