Let’s Compare Civilization 5 VS Civilization 6: Which One is Better?

civ 5 vs civ 6

When there is a popular game strategy of civilization, then it is very common for fans to participate in debate. This is the fierce competition of Civ 5 vs Civ 6. The legendary game designer Sid Meier, created this game. On the other hand, the Civilization series has become a staple worldwide gaming strategy. It even inspires the entire gaming generation of similar titles.

Every game in this series puts players in control of the historical civilization and tasks. As players progress across several eras, gamers face different challenges, and the game’s complications increase. Aside from that, it offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience.

While playing Civ 6, don’t forget to play with the best Civ 6 leader. Civ 5 and Civ 6 are the sixth and fifth main entries. On the other hand, both games have gathered crucial attention and praise from critics.

Let’s Explain The Differences Between Civ 5 And Civ 6

After all, Civ 5 has an easier way to make this game more sustainable and suitable for newcomers. On the other hand, if you are a newcomer, playing Civ 6 is quite complicated for you. Below, I will discuss the differences between Civ 5 vs Civ 6.

1) Brief Overview

Civ 5 and Civ 6 are the series’ fifth and sixth main entries, respectively. These were released in 2010 and 2016, respectively. Not only that, but both games gain significant importance and attention along with praise from critics and gamers alike.

  • Civ 5 has been gained by streamlining and refining many core series mechanics. On the other hand, Civ 5 makes this more accessible to newcomers, while others offer a deep strategic experience for every veteran.
  • On the other hand, Civ 6 aimed to build upon the success of its predecessor. This includes introducing new game elements and systems that provide players with even more accessible tools. This is to shape up their empires.

As an outcome, both games have enjoyed a large and dedicated gamer base. On the other hand, these have become the subjects of multiple comparisons, discussions, and debates.

2) Game Release And Development

Firaxis Games developed Civ 5, which is a renowned studio. This gaming studio has a long history of creating high-quality gaming strategic titles.

Civ 5 was released in 2010 for multiple operating systems such as Windows, Android, etc. This marked the series’ transition to a hexagonal grid system. Civ 5 introduced multiple new gameplay mechanics that set it apart from its predecessors. On the other hand, Firaxis GAme studio released the Civ 6 game in 2016.

This game was released for the operating systems Windows, macOS, and so on. Civ 5’s laid foundations helped to build this game. Even Civ 6 introduced multiple new features, such as districts and a more in-depth government system. This expanded to the religious gameplay.

3) Reception By Community

Civ 5 received a large spread acclamation upon its release, with many reviewers applauding Civ 5’s strategic depth. Furthermore, engaging gameplay and streamlined mechanics also help praise Civ 5’s strategic depth.

Do you know the primary reason why people suggest playing Civ 5? It is because of its unexplored hexagonal grid system, which counted a new layer of complications to the in-depth series and gameplay strategies.

In 2018, Civ 5 became one of the best-selling games across the entire franchise. This has sold roughly more than 8 million copies. Civ 5 is one of the most successful and turn-based strategy games ever. Even though civ 6 is not a cross platform unlike FarCry but still you can build a community.

Meanwhile, Civ 6 also enjoyed a positive reception from fans and critics. The reviewers of Civil 6 praised it, especially for its bold new mechanics, such as the introduction of the system and the extension of government policies.

These types of additions were seen with even more strategic depth and also with multiple customization options. Even it makes the Civ 6 quite a worthy successor to the Civ 5.

4) Game design and Mechanics

When users explore multiple aspects of Civ 5 and Civ 6, they always look at the game’s designs and mechanics. Under the umbrella, there come some discussions such as:

  • Hexagonal Tiles
  • City Building
  • Military and Combat
  • Espionage & Intelligence
  • Wonders and Great People
  • Graphics and UI
  • Religion
  • Diplomacy

5) Graphics and User Interface Comparison

When it comes to Civ 5, it is all about a more streamlined and accessible user interface. This is all about comparing with its predecessors. On the other hand, Civ 5 featured a clean and user-friendly interface along with easy-to-navigate toolkits.

Aside from that, this understanding of game mechanics makes this game more straightforward for both experienced and new players. The Civ 5 game enhances a realistic art style that captures the essence of several historical eras.

Meanwhile, Civ 6 took several approaches, opting for a more vibrant and colorful art style. This made the game feel more dynamic and lively. Furthermore, the Civ 6’s user interface offers more clarity and cleanliness to every user. This game recently introduced an updated “lens” system, which allows players to access several players. Although this happens with just one click.

6) City Building And Districts

In Civ 5, the city management evolved around constructing buildings within the city center. When will this happen? While several improvements happen on the surrounding tiles.

Eventually, food production centralized the City’s growth. In this case, players had to balance the growth in terms of the production of multiple resources such as science, culture, and gold.

At the same time, Civ 6 introduced fundamentally distinct changes in how these are managed and built.

Rather than just constructing all buildings, players have an interest in placing the districts on every specific tile outside the city center, along with every district specialized in a particular aspect of development such as production, science, or even culture.

In Conclusion

This article discussed everything about civ 5 vs civ 6 above. After going through this article, you will see major differences between civil five and civil, but at the same time, there are a lot of similarities between these two.

These are from research technologies to advanced military units. At the same time, both games also use the same culture in terms of picking out the policy options. However, the systems of both these games are deep. One of the significant differences between Civ 5 and Civ 6 is the significant divisions of the entire fanbase. I hope you liked this article. If you have queries, please comment below!

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