Which College Teams Played In The First-Ever Football Match On Thanksgiving Day?

Which College Teams Played In The First-Ever Football Match On Thanksgiving Day

Football teams share an immeasurable bond within American culture, with the roots dating back to the 19th century. Families across the nation convene for the festival meal, where millions engage in getting honored by tuning into Football games aired on TV.

The U.S. national holiday gradually became synonymous with three F’s: food, family, and football. Simultaneously, the NFL has also adopted staging games on Thanksgiving, which all started in the college football landscape. This would be one of the best Thanksgiving Football match.

The first-ever college football match was played between Yale and Princeton in 1876 on November 30 in Hoboken. Players will play this amid wet and chilly conditions. The historic encounter unfolded before an audience of approximately 1000 fans.

The New York Times further reported, “The friends of both colleges mustered in good force. Several carriages containing ladies were on the ground, and a goodly number of Alumni were there to cheer the contestants.”

While the Intercollegiate Football Association relocated at the end-of-season game to New York at that time, this Thanksgiving Day Football traditional event began in terms of gaining prominence. Well, a few things rival the vogue of football on the event of Thanksgiving in the United States of America. This Pivotal moment occurred when the Detroit Lions hosted the broadcast game nationwide, the Chicago Bear. The 2023 college football season will see the Southeastern Conference as the state’s rival. This rivalry matchup between two teams is known as the “Egg Bowl.”

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