Eugene Curran Kelly is one of the most famous classic Hollywood actors. He is most known for his eccentric dancing style that contributed to American dance going forward. 

No, Eugene was not only a dancer; he was also an actor, filmmaker, and choreographer. Eugene is said to have created the dace for the common man. 

His dance moves were accessible to the common public, and he made everyone dance. Alongside his energetic dancing style, Eugene also starred in some of the best musicals of the time. 

He acted in An American in Paris, a movie that won the academy award for best picture. He was also nominated for the best actor for Anchors Aweigh in 1945. Here is a biographical sketch and filmography or Eugene Curran Kelly. 

Full NameEugene Curran Kelly 
Nick Names
Born August 23, 1912
ProfessionActor, Dancer
Years Active1938–1996
EducationUniversity of Pittsburgh
ParentsJames Kelly, Harriet Curran
EthnicityIrish Descent
Height5′ 7″ (1.7 m)


Early Life 

Early Life 

Eugene Kelly was born in Pittsburg. Born to James Patrick Joseph Kelly and Harriet Catherine. James Patrick was a photography salesperson. His father had Irish ancestry, and his mother was of Irish German ancestry. 

In his early boyhood, Eugene and his brother were almost forced to go dancing classes. Their mother enrolled them in dance classes, and Eugene Kelly did not like it because their neighborhood boys used to call them sissies. 

Instead of dancing, Gene Kelly was more into shortstop. He even played for the town of Pittsburgh Pirates. Gene entered Pennsylvania State College as a journalism major, but he had to soon leave his study and find work to support his family financially. 

Coming To New York

Coming To New York
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But he was amazed by the feeling of performing. He toured in Vaudeville with his brother Fred and even ran a dancing school in Pittsburgh for some time. Gene Kelly Moved to New York in 1938 and got a role as a chorus member in Leave It To Me by Cole Porter. A year later, Kelly was cast in the role of Harry in The Time of Your Life, a Pulitzer-winning play by Harry Hoofer. 

His performance in the musical drama Pal Joey impressed film director David O. Selznick who also offered him a contract in Hollywood movies. He choreographed the hit musical Best Foot Forward (1941). This was when his career took a turn. He started his career as an actor in films. 


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Gene Kelly’s first movie was the first movie to earn him the title of an attractive star. The moviegoers were happy with his performance in the movie opposite Judy Garland in For My Gal (1942) and Me. As expected, his dancing style and energy moved the moviegoers.

But he had to struggle for two more years before bringing the acting style and vision he wanted to show as an actor. Then, finally, he co-starred alongside Rita Hayworth in the Colombia Pictures’ musical cinema Cover Girl (1944). 

It was his first display of artistic vision, away from the flashy, impersonal films of Busby Berkley. His performance in Cover Girl was an amalgamation of Berkeley’s cinematic style and the straightforward cinematic style of Astaire. His performance of a challenging dance with himself brought out both the dancer and the actor Gene Kelly.

Gene took the then cinema to another level when he introduced his dance alongside the cartoon character Jerry in the movie named Anchor Aweigh (1945). Then, he took his dance performance to another level in The Pirate( 1948). He blended solo dancing, offbeat camera angle, and mass movement, telling a visual story through dance.

His cinematic work expanded through many other films, such as The Three Musketeers (1948) and On The Town (1949). Kelly also co-directed On The Town. 

Net Worth 

Net Worth 
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Gene Kelly had a net worth of $10 million. He had several box office hits during his career as a movie star. Kelly’s movie Anchors Aweigh (1945) was a box office hit then. Most of Kelly’s average movies grossed $119.40 million.

Personal Life 

Personal Life 
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Gene Kelly was a popular star, and he was married to actress Betsy Blair in 1941. Betsy was his first wife, and they had a single child named Kerry. The couple got divorced in April 1957. Three years later, Gene Kelly married his assistant and choreographer, Jeanne Coyne. They were married until Jeanne died in 1973. Later, Gene Kelly Married Patricia Ward in 1990, and they stayed married until Gene’s death in 1996. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Here are some popular questions people usually ask about Gene Kelly. 

Q1. Did Judy Garland And Gene Kelly Get Along?

Ans: Judy Garland and Gene Kelly were good friends. They became friends after she starred alongside Gene Kelly in his first movie, “For Me and My Gal.” Garland was very supportive and friendly toward Gene.

Q2. Who Was A Better Dancer, Fred Or Gene?

Ans: According to the most popular opinion, Gene Kelly was a great dancer. He is said to have started the dace for the common man. But, when it comes to an influential dancer, Fred Astaire stands out as the unique dancer of their time. Even contemporary pop culture was influenced to a great degree by Fred’s dance compared to the same of Gene’s. 

Q3. What Was The Age Gap Between Gene Kelly And His Wife?

Ans: Gene Kelly got married at the age of 77; he married Patricia Ward. Ward is an author and a public speaker based in Los Angeles. Patricia Ward is 41 years younger than Gene. The couple stayed together until Gene Kelly died in 1996.

Bottom Line

The academy award winner was part of many musicals, films, and Television series. In addition, he holds several awards as an actor and an influential dancer of his time. His alma mater, the University of Pittsburgh, has honored him with a plaque. 

I hope this article delivered the information you were looking for. However, if you have any further queries, you can ask them through the comment section below.

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