We all have a dream of riding luxurious cars at least once in our life. There are people like Brunei’s Sultan who have more than 7,000 cars, and there are people who wish they could ride a luxurious car. But, before hardworking and buying a car for ourselves, there is a need to know which are luxury car brands. Then, we can set our goals to buy one of those cars someday. 

In this article, we will talk about the top 15 luxury car brands and provide basic information about those brands. For the time while we both are not riding one of them, let’s learn about those brands. 


Luxury Car Brands

Whether you are a businessperson or do a job, if you have one of these American luxury car brands logos in your car, that will be really different. Now, let’s see the list.

1. Mercedes-Benz

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When it comes to luxury car brands, Mercedes-Benz has to be at the top. The origin country of the brand is Germany, and the starting price is around $60,000. 

2. Tesla

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Tesla is a luxury car brand that recently created a boom in the market. It is also one of the most expensive brands as well with a starting price of $115,000. The origin of this brand is the United States.

3. BMW

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There is no debate that BMW is one of the most reliable luxury car brands. The company’s origin is Germany. And you will get a BMW car for around $45,500.

4. Volvo

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This is the only Swedish car company that is on the list. Volvo is also one of the car companies that focus on safety. Also, you will get both affordable and luxurious cars. The minimum price is around $45,000.

5. Audi

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In the sector of luxury cars, Audi the name is enough. This is also a German company that makes luxurious cars. If you want to buy the cheapest Audi, that will cost you around $70,000.

6. Porsche

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Another luxurious car brand is Porsche. The company is also from Germany. And there are some excellent cars that you can choose from. But, most importantly, the starting price of Porsche will cost you around $175,000.

7. Lexus

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Lexus is a brand that makes both expensive cars, and it has shown some brilliant works in the EV market. This is also a transition into the future of cars. The company is from Japan, and the starting price is around $63,000. But do you know who makes Lexus? The answer is simple, The Toyota Motor Corporation.

8. Lamborghini

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Lamborghini is one of the most popular Italian luxury car brands. There are famous V10 and V12 engines that make these cars expensive. The starting price of a Lamborghini car is around $340,000.

9. Ferrari

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I hope you have seen Ford vs Ferrari. Here is another Italian luxury car brand named Ferrari. You will find different segments in this brand. Also, Ferrari SUVs are quite famous. The starting price is around $400,000.

10. Land Rover

Land Rover
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When it comes to luxurious SUVs, then everybody will keep Land Rover at the top. The origin of the company is the United Kingdom. And the basic price is around $145,000. 

11. Cadilac

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Here is also a United Kingdom company that is quite famous for making affordable and expensive cars. The name of the company is Cadilac, and the starting price is $60,000.

12. Jaguar

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Do you want to look classy and at the same time want to ride an expensive car, then Jaguar is one of the best. The company is also from the United Kingdom. And the starting price is around $70,000.

13. Rolls-Royce

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One of the most expensive and luxurious car brands is Rolls-Royce. The origin of the company is the United Kingdom, and the starting price is more than $400,000.

14. Bugatti

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When it comes to riding a dream car, and yet the dream is almost impossible for many people, the car brand is Bugatti. The country of origin is France, and the starting price is more than $7 million.

15. Aston Martin

Aston Martin
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Here is another United States company that is famous for its engine. Here comes one of the best luxury car brands, Aston Martin. The starting price is around $200,000.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Here are some interesting questions and answers that you must know about luxury car brands. 

What Is The Most Affordable Luxury Car Brand?

Ans: If you are finding some of the cheapest luxury car brands, then here are the affordable luxury cars that you can buy.
⦿ 2013 Cadillac CT5.
⦿ 2023 BMW 2 Series.
⦿ 2023 Audi A3.
⦿ 2023 Cadillac CT4.
⦿ 2022 Mercedes-Benz A-Class.
⦿ 2023 Acura Integra.

What Is Considered A Luxury Car?

Ans: So, what are the characteristics and traits of luxury cars? There are companies who have an aim to make affordable cars, and there are other companies to make luxurious cars. Here is a list of luxury cars that you must know before choosing one of them to buy for you.
⦿ Alfa Romeo.
⦿ Acura.
⦿ Aston Martin.
⦿ Bently
⦿ Audi.
⦿ Bugatti.
⦿ BMW.
⦿ Cadillac.
⦿ Genesis.
⦿ Ferrari.
⦿ Jaguar.
⦿ Infiniti.
⦿ Lamborghini.
⦿ Lexus
⦿ Land Rover.
⦿ Lotus.
⦿ Lincoln.
⦿ McLaren.
⦿ Maserati.
⦿ Porsche.
⦿ Mercedes-Benz.
⦿ Volvo.
⦿ Rolls-Royce.
⦿ Testa.

What Is The Highest Quality Car Brand?

Ans: Different measurements have been taken for different cars when it comes to the highest quality car brands. So, these are the best car manufacturers. 
⦿ Porsche (90.74%).
⦿ Tesla (90.50%).
⦿ Kia (90.40%).
⦿ Peugeot (89.28%).
⦿ Honda (88.94%)
⦿ Jaguar (88.90%).
⦿ Mazda (88.89%).
⦿ Volvo (88.35%).

Final Words

Once you are finished with the article, there are different things that you must know. First of all, there are different shares of search interests. The data tells what cars are trending right now and how many people want to know about those cars. If you are already aware of luxury American car brands, then start saving and fulfill your dream.

Where there are social media audiences, who show their interest in luxury car brands through social media, and this data is used by different companies to know about social media engagement rates. And later, they make different strategies to grow their market.

I hope you find this article informative and interesting. Please feel free to give your feedback and share it with your friends.

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