Is Testerup Legit? Beyond The Screen On Testerup’s Credibility

is testerup legit

If you are searching to make money online, you must search for some easy ways. In this case, you should find several user testing gigs to help you with new apps or websites. Are you interested in knowing is testerup legit? Well, read further and get to know.      

Recently, there have been so many online platforms through which you can effectively make quick money. Not only that, but making money from those online sites is like a fun side hustle, and you will get paid for playing games.

If you want to discover the truth, you must try out this money-making online app. You also have to know if this platform works well, is worth using, and so many others. If you seek more legitimate ways to make money, search for a flight club app or other alternatives.

Is TesterUp Legit?

Is TesterUp Legit?

After researching, I discovered that the testerup needs to be more legit. This website claims that you can earn at least $120 per test. Moreover, you can make hundreds of dollars per test as well. Below, I am going to discuss: is Testerup legit?

When you sign up for Testerup, you get many offers in your account. In this case, they require almost all your money in-game with resources and items. Furthermore, you have to grind out games within weeks in so many cases.

There are some of the simpler missions. Suppose you are signing up for several survey sites or if you are trying out for subscriptions. If it is technically speaking, then it means you will never be able to achieve $70 cash unless you start spending.

How Does TesterUp Work?

How Does TesterUp Work?

I signed up to Testerup to learn how this platform works for this review. Below, I am going to discuss how Testerup works.

As I have used and heard from people, it is quite a simple interface software application. In this case, you have to follow four simple steps, including:

  • Sign Up
  • Tryout new games
  • Able to complete missions
  • Get paid

1) Sign Up  

When this is about signing up for a tester app, then this is completely free. In this case, you can create an account with your email address or connect with your Facebook account. It just takes around 30 seconds in terms of creating an account through Facebook.

But if you want to make money with this software application, you have to download this software app on your iOS and Android operating systems.

2) Test New Games  

Well, the whole process of money-making with the Testerup app involves downloading new games. On the other hand, this also helps complete specific tasks. As you will be able to complete tasks, then you will be able to earn money. On the other hand, if you can complete every task, then it will offer you the maximum amount.

For example, one of my Testerup software apps offers involvement in downloading and playing the Raid Shadow Legend. This process is quite similar to the money-making app Flash Rewards.

3) Become The Premium Tester  

If you start assembling Testerup offers, you can level up the entire account. These offers are like “Premium missions,” which help you to become a premium tester.

Do you want to know what the perks of being an insurance charge tester include:

  • First, getting more jobs.
  • Then you have to get higher-paying jobs.
  • Next, getting exclusive jobs.
  • Lastly, earning freebies and bonus points.

Although it takes five superior missions, you can become a Premium tester. In this case, simply completing the single tester offers immense grinding and helps you spend your money.

4) Get Paid  

On every tester’s website, you can cash your profits for free PayPal money. In this way, you can get paid within just 24 hours. In addition, this website pays you the actual cash. The minimum cash amount for Testerup is just $70, which is incredibly high for the world of GPT sites.

The TesterUp Reviews  

The TesterUp Reviews

I have signed up to the Testerup website to go through the reviews. After that, I decided that this platform is mainly impossible to make money. Below, I am going to discuss the reviews of the Testerup app.

One wrote, “I had installed this at one time and looked at the games. Then I read the Google Play reviews which are not very promising, mostly involve the app not tracking game progress, and communication with the app publisher is non-existent. Plus the minimum payout is $70. There are reviews stating people have been paid. But it sounded too iffy to me so I uninstalled it without even trying.”

Another wrote regarding tester reviews, “I have. I cashed out at $70 and deleted it. My honest feelings like it’s a waste of time, and the games are designed to make it difficult to complete goals. Even me further thinking played random games for six months and completed all goals for a single game.”

If you read this article, you will understand that this money-making app is a scam. Or it is not worth using.

The Top Alternatives Of The TesterUp App

The Top Alternatives Of The TesterUp App

If you are looking for Testerup alternatives, I recommend you read below. Here are the names of the top options of the Testerup application such as:

1) UserTesting

When this concerns companies and businesses seeking genuine feedback, then UserTesting is one of the best options. As per so many reviews, this platform is legit, and with this platform, one can make a substantial amount of money by testing products, services, and applications.

This tester is available to everyone, and with the help of this software application, you can make an average of $10 for every test. This is one of the simplest platforms which you can start from.

2) Trymata

Trymata is one of the best alternatives to the Testerup application. This allows its users to review and test websites and even applications for their clients. This app has high-end clients like Zappos. Therefore, if you are looking for any legitimate way to make money online, consider this online application.

3) Playbook UX

Another one of the best alternatives to TesterUp software apps is PlayBook UX. With the help of this software application, you can get website feedback and reviews. On the other hand, this app is good regarding audibility and speech.

In Conclusion

I have discussed the TesterUp legit software app above in this article. If you want to make money by just testing and giving feedback about websites and applications, then TesterUp is one of them. However, there are so many ways to make money online.

You can use survey sites such as Branded Surveys or even try several paid gaming applications. Even if none of those are not working, then freelancing and blogging are on the table. I hope you liked this article. In case you have queries, please comment below!

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