Joel Fry: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Movies, and Net Worth

Joel Fry

Joel Fry is from the UK and one of the outstanding actors of recent time. If you are his crazy fan, you can learn more about him in this article. The Wiki facts and biography of Joel Fry given here can help you to know about his family and upbringing.

Joel Fry: Biography

Joel Fry is best known for films like A Boy In Christmas, In The Earth, and Paddington 2. He is quite tall and handsome and possessed a dream to become an actor right from a very young age. Now, there is a huge viewership of Joel Fry movies and TV shows. Moreover, Fry is an exponent in playing musical instruments. Earlier, he had been a part of a band too.

Joel Fry: Birth And Family

As per the information available, actor Joel Fry was born to a British family in London. It is still a mystery how his childhood was because he has not yet revealed it. He has been a student of Brit School for Performing Arts and Technology, England.

He has also got a graduation degree from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. So, you can consider Joey Fry as a multi-talented person.

Joel Fry: Wiki Bio

Joel Fry_ Wiki Bio
  • Birthname: Joel Fry
  • Nickname: Joel
    Age: 38 (as of February 2022)
  • Date of Birth: May 20, 1983
  • Place of Birth: London, England
  • Current Residence: London, England
  • Educational Qualification: Graduate
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Colleges attained: Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and Brit School for Performing Arts and Technology.
  • Languages knew: English

Joel Fry: Personal Life

Joel Fry_ Personal Life

Joel Fry was born on 20th May 1983, and if you ask, how old is fry?  It is 38 years of age. Joel does not speak much about his personal life, but it is evident from the body language that he keeps it low-key.

As he has shifted from music to acting, most fans of Fry know him for both his talents and love him for the same. Fry has not revealed the names of his parents and siblings. However, it is clear that things are stable from the family’s end.

Another wired fact about Joel Fry is that he is not present on Instagram or Facebook. So, you can consider him to be a social introvert. As per the news, Fry last used his Facebook in 2013. Probably, he does not like social media much. However, he is present on Twitter to date, starting his career in 2012.

Joel Fry: Height

Well, there are only a few celebrities in the present era who deserves an exclusive subhead in the profile article. Joel Fry is surely one of them as he stands tall with his 6’ 1” height.

Other Physical Traits

As per the other physical traits, Joel Fry has a weight of 198 lbs and curly hair. The latter trait gives Fry an added advantage as most characters he plays turn out to be outstanding on-screen. Fry also keeps a trimmed beard. Probably, he would grow his beard when necessary for characters.

Both the colors of his eye and hair are black. Moreover, there are no tattoos on his body as of now. When it comes to body measurements, you should know that Fry has a 40-inch chest, a 36-inch waist, and a 16-inch biceps.

Furthermore, in his ongoing career in Showbiz, he has not gone through any plastic surgery.

Joel Fry: Love And Relationship

Joel Fry Game of Thrones is single, and he does not speak up about his love life. As of now, he has not been seen with any girl at any parties. Most fans of Fry know that he has never dated a girl or not dating one either now.

Joel is unmarried, and probably he is a happily single person in the industry. At one point from 2014 to 2015, he dated Emilia Clarke !

Joel Fry: Movies

Joel Fry_ Movies

He has been in movies since the year 2008. His film debut was with the film named 10,000 BC. In that film, he played the role of Lu’Kibu. After 2008, he went on with his film career where he acted in remarkable movies like Tamara Drewe, Yesterday, Benjamin, Love-Wedding-Repeat, etc.

In 2020, Joel Fry experienced much buzz regarding his role in Silent Night. Yet another film, Cruella, gave him the limelight in 2021. Last year, he acted in a couple of films like A Boy Called Christmas and In the Earth.

In Cruella, Fry played the character of Jasper, partner to Horace which was played by Paul Walter Hauser, together they are the disruptive duo. They are the cohorts to the lead character Estella played by Emaa Watson.

Fry has earned a lot of appraise for this role considering the depth that has been found in the character is applaudible. Fry is not that social which can be assumed from one of the interviews he gave for Cruella where he said he is focused on his concentration and improvisation. He is hardly worried about the outside world!

Joel Fry: TV Shows

Joel Fry_ TV Shows

Joel stepped into the TV shows as early as 2006. His first work was The Bill. In that TV series, he played a dual role with names Darrel Cunningham and Baxter Ryan. Afterward, till 2014 he played roles in TV shows like Massive, No Signal, Trollied, Public Enemies, Bedlam, Twenty Twelve, and many more. Yet another critical role he played was of Karl Marx in the W1A. This proves that he is one of the types of men anyone can start loving.

Well, Joyel Fry got another break that gave him more fame and kicked his career to a new height. In 2014-15 he played the character known as Hizdahr zo Loraq in the Game of Thrones. He appeared in 8 episodes of the fourth and the fifth seasons of GOT.

He played a slave trader and initially created a perception of an open-minded and helpful individual! He married the character played by Emilia Clarke, Danaerys, and enacted the idea of ushering in freedom for the slaves.


He was however, killed in the show by the people who were suspicious of him behind the attacks on the Sons of the Harpy!


As a sober actor who stays reserved most of the time, there are hardly any controversies about Joel Fry. Most of his interviews are quite open, and he is clear about all he is speaking. In such a clean picture, he is expected to get more work in the coming years.

Net Worth Of Joel Fry

If you are eager to know about the net worth of Joel Fry, this section of the article can help you. Well, you would be amazed to know that the actor has made up to some $10 million to $15 million to date. The reason he is able to make so much money is due to the different types of work he does.

Moreover, as an actor, he has got chances to endorse several brands. In such a scenario, money from advertising has lately boosted his worth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Q1. How Old Is Joel Fry?

Ans: Joel Fry is currently 38 years old. He was born in the year 1983.

Q2. Where Was Joel Fry Born?

Ans: Joel Fry was born in a British family in London.

Q3. Who Is Rocky In Yesterday?

Ans: Joel Fry has played the career of Rocky in the film Yesterday. 

Q4. Is Joel Fry In Paddington?

Ans: Yes, Joel Fry is present in the film Paddington, and he has played the role of Postman.

Final Take Away

Joel Fry is a beloved actor of recent times as he has a lot of fans who adore him. Moreover, the pace of his film career is quite high as he gets good roles and executes them properly. Overall, Joey Fry’s career is very promising.