Having a cottagecore room has been in the home decor trend for quite some time now. We are finding millennials and Genis who have just started working, jumping on the bandwagon with this new aesthetic.

So, what is cottage core aesthetic and cottage core house, and why is it so soothing even though, ironically, most people wanting this do live in the city? 


What Is Cottagecore Aesthetic?

What Is Cottagecore Aesthetic

The term cottage core is simple and straightforward; it is a subgenre of home decor aesthetic that has to do everything with rural and cottage life. Now, not everyone has the luxury to give everything, buy a cottage in a rural district of Cotswold and live the cottage life.

The modern cottagecore aesthetic emerged from the idea of people falling in love with vintage aesthetics mixed with countryside elements. The looks are mostly influenced by the 19th-century English countryside. You can think of Yorkshire and Derbyshire and the cottages which adorn this place, and you will have your cottagecore room aesthetic.

How To Ace The Cottagecore Room Aesthetic

If you are passionate about intricate home decor, where you pick an aesthetic and pay extra attention to detail on every miscellaneous object, and this aesthetic has caught your eye, then you have reached the right place.

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing some of the best cottagecore room decor ideas perfect for your house.

1. Cottagecore Color Palette

Cottagecore Color Palette

Before jumping to decorate, you first have to understand the cottagecore color palette and what hues will accentuate this aesthetic idea. Now, cottagecore can have a few different meanings to it.

You can choose different decorations for different rooms. Some of them are as follows.

– Rustic cottagecore with winter cabin vibes.

– Rural living and nature.

– Romanticizing household chores.

– Old houses with history.

No, each of them will have a separate color palette. However, here are some of the common color palettes for your cottagecore room.

– Nude pastel with green, blue, or pink undertones.

– Anything dark wood, the rustic kind.

– Vintage with tea stain yellow or brass.

– The dusty mauve is also becoming quite famous in this sub-aesthetic genre.

2. Cottagecore Miscellaneous Items

Cottagecore Miscellaneous Items

Cottagecore house is incomplete with its eccentric miscellaneous items. Some of the common items which could adorn your desk and shelves are-

– copper or glass vases. 

– Candles (scented preferably) because nothing is better than the hue and the warmth of candles.

– Tapers with candlesticks.

– Wooden bookshelves, an ottoman, or a small desk in the corner of the room.

– Warm tone lights.

– Knitting items.

– An umbrella rack.

– Crochet decorative items.

Scattering some of these items here and there can help you get that cottagecore room. This is for when you do not have the budget or energy to change too much around you but still want a piece of that rural life. 

3. Cottagecore Kitchen

Cottagecore Kitchen

Generally, when the idea of a cottage comes to our mind, we cannot help but think of delicious desserts being baked in the little cottage kitchen. Therefore, most interior designers will steer you toward your kitchen because that is the perfect place to bring about the cottagecare room feel.

If you are already planning to give your kitchen this aesthetic look, here are some things you can try.

– Wooden cabinets and islands.

– Old-looking brass sink with brass taps.

– Exposed pipelines.

– Brick is the perfect cottagecore wallpaper.

– Brass or copper utensils that hang on top of the island.

This is a perfect cottagecore room picture and a nice place to cook all your Christmas pies and other delights.

4. Cottagecore With Autumn

Cottagecore With Autumn

Autumn looks phenomenal in rural areas, especially with the fall foliage that almost engulfs the short time. Therefore, in this fall season, if you desire some autumnal feel and are on the verge of decorating your kitchen, go for the cottage core autumn decoration.

These will give you a flash of warmth along with the coziness of the cottagecore. Here is how you can get the cottagecore room with the autumn 

5. Bedding & Furniture

Bedding & Furniture

Bedding and furniture, when it comes to the cottagecore aesthetic, is simple. If you are looking for a second-hand bed, vintage will do as well. The type has to be wooden, but the rustic kind with light-colored wood.

For decoration, here are some of the elements you could add to your cottagecore bedroom.

  • White sheets with end frills.
  • Floral bed sheets or comforters.
  • Chunky blankets.
  • Handmade dream catchers above the bed.
  • Fairy lights and bedside lamps with warm light.
  • Cottage core wallpaper as an accent wall behind the bed.

It Is Time To Get Decorating!

Now that you know five ways you can have your dream cottagecore room, why not decorate today? If you have a tight budget and do not have the affordability to get everything given above, here are some of the ways you can get your dream cottagecore house without drilling a hole through your pocket.

– Go to your local vintage thrifting store, where you get some real jewels at a very pocket-friendly cost.

– Rather than painting your wall, you can get wallpapers. This is even better because you can change the wallpaper more than once. Yes, the work is a little hectic, but it is worth it for the final look.

– Take old items in your house, like flower vases and unused utensils and spray paint them bronze to give them an old cottage look.

– If you cannot build a fireplace, you can either get an electric one. If that gets too expensive again, you can build a fireplace with cardboard. Spray paint it in rustic wood color and use candles and tapers as the substitute for the wood log fire. You will find many tutorials

– Try to use plants and flowers to add cottagecore flair, this will look phenomenal, and you do not have to spend too much.

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