15 Best Ways To Celebrate International Women’s Day

how to celebrate international women's day

The world celebrates International Women’s Day every year on the 8th of March. Women’s Day is all about getting acknowledgment and achievements of women. This is the time when women stock, appreciate, and renew several efforts to empower women and where they would promote gender equality. People are wondering how to celebrate International Women’s Day in 2024.

The initial excitement about Women’s Day dawns on you. Especially for moms who are working professionals or homemakers, this is a celebration that can hardly be seen as a holiday.

Even if you couldn’t take this as a day off and want to do business as usual, celebrating Women’s Day is incredible fun. There are several international womens day quotes you would go through and which you can express on any platform on this International Day.

What Are The 15 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day In 2024?

What Are The 15 Ways to Celebrate International Women's Day In 2024?

Celebrating International Women’s Day is all about embracing the spirit of empowerment and equality as we delve into several innovative ways. Below, I will discuss the 15 ways you could celebrate International Women’s Day in 2024.

1) Do One Good, Deep Uplifting Woman

Do One Good, Deep Uplifting Woman

There is only one way where you can be guaranteed a better world. After all, it is high time that we join hands to ensure that every woman is working and entitled to what is #RightFullyHers in every sphere of her life.

Let’s talk about some ideas for starters, such as:

  • It would help if you spent some time where you could educate your maid or else where you could get domestic help. In this case, you can help every woman with everyday mathematics and other languages, which will help their kids to get a better and more sustainable life.
  • Always try to help your daughter who can write a letter to someone’s authority. You must teach your daughter to express what changes she wants in terms of the entire country and continent.
  • Ensure you take hot meals to the nearest women’s and NGO’s children. Everyone has the right to get proper nutrition and good health, and you could help by providing several other facilities.

2) Start a Book Club with Your Friends or Colleagues

Start a Book Club with Your Friends or Colleagues

There are some challenges that women face globally, which is such a significant issue getting support for gender equality.

If you want to celebrate International Women’s Day this year, then you need to consider starting a book club with your colleagues and friends in your entire community. This emphasizes women’s achievements, empowerment, and several other issues.

3) Join the Pledge for Parity Cause

Join the Pledge for Parity Cause

There is no denying women’s empowerment notwithstanding. Gender inequality is still a significant part of the entire world. In terms of education, household, and career, women endure rampant interference, judgment, and discrimination.   

You must join the Women’s Day Pledge, especially for the Parity campaign. Firstly, you can see your support by signing the petition and sharing several selfie cards on social media. Secondly, this is all about writing the cause and, most importantly, working with such implemented parity across life.   

4) Support Women-Owned Businesses

Support Women-Owned Businesses

Several women-owned businesses support such companies owned, managed, and controlled by a group of women. Moreover, this would be beneficial to get support representative products and other services. Eventually, this would equal economic empowerment and a better prosperous economy entirely.

You must vote for International Women’s Day in 2024, where several local businesses can support you. Women run these. You can share your opinions with your friends and encourage them, and you could do the same.

5) Bring on the Purple

Bring on the Purple

Purple is the official color of International Women’s Day. Furthermore, this choice was invented in the early 1900s when Purple was relatively associated with women’s suffrage or voting for the movement. Additionally, you could think about a rich and indulgent color.

It would help if you threw a house party for your girlfriends where Purple would be the exact color code. If you are artistically inclined, then the sky has those limitations. You must experiment with purple colors, cupcakes, homemade fashion accessories, and many others.

6) Organize A Coffee Meeting with Any Inspiring Woman in Your Network

Organize A Coffee Meeting with Any Inspiring Woman in Your Network

 You can go through a simple conversation where you can get inspired, or you could learn something unique. In this upcoming Women’s Day, you could ask a woman for a “virtual coffee meeting,” about 30 to 35 minutes. This meeting is about inspiring women, self-care, or other topics where you could share a common interest.

7) Travel And Experience Something New

Travel And Experience Something New

If there is only one teacher, then you must retain your life. This is all about traveling. Being a woman who could travel and help broaden her mindset and get new life lessons and skills would allow you much-needed relaxation.

Aside from that, you could go out on a solo trip, or else you could go out to far-off locations based on the time at hand. In the event of a full-fledged journey, this is not very possible, and this is considered a single day picnic to such a spot where you can find solace.

8) Binge Watch or Read These Women-Oriented Works

Binge Watch or Read These Women-Oriented Works

Did you know that womanhood has always been a fascinating subject for several writers and filmmakers? On the 8th of March, you could run a woman-oriented marathon movie. If you are keen on fitness and several other sports, then this is big in boxing the world through the strength of such a character.

If you would prefer Bollywood, you must try a beautiful story of a woman to liberate herself from male chauvinism. Or else you could check out a tale of friendship between two women.

9) Allow Yourself One Indulgence

Allow Yourself One Indulgence

Finally, you must let your hair down and indulge where you would have wanted for a long. In this case, a three-course dinner, a spa treatment, and chocolate cupcakes.

On the other hand, you could get your family, husband, and kids to join the Women’s Day celebration. Or else you could take some time off entirely for yourself. Across the year, in several roles of a woman, you would deserve this.

