Finally Users Can Edit A Message In Facebook Messenger Within 15 Minutes  

Finally Users Can Edit A Message In Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger users can finally edit the messages they send. The Verge has reported this. If any user wants to make changes, they have to click on the message and select the appropriate option. Users can get this option available within just 15 minutes after the message has been sent.

Recently, Meta-owned Facebook has announced multiple quality updates to Facebook Messenger in terms of making efforts to create a robust messaging platform. When these updates are rolling out, then it will take some time.

The updates that Meta incorporated in Facebook Messenger are helpful. Even recently, Meta has been improving the privacy and security terms and conditions of Facebook Messenger by allowing the option of “End-to-end encryption.”

This means that users and recipients can only see all private messages. It also gives both parties peace of mind while sending messages. Recently, in their press release, Meta said that nobody, including Meta, can see what has been sent or said. But if a user reports any message to them, only they can see it.

After hearing this news, everyone is excited that any user can edit the message within 15 minutes. But Meta can see the previous versions of the message. Meta recently updated disappearing messages on FB Messenger, where FaceBook messages disappeared within 24 hours. Even Meta will notify you further if anyone screenshots a disappearing message.

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