Earning apps provide a fun way of earning money through advertising, sponsorship, purchases, and affiliate marketing. Anyone can make money while sitting at home with their phone through the earning app. Thanks to the cashback rewards and different programs, you can now make money on your smartphone.

Students may not have plenty of time on their hands, but they have lots of time to spend on their phones. If you are a student and looking for feasible ways of making money through earning apps, then you are in for luck.

In this article, I have provided some app suggestions you can use to make money from different earning apps. So, if you are ready, let’s check them out.


1. Ibotta   


Ibotta returns you easy cashback upon your purchase at different retail stores in the country. Once you install and sign up for this free money earning app, you will unlock your opportunity to earn cashback. They let you earn $10 for spending $30 using Ibotta. Also, users get 30% cash back on thousands of famous retail store purchases. Users can withdraw cash once they have earned a minimum of $20 from Ibotta.

Launch Date2011

2. Swagbucks   


To earn on Swagbucks, users need to have gift cards and discover different products and content, take brand surveys, shop with favorite brands, and show grocery receipts. This earning app gives away 10000 gift cards to shoppers and users daily. Joining the app and using it to get a welcome bonus of $10 is a simple first step to earning using this app. If you are a student and you want to start earning from earning apps, then you can try Swagbucks.

Launch Date2013

3. Meesho   


Unlike any earning apps I have discussed here, Meesho allows users to earn money by selling fashion items on the platform. Once you open the app, you will see an array of products sourced from some of the top brands in fashion brands. You can sell these products on the platform to earn money through the Meesho earning app.

Launch Date2015
Download10 Cr+

4. Google Opinions   

Google Opinions

If you want to earn money using one of the best and most reliable earning apps, then try Google Opinions. Market researchers run surveys on this platform, and you have to take these surveys and answer the platform with the answer they require. In return, you will earn Google Play Credits, which you can use to purchase different Play Store apps.

Launch Date2020

5. Roz Dhan  

Roz Dhan  

All you need to do to earn money from Roz Dhan is to stay active on the platform. You have to check daily horoscopes, visit different sites, complete puzzles, and read the news. You can earn INR 30 just for signing up on the platform. Also, once you fulfill instant cash tasks, you will earn INR 300 rupes in rewards. You can withdraw this reward within 2 days.

Launch Date2018

6. Task Bucks   

Task Bucks  

Task Bucks is all about completing tasks to earn coin points. It is one of the most used earning apps among top users.  On Task Bucks, you can earn money by answering different quizzes. You can also earn free recharge by participating in contests. You can later convert these points into cash. This app’s users can earn up to 10,000 coins every day.

Launch Date2014

7. Phone Pe   

Phone Pe

Phone pe is one of the most famous UPI payment applications used in India. Aside from using it for UPI payments, Phonepe also offers different ways of earning money. You get cashback and gift vouchers for bill payments, UPI transactions, app referrals, and more. It is also the best app for earning gift cards.

Launch Date2016

8. GigIndia   


GigIndia is a platform allowing big-sized companies to scale effectively via task completions that require on-demand platform workers. The users of GigIndia are the workers of the platform. These tasks are based on different business needs. You can take up tasks on this earning app and earn from them.

Launch Date2017

9. Earn Karo   

Earn Karo   

The earning app named Earn Karo lets its users earn up to 30000 rupees every month.  Users of the platforms can earn using the affiliate links. The process is pretty simple. You have to share links on platforms like WhatsApp or Telegram. You have to convert these links into profit links. Once someone makes a purchase using the affiliate link you shared, you will earn profit. You can promote some of the most popular brands like Myntra, Mama Earth, Adidas, and Ajio on Earn Karo.

Launch Date2019

10. Cointiply   


One of the most modern approaches to earning apps is Cointiply. It allows you to add different Cryptocurrencies ( including Bitcoin ) to your portfolio. All you have to do is to watch daily videos, complete surveys, play many fun games, and chat with others to earn coins points. Later, you can convert them into Bitcoin, Doge Dash Wallet, or LTC. You can also leverage the coin boosts and frequent boosts to earn more from this app.

Launch Date2020

Final Words   

Although most of these earning apps are great for earning from home or anywhere, they cannot be your priority. You cannot expect to earn a whole lot of money from the apps listed in this article. You can use them as a passive earning source and make as much money to buy two movie tickets or pay for your mobile recharge.

Using these apps is simply a smart way of using the internet to make some profit. When you make a purchase, you can use these platforms to earn cashback and gift vouchers. I hope that this article was helpful. However, if you have any additional queries, please let us know through the comment section. Thank you for patiently reading through this article.

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