Give Old Halloween Costumes A New Lease Of Life At Londonderry Swap Shop

Give Old Halloween Costumes A New Lease Of Life At Londonderry Swap Shop

Londonderry residents, it’s time to dust off your old spooky attire and make a positive impact this Halloween season! NewWell, an innovative initiative backed by the Derry City and Strabane District Council, is leading the way in reducing costume waste as part of Recycling Week.

The concept is simple but brilliant: rather than letting your once-a-year Halloween costumes languish in your attic or wardrobe, consider giving them a second chance. It’s all part of a sustainable swap shop event set to take place this weekend, offering you the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate your old costumes.

This unique event is scheduled for Saturday at the iconic Guildhall in Derry and Sunday at the Alley Theatre in Strabane. During these gatherings, you can either exchange your costumes or have them expertly repaired, all at no cost to you.

In the lead-up to the event, the council has introduced “boo-tique bins” at various locations across the city and district, facilitating the easy donation of your Halloween treasures. You have until Friday to deposit your items at places like the council offices on Strand Road in Derry, or Derry Road in Strabane, not to mention the Guildhall, the 4Rs Recycling Centre, Waterside Shared Village, and the Alley Theatre.

Julie Hannaway, the Waste and Recycling Officer, passionately highlights the importance of this endeavor. Halloween costumes are often single-use items, only worn once before finding a long-term home in attics and closets. She encourages everyone to join the cause: “It’s a great way of picking up a completely new costume at no cost, and for one night of the year, it makes perfect sense not to splurge on something brand new.”

Ms. Hannaway emphasizes that the initiative welcomes a wide range of items, not just the usual Halloween fare. From a simple black dress that could become a witch’s outfit to a versatile tablecloth that could double as a cape, your creativity can shine through. This swap shop is all about thinking outside the box when it comes to costume ideas.

The benefits of reusing and recycling clothes and other items are undeniable, and this swap shop provides a fantastic opportunity to contribute positively to the environment this Halloween season.

Jenny McEleney, a Halloween enthusiast from Feeny, County Londonderry, is excited about the swap shop’s potential for rejuvenating old costumes, especially for parents on a budget. She intends to donate some children’s costumes to ensure that the holiday spirit is accessible to all.

Maria McCloskey, owner of Shipquay Fabrics in the city, applauds the initiative and reminds us that homemade costumes and alterations can be just as delightful as store-bought ones. She encourages families to pass down costumes and make creative alterations, rather than resorting to disposables.

So, Londonderry, let’s make this Halloween a sustainable and budget-friendly celebration by giving old costumes a second chance at the Londonderry Swap Shop. Don’t let your costumes end up in a landfill when they can continue to spread joy and spookiness!

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