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Acting in the industry is a challenging and tedious task. And more so for the children. At such a young age, they are put under the constant spotlight of the media and the population in general. However, there are many child actors and actresses, only a few catch the viewer’s attention, Isla Johnston is one of them.

Speaking of dramas and television series, have you watched the famous television series The Queen’s Gambit? The character of Beth Harmon, the protagonist, has won hearts across the globe. But I am not talking about the grown-up Beth. Instead, I am talking about the middle-aged character of Beth.

If you are curious about who she is and have been googling about her to get to her Wikipedia page, your search ends here. You have reached your destination. To know more about this brilliant budding actress, keep scrolling…

Who Is Isla Johnston?

Isla Johnston bio

Instead of googling “beth Harmon Wikipedia,” why don’t you search for Isla Johnston? Yes, that’s what her real name is. However, this 15-year-old American child actress has stolen hearts after the famous American T.V. series The Queen’s Gambit.

Born in 2007, Isla Johnston grew up in Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom. But that is not the only series or project that she has worked on. Before catching the eye of director Scott Frank for the miniseries on Netflix, she has worked on two other projects. Namely, they are Ray James and Unmourned.

Want to know more about her? Check out the table of Isla Johnston’s biography below.


Name:Isla Johnston
Year of Birth:2007
Age:15 years
Height (in ft and inches):4 ft 11 inches
Height (in centimeters):125 cm
Height (in meters):1.25 m
Weight (in kilograms):41 kgs
Weight (in pounds):90.38 lbs
Place of Birth:Cambridgeshire, London, United Kingdom
Race:Caucasian; White
Father:Will update 
Mother:Will update 
Siblings:Will update 
Marital Status:Unmarried 
Affairs:Will update
Son:No son
Daughter:No daughter
Eye color:Green 
Hair color:Blonde, golden
Net worth:500 thousand USD (approximately)

Isla Johnston: Career

This 15-year-old actress made her debut in the year 2018 with the British Crime series National Treasure: Kiri. in this television series, she played the role of a girl named Fiona. However, in this drama, many other great actors and actresses like Sarah Lancashire, Felicia Mukasa, and Lucian Msamati.

Even though she starred only in one episode (episode 3 of season 1), it was her stepping foot in the industry. Through the role of the 13-year-old Fiona, Isla could prove her caliber and her excellence in acting. And as fate had it, she did not have to wait too long.

Once Isla stepped foot in the industry, no one could stop her. Her next project came just the following year, in 2019. However, this was the television series named Doctors. In this one, she played the role of Sarah Kemp. But this is not the end. Fate had a more outstanding opportunity for her.

In 2020, she had the most significant break of her career that has yet to come. Although this was bagging the role of the teen Beth Harmon in the popular American coming-of-age period drama that streamed on Netflix.

Written and directed by the American director and producer Scott Frank, however, this miniseries is based on the novel The Queen’s Gambit (1983), which was written by the American novelist and short-story writer Walter Stone Tevis.

Elizabeth Harmon, lovingly called Beth, is the main protagonist of this plot. However, she is a chess prodigy who has grown up in an orphanage after her mother’s death in a car accident.

Isla has caught everyone’s attention because she played the role of the teenage Beth who was at the orphanage struggling with the addiction to tranquilizers.

She diverted her mind and focus to playing chess to struggle with her destructive emotions. And this helped. However, she eventually rose rapidly in the world of chess and went on to challenge even the topmost Russian players of the time.

The Queen Gambet

More About Isla Johnston’s Career

The role of the mature grown-up Beth Harmon has been played by Anya Taylor Joy, another brilliant and versatile actress in the industry. However, her character shows how Beth’s addiction and dependency on tranquilizers increased as she climbed the stair of success in the world of chess.

The character of Beth is trying to fight addiction and the loss of her mother. Yet, at the same time, she is trying to learn something that can make her prove her worth to the world. The finesse with which Isla Johnston portrayed the emotions of the teen Beth has earned a place in the hearts of everyone who watched the series.

Her tremendous acting skill is why she has kept getting offers to act in various projects after the end of The Queen’s gambit. Also, did you know that The Queen’s Gambit became the most-watched and enjoyed miniseries after just a month of its release on the streaming platform Netflix?

Queen Gambet

However, Isla Johnston has already bagged the role of the lead character of Cara in the film Unmourned which Tessa Sheridan directs.

Isla Johnston: Net Worth

The net worth of the child actress is not too much if you compare her to the actors in the industry. However, with only a little experience in the filming and entertainment industry, she has already made her mark.

This is why she has been earning a lot of money for her age. Some sources say that her estimated net worth is approximately 150 thousand USD. However, at the same time, other sources say that her net worth can be estimated to be at least 500 thousand USD.

Her main source of income is her acting career. Given the fact that she has just finished only four projects, we can say that her net worth lies somewhere between 250 to 500 thousand USD. Since her career has just started, it can be safe to estimate that she has not yet garnered a very significant amount of money.

Isla Johnston: Filmography

Here is a complete list of the projects that Isla has worked on till now:

National Treasure: Kiri2018Released 
Doctors 2019Released 
The Queen’s Gambit 2020Released 
Invasion 2021Released 
Unmourned 2021-22Post-production 
Life after Life2022Filming in progress

Isla Johnston: Facts

When you try to learn about someone, it is best that you know every other fact about them. That is the reason why I am here to help you.

Here are some of the most exciting and unknown facts about this child actress:

  • Isla Johnston was born in 2007. She is just 15 years old.
  • Apart from being an actress, she is also very athletic. Her favorite sports are tennis, swimming, skiing, and horse riding.
Isla Johnston life
  • Isla is a brilliant pianist
  • Suffolk is the native accent of Isla Johnston
  • The name of the agency with which she has a contract is Shepherd Management.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Is Isla Johnston’s Age?

Ans: Isla Johnston was born in the year 2007 in London. Currently, she is at the young age of 15 years.

2. Is The Queen Gambit Based On A True Story?

Ans: The story of the American miniseries, the Queen’s gambit that has been streaming on the online streaming platform Netflix, is fictional. It is adapted from the novel titled the same written by American short story writer and novelist Walter Stone Tevis.
The story is not based on a true story.

3. Who Did Beth Harmon Love?

Ans: In the Netflix American miniseries drama the Queen’s Gambit, the main protagonist and the chess prodigy, Elizabeth Harmon (often called simply Beth), has been shown to have a complicated relationship.

She is in love with her childhood crush Townes. However, her feelings and emotions are unrequited and not reciprocated by the character of Townes.

And That’s A Wrap!

If you cannot find the correct teenage Beth from the miniseries The Queen’s Gambit, it might be because you’re searching with the wrong spelling. Try searching for Isla Johnston, instead of Isla Johnson. However, she is a young British American actress who is just 15 years old.

She is most popular for her role as Elizabeth Harmon, in the series directed by Scott Frank that has been streaming on Netflix. However, she has been acting since 2018 and made her debut with the crime series National Treasure: Kiri. Because of her versatile and strong acting skills, she has already bagged roles in many projects.

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