Top 8 Far Cry 6 Best Weapons that You Should Know About

far cry 6 best weapons

Are you interested to know what are the Far Cry 6 best weapons? There are a lot of awful guns that you have to play with in the latest Ubisoft’s bombastic open-world FPS. Far Cry 6 won’t be accomplished if there doesn’t have any violence.

Recently, the dictator Anton Castillo has been determined to use his new cancer treatment to bolster his power. However, they have promised to use it to rebuild the country, which is unstable.

In current times, he is treating his people more as slaves than citizens. Yara is mainly a big island, although there are many obstacles in your path in Castillo. These include soldiers and natural predators. Although, people are wondering, is Far Cry 6 cross platform

Top 8 Far Cry 6 Best Weapons

In addition, the combat of Far Cry 6 is the Supremo and Resolver weapons. However, they are both special types of weapons that you can put to any significant advantage. This is especially against your enemies. Below, I will discuss the top 8 Far Cry 6 best weapons.

1) La Sorpresa

One of the best weapons of Far Cry 6, which you can leverage from Juan’s Arms Dealers, is La Sorpresa. This has a four-sniper rifle along with extreme damage and an average stat. Well, there are so many reasons why this weapon stands out.

Although, this is the fact that it fires incendiary rounds. This makes it significant for taking out small clumps and incredibly effective at taking down the choppers. On the other hand, if you want to crash into the ground, then just two shots are enough.

At the same time, this doesn’t have any suppressor on this, which doesn’t make this ideal for several stealthy approaches. If you are required to pick off enemies, then this is a lethal option.

2) Zeusito

Do you know one of the most annoying vehicles that comes face-to-face with Far Cry 6? Yes! Zeusito is one of them. In this case, you can turn the tide of battle against them regarding how pretty and easily you can handle Zeusito.

Zeusito is another Resolver weapon. This means it can easily disable enemy vehicles along with turrets and tanks. On the other hand, this stands out from other weapons because it can take down vehicles easily. In this case, being a player, you must thank the face, which can only disable them.

Aside from that, you can easily land a blast on any vehicle. You can use this weapon before sprinting over it and hopping inside any remaining enemies. In particular, Zeusto is similar to the weapon Volta Supremo.

However, there is a far better Supremo option that you will desire to use with another best weapon rather than that. Even though there are so many great weapons, especially for getting out of a jam. This is true that Zeusto is one of them while you are pinned down by other heavy vehicles.

3) The Autocrat

There are so many best civ 6 leader who usually love to use autocrat weapons. This is quite similar to Far Cry 6. If you are looking for an underrated GOAT weapon, the autocrat is one of the best guns far cry 6. This pistol doesn’t look flashy. On the other hand, it looks incredibly effective against all other foot soldiers, which are right up until the end of this game.

Why is this so? Because it has Armour Piercing Rounds. This means you will be able to deal with large damage to enemies. There are two mods that you can play to help this further. On the other hand, Gut-Wrencher develops body shot weapon damage. The trigger of this weapon improves discipline, which aims at the damaged weapon.

In this case, the more you are aiming down sights with LT/L2, the more you will deal with a stupid amount of damage. On the other hand, this is accurate enough to deal with any short to mid-range weapons. Therefore, you can walk through an enemy base with several headshots or even two shots.

Although this might not look like an autocrat, it is one of the best weapons in the Far Cry 6 game across the entire country.

4) RPG-7

When you want things to make a boom, then RPG-7 is one of the best weapons in the Far Cry 6 game. Especially if you have any tank, helicopter, or plane hunting across Yara island, then using RPG-7 would be the best option. While Zeusto already has a lot of fun things to do. This packs quite an explosive punch, such as the RPG-7.

One of the things that I recommend while you are using RPG-7 is to equip it with Trigger Discipline, Nimble Shooter mods, and so on. In this case, it will increase holster speed, and this aims with any weapon to damage. Additionally, this can improve movement speed with an incredibly cumbersome and weighty weapon on the battlefield.

5) La Varita

Another Far Cry 6 weapon, combined with the Triador Stealth Supremo, is La Varita. Both of these are gained in terms of completing the “Triada Blessings.”

If you are playing with La Vartia, then it will make you feel like a god gift. This weapon lets players shoot across walls with its mod named Triada Mode. On the other hand, it requires you to be equipped with the Triador Supremo, and then you can play with this actively.

Playing with La Varita lets you sit and easily pick off enemies through walls. This makes La Varita one of the best Far Cry 6 weapons.

6) Recurve Bow

Do you know another one of the best Far Cry 6 weapons for stealth? Yes! Recurve Bow is one of the best guns far cry 6. In this case, you must be completely silent and work effectively. This bow deals with several damages as long as there would be no drawback. This works like the weapons of civ 6 cross platform.

On the other hand, there are a lot of arrows that you have to purchase as mods for this. Aside from that, you can also add a Crosshair Sight, which will make it easier to see its target and get things lined up.

7) Discos Locos

Buying Discos Locos is another option when this is eccentric and outlandish. In this case, it is one of the best weapons? Then I would like to say to you, “Not!” well, why not? With this weapon, you will never tire of the track skipping as you can unload into an enemy’s face.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a fun weapon to use? Then, using Discos Locos is suitable.

8) SSGP-58

SSGP-58 is another Far Cry 6 weapon you can get rather than fetching one called this SSGP-58. On the other hand, this weapon allows you to mow down waves of relative ease and, of course, enemies.

Aside from that, Resolver Reflex Sight Mk.2 and Laser Pointer make this weapon even more accurate. Not only that, but this is easier to use. This also gives you a chance to heal while you are handling any damage by using SSGP-58.

In Conclusion

This article discusses the 8 far cry 6 best weapons above. There are lots of awful guns which you can play with. But that doesn’t mean every weapon would be great. In this case, you will also get such unique weapons, which you must acquire from Juan to exchange with another Depleted Uranium. This gun will allow you to get over your enemies with tears without hesitation. I hope you liked this article. If you have any questions, please comment below!

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