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how many games are in a nba seasons

The NBA stands for the National Basketball Association, which is a professional basketball league in the United States. It is widely regarded as one of the premier men’s professional basketball leagues in the world. The NBA is known for its high level of competition, talented players, and global fan base. The NBA has a massive international following, with fans from all over the world. The league has actively promoted its brand and games globally, contributing to the popularity of basketball in various countries. That being said, a lot of people often ask one simple question— how many games are in a NBA season?

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How Many Games Are In A NBA Season?  

How many games are in a NBA season

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In a standard NBA season, there are 82 games played by each team. However, please note that the number of games in a season can vary in special circumstances, such as the 2020-2021 season which was shortened due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

An NBA season typically comprises several key components

1. Regular Season   

The regular season is the main part of the NBA season where each team plays a set number of games against other teams in the league. As mentioned earlier, there are usually 82 games played by each team during the regular season.

2. Play-In Tournament   

Introduced in recent years, the play-in tournament determines the final playoff spots in each conference. Teams that finish the regular season in certain positions participate in the play-in tournament for a chance to secure a playoff berth.

3. Playoffs   

The NBA playoffs follow the regular season and involve a series of elimination rounds to determine the league champion. Teams compete in best-of-seven series in each round, with the winners advancing to the next round.

4. Conference Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals   

The playoffs consist of three rounds within each conference quarterfinals, semifinals, and conference finals. The winners of the conference finals from the Eastern and Western Conferences face off in the NBA Finals.

5. NBA Finals   

The NBA Finals is the pinnacle of the season, where the Eastern Conference champion faces the Western Conference champion in a best-of-seven series. The team that wins the Finals is crowned the NBA champion.

6. Off-Season  

After the conclusion of the NBA Finals, there is an off-season period during which teams make roster changes engage in the NBA Draft to select new players, and engage in various other activities to prepare for the next season.

7. Preseason   

Before the start of the regular season, there is a preseason where teams play a smaller number of exhibition games to prepare for the upcoming campaign.

8. All-Star Weekend   

This mid-season event includes the NBA All-Star Game, the Slam Dunk Contest, the Three-Point Contest, and other festivities that showcase the league’s top talent.

It’s important to note that specific details of the NBA season can change based on various factors, including league decisions, scheduling changes, and unforeseen circumstances.

Regular Seasons In NBA  

Regular Seasons In NBA

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The regular season in the NBA is the main portion of the basketball season during which each team competes in a set number of games against other teams in the league. The regular season serves as a way to determine the standings and rankings of teams based on their performance.

It is a crucial phase in determining which teams will qualify for the playoffs and ultimately compete for the NBA championship.

During the regular season, teams play against opponents from both their own conference (Eastern or Western) and the opposing conference.

The number of games played by each team in the regular season has traditionally been 82 games, with 41 of those games played at home and 41 on the road. However, this number can vary due to special circumstances, as seen in the shortened 2020-2021 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teams accumulate wins and losses throughout the regular season, and their standings are determined by factors such as win-loss records, winning percentage, and tiebreakers.

The teams with the best records in each conference earn higher seeds in the playoffs, which can provide advantages such as home-court advantage in the early rounds.

The regular season is an opportunity for teams to showcase their skills, develop team chemistry, and qualify for a spot in the postseason.

While each game contributes to a team’s overall standing, some games are more important than others, especially as the end of the season approaches and teams jockey for playoff positioning or to secure a spot in the play-in tournament.

Play-In Tournaments In NBA  

Play-In Tournaments In NBA 

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The Play-In Tournament in the NBA is a recent addition to the league’s structure that determines the final playoff spots in each conference. Introduced in the 2020-2021 season, the Play-In Tournament adds an extra layer of competition and excitement to the postseason qualification process.

Here’s how the Play-In Tournament works:

1. Seeding and Participation   

The teams that finish the regular season as the 7th through 10th seeds in each conference participate in the Play-In Tournament. This includes the teams that are on the brink of making the traditional 8-team playoff bracket.

2. Format   

The Play-In Tournament consists of two rounds of games. In the first round, the 7th seed faces the 8th seed, and the winner of that game earns the 7th seed in the playoffs.

Simultaneously, the 9th seed plays against the 10th seed. The loser of this game is eliminated from playoff contention.

The loser of the 7th vs. 8th seed game then plays against the winner of the 9th vs. 10th seed game. The winner of this game secures the 8th and final seed in the playoffs.

3. Advantages   

The teams that finish the regular season as the 7th and 8th seeds have an advantage in the Play-In Tournament. If they lose the first game, they get a second chance to secure a playoff spot by playing against the winner of the 9th vs. 10th seed game.

The Play-In Tournament provides additional excitement and competitiveness toward the end of the regular season. It gives teams on the fringes of playoff qualification a chance to fight for their spot and adds a unique dynamic to the postseason race.



