Do you know who is the “King of Hollywood” is? The name is Clark Gable. He was an American actor who appeared in more than 60 Hollywood films and entertained the cinema world with his multiple films.

He was the first of many American idols and was the epitome of masculinity at his time. Gable was more than an actor. He was an enormously popular actor. Gable has an interesting journey to become an actor. He quit his school to work at a tire factory at the age of 16. One day he saw the play “The Bird of Paradise” this was when everything changed for him. 

He pursued becoming an actor and changed the History of Hollywood. Yes, he is the “King of Hollywood.” Here is a small biography of Clark Gable. You should read this article to know more about his life and story.


Personal Biography 

Personal Biography

Here is a small biographical sketch of Clark Gable–

Full NameWilliam Clark Gable
Nick NamesThe King of Hollywood
Years Active1918–1960
EducationHighschool (Hopedale)
ParentsWilliam Henry Gable, Adeline Hershelman
EthnicityGerman, Irish, and Swiss-German 
Height6′ 1″ 

Early Life

Early Life

Clark Gable is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. He enjoyed a cinematic career of 37 years and appeared in more than 60 films. He was born in Ohio on February 1 and died on November 16, 1960. His last appearance in movies was as an aging cowboy in the movie named The Misfits. He only lived a life of 59 years. But how did Clark gable die? Gable died from a heart attack, and his last film was released after his death. 

Although working in a tire factory as a teenager, Gable’s dream to become an actor did not keep him bound to the shackles of his early work or life. Instead, he went to Hollywood and became a protege of veteran actress Josephine Dillon. She coached him and supported him in pursuing his dream of acting. 

Gable was born to a protestant father and a catholic mother. However, he was baptized as a catholic when he was six months old. Unfortunately, his mother passed away when he was only ten months old. However, his father married Jennie Dunlop. 

Gable was raised by his stepmother, who taught him how to play Piano. He attended school in Hopedale and later at Akron University for evening classes.

His father, on the other hand, took him out on hunting and other strenuous activities. Perhaps, this is why Gable loved fixing cars. Although he was working in the tire factory, his dreams to become an actor bloomed, taking him on a different journey as a person. 



Dillion was 17 years older than Gable, but they married in 1924. During this time, Gable started to gain roles in small films. But the broadway play Machinal (1928) was his breakthrough in life. 

The light of Hollywood shined on Clark Gable in the 1930s through his performance in The Last Mile, a Los Angles stage production. However, Gable failed his test screen at MGM. The producers thought that Gable’s ears were too big for his role. However, his role in The Painted Desert 1931 made the producers realize his acting talent. 

Then, Gable started to give one hit after another. Finally, he became quite famous for his roles in A Free Soul and Night Nurse. Gable became a Hollywood heartthrob within a year. He did many successful films with MGM. Some of them are –  Strange Interlude (1932), Red Dust (1932), Hold Your Man (1933), Dancing Lady (1933), Manhattan Melodrama (1934), Strange Interlude, etc. 

His performance with the then-sex icon Jean Harlow Dust gave him the recognition of a newborn start. The duo then started to work on multiple films. Hold Your Man (1933), China Seas (1935), and Wife vs. Secretary (1936) is the hits the Gable-Harlow duet gave to the world of cinema. They were a great dynamic both on and offscreen. They did six films in the span of five years. 

Gable was the king of Hollywood for nothing. He won the Academy Awards as the Best actor in 1935,1936, and 1940.

His screen presence got him huge recognition. His smiles and attractive winks made a carefree personality out of his outward appearance. He had a macho personality, but it did not make him look threatening. 

Net Worth

Net Worth

Clark gable had a long career in the film industry. He worked in more than 60 films and enjoyed a span of 37 years in the Hollywood film industry. But, the net worth he accumulated from acting in all these commercially and critically successful films is equal to $100 million. 

Frequently Asked Questions

So, this was the life and career of Clark Gable as an actor. Here are the answers to some of the popular questions people ask about Clark Gable. 

Who Was Clark Gable In Love With?

The Hollywood heartthrob and king was in love with Carole Lombard. They met each other when acting in the movie called “No Man of Her Own.”

Did Clark Gable Return His Oscar?

Gable did not return the oscar for “It Happened One Night.” he won the Oscar for his performance in this movie. However, he gave it to a child who admired the movie. When asked the reason, Gable said that winning the oscar mattered to him. But he did not want to own the statue of Oscar. However, when Gable died, the child returned Oscar to his family.

Why Was Clark Gable Famous?

The most notable role Gable played was Rhett Butler in the movie named Gone With The Wind (a 1939 civil war epic). His costar in this movie was Vivian Leigh. 

Final Words

The King of Hollywood, Clark Gable, represented the American macho man and had an iconic masculine nature in his appearance. His contribution to multiple Hollywood films should be remembered. 

Although he passed away years ago, some of his films still are still recognized as one of the best works in Hollywood. So, was this article helpful? You can share your opinion in the comment section.

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