Lebanese Cuisine – Top 10 Traditional Dishes You Must Try In 2022

Lebanese Cuisine

In the world, people can unite in the name of food. It is the only food that makes all human beings happy. It is because hunger is common to all as well as the satisfaction from its relief. Well, in this blog, you will learn about some traditional dishes from the Lebanese Cuisine

Presently, people from every corner of the world are eager to taste the dishes for their extraordinary flavors. Moreover, many people from the middle east have traveled to many countries including the US with the dishes.

So, now it has become quite easier to get the Lebanese dishes. As of now, you can go through the list below and know facts about the trad dishes.

Top Ten Lebanese Cuisine Traditional Dishes To Try In 2022

Here is the list of the traditional dishes of Lebanese cuisine. The main reason why these have secured a place on this list is due to their fame. Most people love to eat these dishes even if they are not really aware of what is Lebanese Cuisine.

1. Hummus

Hummus Lebanese Cuisine

Hummus is a dish that originated in the Levantine region itself. So, it can be the answer to what is the most popular Lebanese cuisine in the US. It is basically a dip made of tahini paste, chickpeas, lemon juice, and garlic.

It is one of the simplest of the Lebanese cuisines recipes that you can eat with bread and many other staples. If you are concerned about a healthy diet, it is a dish you can try.

2. Fattoush

Fattoush Lebanese Cuisine

Most Lebanese cuisine appetizers are colorful and Fattoush is one of them. It is made of bread fry, vegetables, and herbs. You can add lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, and tomatoes in the base of the Pita. 

It becomes more delicious for the seasoning that is done by salt, pepper, olive oil, and lemon juice. So, instead of searching where to get Lebanese cuisine near me, you can try it on your own.

3. Muhammara

Muhammara Lebanese Cuisine

Muhammara is a traditional sauce dish in Lebanese cuisine. It is both hot and full of flavors. So, most central and south Asians love to eat it. The red sauce complements a lot of dishes like bread, kebabs, grilled fish, and meat.

4. Labneh

Labneh Lebanese Cuisine

From a totally hot sauce, we come to a cool dish that is a part of Lebanese breakfast. It is called Labneh and it is now available in many countries. You can take the Labneh curd to make the dish. Afterward, you can mix a lot of spices like thyme and garlic paste into the dish to give it a tangy flavor.

Labneh is again, another dish that the Lebanese people use as a dip for eating processed or handmade bread.

5. Kaak

Kaak Lebanese Cuisine

Kaak is one of the bread from Lebanese cuisine that looks like a purse. The people use traditional baking techniques to make Kaak as it remains soft from the inside and develops a crispy crust. Kaak has a long shelf life and people buy it on a weight basis.

You can get the recipe in any Lebanese cuisine cookbook. Otherwise, you can search for it on the internet. It matches more with the Indian cuisine.

6. Kebbe

Kaak Lebanese Cuisine

A Fact About Kebbe- Kebbe is Lebanon’s National Food!

A Weird Fact About Kebbe- A huge number of Lebanese people are fond of eating raw Kebbe.

After a lot of veg items, it is now time to check out the traditional non-veg dishes of the Lebanese cuisine. Well, one of the best non-veg dishes of the cuisine is Kebbe. It is also known as Kibbeh and it is basically a type of meatball. Here the Lebanese match with Turkish cuisine.

The basic Kebbe is made of minced red meat and bulghur wheat. Apart from it, there are several variations of this dish. Nowadays, you can even get fried and baked Kebbe in the shops in the US.

7. Shawarma

Shawarma Lebanese Cuisine

Shawarma, a dish that now, belongs to the world is famous street food in the Lebanese cuisine. It basically means meat slices. Both chicken and mutton Shawarma are available in Lebanon and other parts neighboring it.

In the case of making Shawarma, the meat needs to go through a good roast. A vertical rotisserie helps in this case. Once the meat is ready, the chef puts it inside a Pita bread along with a lot of toppings and spices.

As a fact, Shawarma can act as a handy wholemeal. Yet another fact about this item is that it tastes heavenly even if it is made in a basic manner.

8. Basbousa

Basbousa Lebanese Cuisine

The Basbousa, also known as Namoura is a cake made of Semolina, butter, and sugar. The Basbousa goes through a general baking procedure and people add almond toppings to it.

It is one of the top dishes that people make during the festival. Around the world, you can find the Basbousa in Lebanese shops during the time of Ramadan.

9. Mammoul


Mammoul is yet another cookie made traditionally in Semolina dough. There are a lot of toppings that people give on it like nuts, almonds, pistachios, etc. You can find the Muslims making Mammoul during family gatherings and parties.

10. Knefe


Knefe is yet another sweet dish of Lebanese cuisine that a lot of people love. Like all other cakes, this also needs a proper baking time. However, once it is done, anyone would like to eat it for its flavor and taste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Are The Best Lebanese Dishes?

Ans: Kibbeh, Hummus, and Kafta are the three most outstanding Lebanese dishes. All you need to do is

2. What Is Lebanon’s National Dish?

Ans: The National Dish of  Lebanon is Kibbeh. It is a meatball recipe that you can make during festivals.

3. What Is The Most Popular Lebanese Dish?

Ans: Hummus is the most famous Lebanese dish you can get in the world. However, Shawarma is also gaining its repute lately.

Final Words

As per Lebanese Cuisine is concerned, there are only a few variations of the traditional dishes. So, you can expect to get only a few types of taste. Now, most dishes are made of two or three main ingredients and you can try them all at home.

Make sure you let us know about your experience after making your favorite dish from here. The best way you can bring the authentic taste is by following the right technique to make it.

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