Jack Harlow Is Going To Perform At Thanksgiving Halftime Show On November 23rd

Jack Harlow Is Going To Perform At Thanksgiving Halftime Show On November 23rd

On November 23rd, singer Jack Harlow will perform at a Thanksgiving halftime Show at Ford Stadium. The country music duo named The War and Treaty will also perform the national anthem.

Monday, the NFL team confirmed that the singer Jack Harlow will be performing. After the announcement, multiple fans expressed their excitement on social media platforms. One fan wrote on social media, “OMG I can’t sleep now.”

Another fan wrote, “Best one you have ever had.” For those fans who are looking to tune in, this show will be televised on Fox. The show is going to start at 12:30 P.M. E.T.

Fox channel is available with an H.D. antenna or any join streamer like DirecTV Stream, FuboTV, or YouTube T.V. for free. Jack Harlow first emerged on the list with his sweet Action E.P., which culminated at No. 13 in July 2020.

The 25-year-old rapper was called a songwriter in the year 2023. This year, singer Jack Harlow surprised his fans with his third studio album, which is known as “Jackman.”

Harlow said to an outlet, “ I mean, It’s insane. Just to be in the hometown of somebody I look up to and that paved so much way. And made it OK in just a certain sense. It means the world…” Harlow also stated that he has been thinking about what he wants in his halftime show. He also has performed with famous artists such as Lil Wayne, Detroit, Big Sean, and so many others. In the year 2023, Harlow also made his big screen debut in the remake of the classic sports movie named “White Men Can’t Jump.”

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