10) Acknowledge The Amazing Women in Your Life

Acknowledge The Amazing Women in Your Life

There are some simple words of encouragement and love where you could go such a long way in uplifting someone. This would inspire them to keep progressing.

Whether it is your grandmother, sister, mother, daughter, or friend, you could call or text such important women in your entire life. In this way, you could tell a story about how amazing they are and how much they would inspire you.

 11) Learn Something New

Learn Something New

There are some good days, or there are some bad days, but life goes beyond the way. Above all, time doesn’t stop you. Why would you wait to do something in the future when you could do such things today?

After all, you must learn to cook, stitch, paint, or even anything which you would always have adored but where you would never have got the time to do so. There are multiple faceless YouTube channel ideas which are women’s day oriented, and you could watch this to celebrate in such a better way.

12) Storytelling Night

Storytelling Night

You must host a storytelling night where women can share their personal and professional journeys. In this way, you can create a supportive space, especially for stories that inspire and connect people across several other shared experiences.   

13) Educational Initiatives

Educational Initiatives

You must ensure the contribution of global education. This happens by supporting several other programs providing such access to opportunities for women and girls. It would help if you advocated several inclusive educational policies empowering women across all skills and other knowledge.

This is the time when you can be handled as quickly as yourself. Only you would have the power of such empowerment of yourself. Nobody will take such responsibilities; therefore, you would put on the hat, get your businesses, and be able to bring such smiles globally.

14) Empowerment Through Sports  

Empowerment Through Sports 

While this is about empowerment through sports, it means you must break the stereotypes in organizing sports events that highlight and celebrate women athletes’ skills. Through the empowerment of sports, this would encourage participation, recognition, and support for women across the world’s sports.

15) A Full Health Checkup

A Full Health Checkup

This is relatively easier where you could focus on health and ignore us. This women’s Day, you would enjoy the Day and ensure you can align one more activity in your kitty.   

There are several other critical problems, such as breast cancer, which is silently making its way into people’s lives, and while these could detect that, this is already so much late. That is why it is essential to have regular health checkups.   

What Are Some of the Interesting Facts About Women’s Day?

What Are Some of the Interesting Facts About Women's Day?

In 1975, women’s Day started across the United States, where women used to celebrate International Women’s Day. This was first known as International Women’s Day. Below, I will discuss some interesting facts about Women’s Day in 2024.

1) International Women’s Day is an official holiday that several parts of the world, such as Vietnam, Cuba, Cambodia, Laos, and Russia, celebrate, among others.

2) Women’s Day is also known as United Nations Day, especially for Women’s rights and other International Peace.

3) The first International Women’s Day was celebrated in 1911 on March 19. Later, this date was changed to 8th March in 1913.

4) After all, the logo for International Women’s Day has a female gender symbol at all.

5) Back in 2011, former president Barack Obama declared that March as women’s history had been recorded in the U.S.

6) In 1971, on the 8th of March, during World War 1, Russian women went on a strike for peace and bread. Further, the provisional government granted the women of Russia the right to give a vote on Women’s Day.

7) In some parts of the world, International Women’s Day is also a celebration along with Mother’s Day. At the same time, two holidays are combined in other countries, such as Albania, Serbia, and Macedonia.

What Are the First and Most Famous Achievements of Women from Other Countries?  

What Are the First and Most Famous Achievements of Women from Other Countries?

Did you know that International Women’s Day is celebrated globally on March 8 every year? Below, I will discuss women’s first and famous achievements from several other countries.   

  • In 1903, Marie Curie received a Nobel Prize in Physics. After that, she became the first woman to receive this award. She was awarded the second Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1911, making her the first to obtain multiple Nobel prizes.   
  • In 1963, Russian Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova became the first and youngest woman to fly into space.   
  • In the year of 1976, Romanian Gymnast Nadia Comaneci became the first woman to get the award. She got a perfect score of 10.0 at the Olympic Games.   
  • Peggy Whitson, a female NASA astronaut, achieved the record of spending the greatest number of days in space, around 655 days (about 2 years). In particular, this happens first to human beings.   

What Are the International Women’s Rights Organizations?  

What Are the International Women's Rights Organizations?

There are several international women’s rights organizations that are significant globally. Below, I am going to discuss the international women’s rights organizations.   

  • The International Council of Women was founded in 1888 with the primary goal of advancing women. On the other hand, this works with several other organizations to promote education, health, and peace.   
  • The International Alliance of Women (IAW) is an international organization that Carrie Chapman Catt founded in 1904. Moreover, this was based in Geneva. After all, this non-governmental organization focuses on women’s empowerment, equality, and other human rights issues.   
  • Women’s Environment and Development Organization, an international women’s advocacy organization, is working to achieve gender equality. In particular, this is also all about handling human rights and the environment’s integrity.   

In Conclusion  

I have discussed how to celebrate international women’s Day above in this article. Women’s Day is an excellent opportunity to celebrate gender equality and other women’s contributions across history.  

Particularly, other activities would give you a good time and awareness about several other serious issues which women community spread behind. By participating in Women’s Day, you could actively be a significant part of such a major change.   

I hope you liked this article. If you have any questions, please comment below!

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