Meet Hannah Dodd, who Plays Francesca in Bridgerton Season 3! 

Meet Hannah Dodd, who Plays Francesca in Bridgerton Season 3! 

Do you know who is Francesca in Bridgerton season 3? Described as a bit of a mystery, Francesca is reserved, while the rest of her family is quite extroverted and chatty. Yet she goes along with almost everyone in societal affairs.

Even though she sometimes needs time for herself, she is quite pragmatic and has an entertaining, dry wit. However, who is playing this interesting character in season 3? Initially, Ruby Stokes portrayed the wonderful character of Francesca; however, due to some concerns, Hannah Dodd was taken on.

Let me share with you the reasons why Francesca’s character was recast. Also, why don’t you read the blog to learn more about the actor who will play the character in the new series?

Meet Hanny Dodd, who Plays Francesca in Bridgerton Season 3!

It is in season 3 that you will see the possibility of love for Francesca when she meets John Stirling out in the garden, where both seem to need a moment of peace. The Earl is happy to know Francesca as she is and gives her a sheet of music that is specific to her liking.

In an interview with Tudum, the actor who plays Francesca in season 3, Hannah Dodd claims that love is not butterflies for the pair, John and Francesca. Instead, for them, it is peace, safety, and calmness. However, according to the book, it seems that Francesca will find love again!

Her close relationship with her mother, Violet, is a prior signal of what is about to happen in Francesca’s life! Becoming a widow will be a huge development in her life, one that might change how she sees life.

Bridgerton season 3 already hints at that as Violet Bridgerton guides Francesca through the web of relationships. The Queen has identified Francesca as the “Sparkler” and highlighted some possible matches that she might make, such as Lord Samadani and Earl of Kilmartin.

So, what led to Francesca’s recasting? Do you think there will be any mother prequel before season 4? Do you need to watch Bridgerton before Queen Charlotte? Follow us on this blog to learn more about Hannah Dodd!

Why was Francesca Recast?

Where was Francesca for seasons one and two? If you are comparing the books with the Netflix series, large chunks of Francesca’s character in the previous two seasons have been removed.

The sixth Bridgerton child, Francesca, is finally receiving the focus as we see her more in the new season. But do you wonder why? Well, as far as I realize, it is not just because of the character but also because of the actor playing the role of Francesca.

Ruby Stokes, who played Francesca, is also the protagonist of another Netflix series, Lockwood & Co. Hence, she was having commitment issues. Another concern is all the stories that happened to the Bridgerton siblings when they were adults.

Therefore, it is quite obvious that many younger actors will be recast. So, it was quite normal that Francesca would be recast, especially when some of her timeline lapsed with the other Bridgerton stories happening.

Although Ruby Stokes, who portrayed the role in seasons 1 and 2, is not much younger than Phoebe Dynevor, Daphne Bridgerton left the show because she had other significant projects to which she was committed.

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Where was Francesca in Season 1 Bridgerton?

Are you curious to know where Francesca was in seasons 1 and 2? When you read the books, you will realize that there has been reason to explain her whereabouts because she has always been there.

Unfortunately, in the Netflix series, the character had to stay away for most of the time. One of the major reasons for this is the disability of Ruby Stokes, who had other Netflix commitments. The producers have not given any reasons for the disappearance of Francesca!

Occasionally, we have seen her in the group appearances of the Bridgerton family! But we were unable to see a lot of her. However, the limelight will finally be on her. Hannah Dodd has played the coveted role of Francesca Bridgeton, and I feel that she will rock the role!

In season 3, part 1, Francesca received a lot of attention. I am sure you will see her again in season 2! We will also get to see the love story between Francesca and John again. It will transcend to the next season!

Meet Hannah Dodd!

Hannah Dodd began acting in 2019 and gained traction as an actor after her portrayal in the series Enola Holmes 2. Born on 17 May 1995, Dodd is from Colchester, United Kingdom. She is a rising UK star who went directly from school to her acting career.

She starred as one of the leads in the Hulu series Find Me in Paris! She portrayed Thea Raphael and got quite some exposure for her acting. Dodd then appeared in two seasons of Harlots, another popular Hulu drama series.

Furthermore, you can also see Hannah Dodd playing the younger version of Sienna Miller in the popular Netflix series Anatomy of a Scandal! So now we know quite an impressive resume and some powerful portrayals! A major role in Enola Holmes 2 has been just icing on the cake!

Did you know that Hannah Dodd is a model, too? This 28-year-old is a model, apart from being an actor, and she started her career as young as 16. Let me also enlighten you that she has modeled for brands like Burberry and Bulgari.

The actress Hannah Dodd has a strong resume, as she has performed in movies such as Enola Holmes 2, Harlots, and Eternals. When she first got the part, she started reading the sixth book, When He Was Wicked, because she wanted to be prepared for whatever came next.

Love Story of Francesca!

In season 3, we are introduced to the new Francesca Bridgerton, the actor Hannah Dodd. We also see Francesca meet John Stirling in Episode 3. Yes, the story of Francesca is inspired by Julia Quinn’s novel When He Was Wicked!

In the novel, we learn that John and Francesca are both people who love quiet. We see their love as a married couple living in Scotland, the Earl and the Countess of Kilmartin. When we see John in season 3, we see he is calm and supportive towards Francesca.

With John’s support, Francesca blossoms. She is happy, which is evident in front of her mother, Violet. Mama Bridgerton sees everything and guides Francesca! However, their love story is tragically interrupted when John dies after two years with a ruptured cerebral aneurysm.

Francesca becomes a widow, but this is not the end of her life! John had a cousin, Michael Stirling, who was close to the couple. After John’s death, he becomes the new Earl and leaves for India to escape the tragic pain of his cousin’s death.

When he returns, Michael discovers that he harbors feelings for Francesca while she desires a child and wishes to get married. Of course, both eventually fall in love during their interaction. Do you think there is a similarity in Downtown Abbey season 7?

Finishing Off…

In short, Hannah Dodd, the British actor, has created a successful career with several significant roles. Considering her role in Bridgerton has received a lot of exposure, imagine the season in which she will play the lead.

Do you think her story is more complicated when it comes to meeting the love of her life and then losing him? What do you think Netflix’s makers will focus on regarding her love story?

Comment on what you think of the story of Francesca and the struggles she faced!

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