Contemporary and traditional design elements are combined to create attractive interiors with a hard-to-refute rustic-yet-chic appearance.

Modern farmhouse decor draws inspiration from the past but adds modern touches like fitted lines, layered materials, and layered textures. It is noted for using neutral hues and natural materials, like shiplap.

For a good reason, modern farmhouse decor is a popular theme in design exhibitions. This aesthetic is unhurried, welcoming, and pleasant. 

Craftsmanship, artisanal, and functional components are used in farmhouse design. It’s simple, but paying attention to how the space feels is important.

This article includes 5 of the top modern farmhouse decor ideas to inspire your upcoming home renovation. 


Making Your Modern Farmhouse Unique

Making Your Modern Farmhouse Unique
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This mudroom gives a warm ambiance that will make all guests feel at home since it is the ideal blend of rustic and modern elements. 

The shiplap accents and natural wood elements show the traditional farmhouse design. The built-in bench’s shiplap accents provide a classic farmhouse style. 

Despite having a classic farmhouse aesthetic, the space has a contemporary feel because of the sleek black accents.

Here are some fresh ideas to help you sort your modern farmhouse decor—

1. Add Shiplap To Your Walls

Add Shiplap To Your Walls
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Small accent items like clocks or wall art may give lovely texture to kitchen furniture, bathroom walls, and rustic shiplap décor for a farmhouse appearance. 

Warm apple pie cooling on the kitchen counter, old furniture inherited from previous generations, and oil paintings of rural settings gracing the walls—something there’s inviting about a farmhouse.

Shiplap is a modern farmhouse decor that can embellish various surfaces, including fireplaces, ceilings, cabinets, accent walls, whole rooms, and powder rooms (as an alternative to wainscoting or bead board). 

This is one of the best ways to give your modern farmhouse wall decor the ultimate rustic look and keep your place warm and cozy. 

You can also use shiplap on your furniture, so it’s no t just for walls. The shiplap dining table has the appearance of being constructed from a ship’s side. 

They may be made to appear aged and worn using flaking white paint. The paneled wall blends into these modern wood steps.

2. Use Sliding Barn Doors 

Use Sliding Barn Doors
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Sliding barn doors are a fantastic way to give your property a rustic feel. 

Although this design has grown so popular among modern farmhouse decor ideas that you can obtain a barn door and track combo at numerous outlets, you would still need to buy the sliding track to fit over your doorway. 

They are not only space-efficient, but they also have a striking appearance.

You may keep your bedroom private while using barn doors without putting on extra weight. They also serve as a space-saving option since a full-length mirror may divide one area from another. 

While maintaining the internal design of your area, a sliding door gives you easy access to the laundry room in your house.

Mirrored barn doors are ideal since they provide utility on both sides and may be used to create spaces between your bedroom and bathroom. 

Consider installing a set of barn doors on your front entrance or foyer if you want to give your modern farmhouse decor the ultimate charm.

These are wonderful aesthetics for a practical yet elegant appeal, and you may utilize them as an entryway to your workplace space. 

You may also think of overlaying them with another pair of barn doors to increase the overall attractiveness.

3. Go Exposed Beams For Your Ceilings

Go Exposed Beams For Your Ceilings
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Exposed beams, another great modern farmhouse decor idea, provide a framing effect that highlights other features and adds tactile depth and aesthetic complexity. 

The best part is that, given their significant influence on a space, they may be fairly inexpensive to install. If your space doesn’t already have exposed beams, use items made of salvaged wood or other natural components to create a similar atmosphere.

The ceiling beams’ knotty, grained character gives this dining room’s light-filled dining area a rustic feel. 

The white painted beams emphasize the gallery-like array of artwork in the space. This bedroom combines rustic materials with sleek lines to create a casual and fashionable space. 

A luxurious bathroom in all-white with marble tile and chrome fittings. A large area rug and exposed ceiling beams combine to define this relaxed yet contemporary living room. 

Any room gets a warm, rustic earthiness from exposed timber ceilings. The unfinished sloped ceiling of this mother-in-law suite/shed gardener’s combination plays on contrasts.

4. Revamp Your Kitchen

Revamp Your Kitchen
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The heart of farmhouse living is the kitchen, which can serve huge, substantial meals and large groups. The ideal fusion of vintage items and contemporary design is what gives modern farmhouse decor its appeal. 

If your budget permits, design an open floor plan with an island big enough to function as your home’s central gathering area. 

These terracotta tiles in the shape of honeycombs wonderfully unite all the elements of this kitchen with a country aesthetic.

Think of adding a lot of texture with shiplap, rattan, repurposed wood, and live plants to get a complete modern farmhouse kitchen decor look. The definition of a farmhouse kitchen is one with a range hood over the stove. 

Your kitchen basics and often used items hanging give off a farmhouse-style vibe. These glass-front cabinets’ unique and artistic touches have us completely smitten.

Beware of typical country kitchens in bland colors from previous seasons. Bold colors have a place in your kitchen, without a doubt. 

Any room will quickly become more stylish if you add industrial-style lighting to your kitchen (and dining area). 

5. Match Your Bathrooms With The Feels

Match Your Bathrooms With The Feels
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The goal of modern farmhouse decor design is to create a warm, inviting place that seems modern and up-to-date without being overly fashionable. 

A modern farmhouse bathroom is, above all, restful and quiet, frequently drawing inspiration from other design idioms like minimalism and Scandi. 

In this generally admired design, paying attention to the details is crucial, from rustic, reclaimed wood to antique embellishments.

In comparison to the plain rustic, the modern farmhouse decor style is a little more sophisticated and modern. Add a few simple or contemporary accents to prevent the farmhouse aspects from becoming too country-chic. 

Installing a sliding barn door is a creative approach to give your modern farmhouse bathroom decor a touch of country style.

Turkish towels, shiplap, and white wood are excellent additions that will give your bathroom texture and warmth. Keep the interesting, patterned tile in your bathroom if you want it to have a farmhouse vibe. 

Instead, to update the room without removing the neutral components, consider tiling a modest backsplash. 

Turkish towels are displayed here on a blanket ladder, adding a touch of texture and aesthetic interest.

Rush To The Stores Now!

An updated reason to host a party in your area is banquette seating. Try gathering a selection of midcentury-style seats rather than the standard spindle-back chair. 

One enormous wall in the master bedroom, covered with 100-year-old barn wood, instantly gives it a rustic feel. An otherwise minimalistic design can give a farmhouse feel through the steel and wood sliding-door hardware.

Many of the traditional components of modern farmhouse decor are combined with a considerably brighter perspective in today’s approach. For a calm, natural house, you may use recycled wood, linen, rope, leather, metal, and jute.

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