Record-Breaking Christmas Lights Extravaganza Sparks Controversy In Union Vale

Christmas Lights Extravaganza Sparks Controversy in Union Vale

The Gay family of Union Vale, New York, has once again outshone themselves, setting a new record with an astonishing 720,426 Christmas lights on their residential property. Surpassing their previous record of 601,736 lights in 2014, the ERDAJT Holiday Lights Display has become a local tradition spanning over two decades.

Despite the dazzling spectacle, not all neighbors are embracing the festive glow. Complaints have arisen about increased traffic, noise, and the disruptive nature of the excessive lights. Undeterred, the Gay family remains proud of their holiday tradition and intends to expand the display in the coming years.

As The New York Times reported, the Union Vale spectacle attracts an estimated 60,000 visitors annually, outnumbering the town’s population of 4,600. Cars wind through the unlit roads to witness the Guinness World Records holders, Timothy and Grace Gay, transform their circular driveway into a mesmerizing display.

This year’s spectacle features 720,420 lights synchronized to 255 programmed songs, creating a vibrant, pulsating show. Giant globes, hearts, shooting stars, and rainbows suspended over a pond add a magical touch, with the reflection creating an illusion of the display descending into the earth.

Critics view the lights as a holiday excess nightmare, likening it to “running a Legoland out of your property for 40 days,” according to Edward J. Kasche, a middle school social studies teacher who has been vocal about the lax municipal response.

Local residents also expressed concerns about damage to their lawns from visitors’ cars, long-term parking issues, and litter, including alcohol bottles and drug residue. Edward J. Kasche, frustrated with the municipal response, was partly inspired to run for a seat on the town board.

As the ERDAJT Holiday Lights Display continues to shine bright, the controversy surrounding this festive tradition adds a new layer to the dazzling spectacle lighting up Union Vale.

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