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The playoffs in the NBA are the postseason tournament that determines the league champion. It follows the conclusion of the regular season and involves a series of elimination rounds in which teams compete in the best-of-seven series to advance to the next round. The playoffs culminate in the NBA Finals, where the Eastern Conference champion faces the Western Conference champion to vie for the NBA championship.

Here’s how the NBA playoffs typically unfold

1. First Round (Conference Quarterfinals)   

The eight teams from each conference with the best regular season records qualify for the playoffs. The teams are seeded based on their regular season records, with the top-seeded team playing against the eighth-seeded team, the second-seeded team playing against the seventh-seeded team, and so on. Each matchup is a best-of-seven series, with the first team to win four games advancing to the next round.

2. Conference Semifinals   

The winners of the first round face off in the conference semifinals. Like in the first round, these matchups are also best-of-seven series. The two teams that win their respective series move on to the conference finals.

3. Conference Finals   

The conference finals determine the champion of each conference. The winners of the conference finals from the Eastern and Western Conferences earn the right to compete in the NBA Finals. These series are once again best-of-seven.

4. NBA Finals   

The NBA Finals is the championship series that decides the overall NBA champion. The Eastern Conference champion faces the Western Conference champion in a best-of-seven series. The team that wins the NBA Finals is awarded the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy and is recognized as the league champion.

Throughout the playoffs, the higher-seeded team has the advantage of home-court advantage, meaning they play more games at their home arena. The NBA playoffs are a highly anticipated and intense part of the basketball season, as teams compete for the ultimate prize of being crowned NBA champions.

Conference Quarterfinals  

Conference Quarterfinals

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The Conference Quarterfinals in the NBA playoffs, often referred to simply as the “first round,” is the initial stage of the postseason tournament. During this round, the eight teams from each conference that have qualified for the playoffs based on their regular season records compete in a series of matchups to determine which teams will advance to the next round.

Here’s how the Conference Quarterfinals work

1. Seeding   

The teams are seeded from 1 to 8 within their respective conferences based on their regular season records. The team with the best record in each conference is seeded as the 1st seed, the team with the second-best record is seeded as the 2nd seed, and so on.

2. Matchups   

Each conference’s first seed plays against the eighth seed, the second seed faces the seventh seed, the third seed plays against the sixth seed, and the fourth seed faces the fifth seed. These matchups are determined by the seeding and are set up in a bracket format.

3. Best-Of-Seven Series   

Each Conference Quarterfinals matchup is a best-of-seven series. The first team to win four games in the series advances to the next round. This format ensures that the team with the superior performance over the series of games progresses.

4. Home-Court Advantage   

The team with the higher seed has a home-court advantage, meaning they play more games on their home court. This advantage is typically used to determine where the majority of games in the series will be played.

5. Advancement   

The four teams that win their respective Conference Quarterfinals series move on to the Conference Semifinals, which is the next stage of the playoffs.

The Conference Quarterfinals are a crucial stage of the NBA playoffs, setting the tone for the remainder of the postseason. It’s where teams aim to establish their dominance and secure a spot in the subsequent rounds as they vie for the chance to compete for the NBA championship.

NBA Finals  

NBA Finals

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The NBA Finals are the championship series of the National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs. They mark the culmination of the NBA postseason and determine the league’s champion for that particular season. The NBA Finals bring together the champions of the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference to compete in a best-of-seven series.

Here’s how the NBA Finals work:

1. Conference Champions   

The Eastern Conference champion, determined by the outcome of the Eastern Conference Finals, faces off against the Western Conference champion, determined by the Western Conference Finals.

2. Best-Of-Seven Series   

The NBA Finals is a best-of-seven series, meaning the first team to win four games is declared the champion. The series follows a 2-2-1-1-1 format, with the team with the better regular season record (or other pre-determined factors) having a home-court advantage for Games 1, 2, 5, and 7, while the other team hosts Games 3, 4, and 6.

3. Crowning The Champion   

The team that wins the NBA Finals is awarded the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy. This team is officially recognized as the league champion for that season. The players and coaches of the winning team celebrate their accomplishments and are often celebrated with a championship parade in their home city.

4. Historic Significance   

Winning the NBA Finals is a prestigious achievement in basketball, as it represents the pinnacle of success for a team in a given season. The history of the NBA is filled with memorable Finals moments, iconic performances, and legendary rivalries.

The NBA Finals are highly anticipated and widely watched events, attracting basketball fans from around the world. The series showcases the best of the best in basketball and is a showcase of intense competition, skill, strategy, and teamwork.

Off-Season Match In NBA  

Off-Season Match In NBA

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In the context of the NBA, “off-season matches” typically refer to games that are played during the NBA offseason, which is the period of time between the conclusion of one season’s playoffs and the start of the next season’s training camp and regular season.

However, it’s important to note that the NBA offseason is generally a time when players, coaches, and teams take a break from the competitive schedule to rest, recover, and prepare for the upcoming season.

