Halloween Party By Heidi Klum In New York City Has All A-Listers Out

Halloween Party By Heidi Klum In New York City Has All A-Listers Out

It has been a tradition for Heidi Klum to throw an elaborate Halloween bash every year since 2000! It continues in 2023, and it is no surprise that A-listers such as Camila Cabello, Emma Norton, Becky G, Designer Christian Siriano, Rachel Zegler, and others turned out!

Apart from the pandemic year, successful model and television host Heidi Klum has been throwing the Halloween bash since 2000! This year, she appeared in a gorgeous and extravagant peacock look! The entire day, she has been posting part of her spooky look online, finally revealing the complete face on the orange carpet!

Donning a blue bodysuit made of velvet along with a mask that completely covers her face, Klum hired dancers to pose as a peacock’s train behind her with the complete makeup and outfit! Her husband, on the other hand, posed as a giant human egg at the party!

The Halloween party was organized in the Night Club called the Marquee, located in New York City, where the press lined up! The Halloween party by “America’s Got Talent” judge Heidi Klum made a grand entry on the red carpet.

The sign on the red carpet read, “Happy Heidi-ween”! She also shared a video in the morning on her social media where she was having breakfast, which was apt for her Halloween celebration. Klum has been quite excited about the Halloween celebration as she wished everyone the same!

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