When Lex Nicoleta created the phrase coastal grandmother style aesthetic in March 2022, it quickly became popular on TikTok.

The residences of the romantic-comedy protagonists in Nancy Meyers’ novels frequently include this particular design of muted, earthy furnishings.

For a truly accurate representation of this design, consider Diane Keaton and her home in the film Something’s Gotta Give.

Neutral colors, whites, blues, and airy, natural materials like rattan and leather are used in coastal grandmother style house décor.

This design has warm, opulent interiors. Large, white sofas establish the scene with lots of neutral-colored pillows, fresh hydrangeas on coffee tables, linen drapes, and lemon-filled bowls.

Coastal grandma style combines casual flair, first-rate hospitality, and opulent luxury. It combines a nice cottage with the Hamptons.

The appearance encourages a carefree lifestyle of social gatherings and appreciation of life’s better pleasures. Uncomplicated but opulent, coastal granny decor provides the best of both worlds.


Make Your Own Coastal Grandmother Style Interior Decoration

Below are some of the most important steps that will help you sort the style and bring out its best. Follow these steps one after the other and turn your space into a warm and cozy coastal grandmother style home—

1. Paint The Theme On Your Walls

Theme On Walls

Imagine an antique white-washed table with freshly picked wildflowers in a vase sitting next to an off-white slip-covered sofa.

Add finishing touches like a worn-out mirror, a patterned cushion, or an antique armoire to complete the design.

This room’s warm environment makes you feel at home, at ease, and nostalgic—the ideal mood-setter for a day at the beach.

One could practically hear the sound of the waves smashing against the coast while sitting in this space, and there was a soft wind carrying the scent of salt. Create your own coastal grandmother style paint color palette because I am a paint color consultant.

This laundry room has a light seaside feel thanks to woven baskets, a natural area rug, and white trim. 

To serve as the room’s basis, go with a gentle beige color for the paint. A trip to the beach is evoked in the bathroom by the gentle coastal hue of the wall, the white trim, the white towels, and the jute area rug.

2. Get The Furniture


Make your deck or porch an enticing and pleasant space to enjoy coffee or iced tea with friends by adding teak furniture.

Teak wood is a traditional material that has both elegance and a relaxed attitude, which is crucial to coastal grandma design.

White cushions and a simple design give the chair a classic, unfussy look without losing durability.

The most widely used coastal grandma couches are luxurious and cozy sectionals. The secret to pulling off this style is to start with a white background and then add straightforward, useful furniture and accessories.

Imagine an antique white-washed table with freshly picked wildflowers in a vase sitting next to an off-white slip-covered sofa. That’s the peak of coastal grandmother style right there.

Decorating using used-in items gently is a feature of the coastal grandmother aesthetic. Older furniture sometimes lacks the warmth, history, and character that secondhand products do.

Choose items in linen and cotton, from pillows and throws to upholstered furniture like couches and armchairs, within the neutral color scheme.

3. Get The Right Decor

The Right Decor

The coastal grandma style appreciates the little touches that give a place a cozy feeling. Accentuate your rooms with ornamental objects, throw cushions, and warm blankets in subdued, gentle shades of the sky, sand, and sea.

Signs, ropes, anchors, marine animals, and nautical themes are a few items to avoid overdoing in a home with a coastal theme.

Don’t be hesitant to use natural materials in your kitchen and living area because coastal living is all about them.

Showcase beautiful kitchenware such as a salt and pepper shaker, marble mortar and pestle, olive oil, wooden cutlery, and a collection of rolling pins in a crock.

Accept jute carpets because they give natural texture, work well as layers, and are long-lasting. Woven baskets give useful, concealable storage and look fantastic too.

All that seaside beauty is inaccessible from within! Bring on the chats and outside breakfasts with cozy patio furniture.

Adirondack chairs, bar stools, and porch swings are all perfect options. For a touch of warmth, try a brass pharmacy light or go traditional with a blue-painted “chinoiserie” type lamp.

4. The Must-Have Fireplace


The fireplace, adorned with a classic mantle and hearth, serves as the room’s center point.

This Coastal grandma fireplace interior design is completed with floral wallpaper, gold mirrors, and pink accent chairs. The inside was created to seem cozy and welcoming, like a grandmother’s hug.

Your fireplace’s mantel will give it a distinctive, timeless appearance that is ideal for a comfortable coastal grandmother style house.

Add some ginger jars to the fireplace mantel, blue couches, gingham accent chairs, and plush sitting chairs with flowery upholstery to your living room to make it look decorated in the Coastal grandmother style.

Hang tapestries or wall hangings with classical themes along one of the walls to enhance the space’s classic aesthetic.

This style is finished off with a jute mat and sheer white drapes! Add some vintage end tables, a tufted ottoman, and an antique rocking rocker to complete the effect.

You may add some greenery inside, such as a few little potted plants and a wicker basket filled with blooming plants.

5. Install Retro Appliances

Retro Appliances

There was a certain charm that I believe modern décor has lost. Furniture from that era was constructed from the thickest, most durable wood imaginable. Kitchen appliances are made to last for more than 30 years.

Heck, back then, even vehicles were constructed of sturdy steel! That those happy times have returned is hardly surprising. Then why not put this style in your coastal grandmother style home installations and appliances?

Many of these old things, including furniture and other pieces for home décor, are simple to restore.

But there might be better moves than borrowing Grandma’s 1950 antique refrigerator. Because you used so much energy and damaged the ozone layer, the EPA could come after you.

Additionally, there are more than 200 custom colors available. Some manufacturers produce wall ovens, hoods, microwaves, and stoves to match your dishwasher and refrigerator.

Given that we previously believed that appliances only came in white, cream, black, and stainless steel, that is fairly astounding. But what if you choose a Beach Blue one if the Decorating Fairy Godmother came to visit you?

Breathe And Relax Till Your Cozy Coastal Grandmother Style Home Gets Ready!

Now that you know all the essential factors about the coastal grandma style home decor, it’s time to sit back, relax and get your stuff!

Select the colors and create a unifying palette. This will make it easier for you to choose furniture, appliance and other decor items. Simply stick to your color palette.

Update the lighting of your home with some soft retro touches. Use warm lighting and fairy lights in a jar to enhance your space’s cute coastal grandma style look.

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