There are no official NBA games or matches during this time. Instead, the offseason is characterized by various activities such as:

1. NBA Draft   

The NBA Draft usually takes place in the offseason. It’s an event where teams select new players, often college prospects, to join their rosters.

2. Free Agency   

Players whose contracts have expired or who are unrestricted free agents have the opportunity to negotiate and sign with new teams during the offseason.

3. Summer League   

The NBA Summer League is a series of exhibition games held in the offseason. It provides an opportunity for teams to evaluate young and rookie players and for players to showcase their skills.

4. Player Development   

Teams often focus on player development during the offseason, helping players improve their skills, conditioning, and overall performance.

5. Team Transactions   

Teams may engage in trades, sign free agents, and make roster adjustments during the offseason to improve their lineup for the upcoming season.

6. Media And Promotional Activities   

Players and teams engage in various media, promotional, and community activities during the offseason.

7. Rest And Recovery   

Many players use the offseason to rest and recover from the physical demands of the regular season and playoffs.

In summary, there are no official NBA matches or games during the traditional offseason. Instead, this period is characterized by player movement, team development, and other activities that set the stage for the next NBA season.



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Preseason matches in the NBA are exhibition games that take place before the start of the regular season. These games provide teams with an opportunity to prepare for the upcoming season, evaluate players, test strategies, and build chemistry. Preseason games are not officially part of the regular season or playoffs, and their outcomes do not count toward a team’s regular season record.

Here are some of the key points about NBA preseason matches:

1. Number Of Games   

The number of preseason games can vary from year to year. In the past, teams typically played around 4 to 6 preseason games, but the exact number can be determined by the league and team decisions.

2. Opponents   

Teams often play against a variety of opponents during the preseason, including teams from both their own conference and the opposite conference. Matchups can be against both NBA teams and international teams.

3. Player Evaluation   

Preseason games allow teams to evaluate their roster and decide which players will make the final cut for the regular season. It’s a chance for rookies, new acquisitions, and young players to showcase their skills and compete for spots on the team.

4. Strategy And Experimentation   

Coaches often use preseason games to experiment with different lineups, offensive and defensive strategies, and player rotations. This helps teams determine the most effective approach for the regular season.

5. Fan Engagement   

Preseason games provide fans with an early opportunity to watch their favorite teams and players in action before the official start of the regular season.

6. Location   

Preseason games may be played at neutral sites, international locations, or home arenas. They provide an opportunity for teams to engage with fans from different regions.

7. Duration   

Preseason matches usually take place over a few weeks, leading up to the start of the regular season.

While the results of preseason games don’t impact a team’s regular season record, they still offer valuable insights for both teams and fans as they prepare for the official start of NBA action.

All-Star Weekend  

All-Star Weekend 

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The NBA All-Star Weekend is an annual event that showcases some of the best and most exciting aspects of basketball, bringing together top players, fans, and entertainment in a celebration of the sport. It typically takes place over a three-day period during the NBA season, usually in February.

Key components of the NBA All-Star Weekend include the following:

1. NBA All-Star Game   

The highlight of the weekend is the NBA All-Star Game, where the league’s top players are divided into two teams based on a fan vote and selections by coaches. The Eastern Conference All-Stars face off against the Western Conference All-Stars. It’s an exhibition game that features dazzling displays of talent, creative plays, and thrilling moments.

2. Slam Dunk Contest   

One of the most popular events of All-Star Weekend is the Slam Dunk Contest. Participants compete to perform the most impressive and creative dunks, with judges scoring each dunk for its style, originality, and difficulty.

3. Three-Point Contest   

In the Three-Point Contest, players showcase their shooting accuracy from beyond the three-point line. Contestants attempt to make as many three-point shots as possible from various spots around the perimeter within a time limit.

4. Skills Challenge   

The Skills Challenge is a timed obstacle course that tests players’ dribbling, passing, and shooting abilities. It combines agility, accuracy, and quick decision-making.

5. Rising Stars Challenge   

This exhibition game features some of the league’s top rookie and sophomore players. The teams are typically divided into U.S. players against international players, showcasing young talent from around the world.

6. Celebrity Game  

A friendly basketball game featuring celebrities, athletes from other sports, and even former NBA players. It’s a lighthearted and entertaining event.

7. Entertainment   

The NBA All-Star Weekend often features musical performances, halftime shows, and other entertainment elements that contribute to the festive atmosphere.

The NBA All-Star Weekend provides an opportunity for players to showcase their skills in a fun and less competitive setting, while fans get to witness incredible plays and enjoy the camaraderie of the basketball community. It’s a highly anticipated event that brings together basketball enthusiasts from around the world.

Wrapping It Up!  

The NBA has had a significant impact on popular culture, influencing fashion, music, and entertainment. Many NBA players have become cultural icons beyond the basketball court.

The NBA is home to some of the best basketball players in the world, including iconic figures like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and many others.

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