Yule Love This: Fresh Picks for Your Holiday Movie Marathon

New Christmas movies

As the holiday season draws near, the cinematic world is decked up with an abundance of festive goodies. And all are certain to tickle our funny bones and warm our hearts. In this article, I will dive into a wide range of new Christmas movies. 

Now that you are done taking down your Halloween decor, let me help you tidy that checklist filled with the best Christmas movies! So, prepare to decorate the holidays and indulge in a sleighful of holiday movies. I have exclusive details of the new Christmas movies, ranging from thrilling action sequences to nostalgic reunions. 

Besides, this carefully chosen collection of Netflix Christmas movies features some of the best and most recent films. So gather your favorite blanket and curl up by the fire. And come along with me as I explore the cinematic treats this year’s holiday film lineup— especially the brand-new Netflix Christmas horror films— has to offer…

Best New Christmas Movies To Watch In 2023

Best New Christmas Movies To Watch In 2023
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Hi there, lovers of movies and the holidays! It seems like yesterday that you were preparing to watch your favorite Halloween movies from Disney. And now, it is already time to gather up and be all cozy to watch some of the best Christmas movies!

I have you covered! 

These films cover a wide range of genres, themes, and emotions in this lively tour around the glittering town of holiday movies. Every film, from the most recent releases to touching family Christmas flicks to action-packed thrillers, has a certain appeal that lends a little enchantment to our holiday celebrations. 

So, come along with me as I explore the villains wreaking havoc on the holidays, uncover the joy of Christmas movies, and follow Eddie Murphy on his hilarious Christmas tour. I have everything, even time travel, and romances! Now grab a cup of cocoa, settle in, and enjoy this marathon of holiday films!

1. The Holdovers

The Holdovers
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The first one on the list of the new Christmas movie, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, co-star, has already won many awards. Looking like a holiday classic, this comedy starring Alexander Payne is available on VOD and in cinemas.

As a professor stranded at a prestigious boarding school during the Christmas break, Paul Giamatti excels at caring for children with nowhere to go. So, prepare for an endearing film that will become a family tradition over the holidays.

2. The Bad Guys

The Bad Guys
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Remember the 2022 hit adaptation of Aaron Blabey’s graphic novels? Well, it’s back with a twist! The $250 million worldwide earner, “The Bad Guys,” now has a TV special: “A Very Bad Holiday.” Additionally, this prequel showcases the creatures still in their bad phase, accidentally canceling Christmas during a heist.

So, join the fun with a different voice cast but the same entertaining tone in this 25-minute special. This is perfect for a quick holiday fix, and you won’t find it on the Netflix Christmas movies list!

3. Candy Cane Lane

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Thirdly, we have to talk about Candy Cane Lane! Directed by Reginald Hudlin, this 2023 holiday gem features the legendary Eddie Murphy. In family film mode, Murphy plays Chris Carver, a man competing in a local Christmas decoration contest. Chris, a Christmas character like no other, is fired just before the holidays and dives into an overly competitive Christmas spirit. 

With an ensemble cast including Tracee Ellis Ross and Nick Offerman, this one’s a must-watch for a dose of holiday laughter. Additionally, it’s perfect for a cozy night in with family, even if it’s not on the family Christmas movies that Netflix has to offer!

4. Dashing Through The Snow

Dashing Through The Snow
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Directed by Tim Story and produced by Walt Disney Pictures for streaming, “Dashing Through the Snow” stars the incredibly likable Lil Rel Howery as St. Nick himself. Howery plays Eddie Garrick, a social worker with a history of bad encounters with Santa.

As he deals with a separation, a chance encounter with the real Santa helps him rediscover the season’s spirit. While it may not be on the list of new Christmas movies on Netflix, it’s still a feel-good holiday flick!

5. A Christmas Frequency

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Denise Richards stars as a morning radio show host in a holiday romance. Facing a ratings nosedive after secretly splitting from her husband, she embarks on a series of blind dates. The result? A surprise encounter with someone she’s very, very interested in.

Talk about turning the holiday blues into a festive affair! This heartwarming tale is off the Netflix Christmas movies lineup but worth a watch.

6. How to Fall in Love By The Holidays

How to Fall in Love By The Holidays
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Former desperate housewife Teri Hatcher is having a busy Christmas. In “How to Fall in Love By the Holidays,” she plays a successful writer-turned-CEO tasked with writing a column about falling in love during the holidays.

The twist? A handsome photographer assigned to the column makes things way more complicated. Also, it might not be on the list of best Christmas movies on Netflix, but it’s a charming addition to your holiday watchlist!

7. A Merry Scottish Christmas

A Merry Scottish Christmas
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Get ready for a Salinger reunion! “A Merry Scottish Christmas” reunites Party of Five’s Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf, playing estranged siblings. Filmed and set in Scotland, this Hallmark Channel offering promises a heartwarming tale, complete with kilts and family bonds.

A must-watch for Hallmark fans looking for a family Christmas movie, even if it’s not on the Netflix Christmas movies family-friendly category!

8. A Biltmore Christmas

A Biltmore Christmas
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Bethany Joy Lenz, of One Tree Hill fame, takes center stage in “A Biltmore Christmas.” Playing Lucy, a screenwriter transported back to 1946, Lenz’s character falls for one of the stars of a beloved holiday film.

With stunning black-and-white visuals and a captivating premise, this one promises a nostalgic and visually enchanting experience. Although it’s not on the list of Christmas movies on Netflix, it’s a unique addition to your holiday movie marathon!

9. Silent Night

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Joel Kinnaman stars in “Silent Night,” a Christmas-themed action thriller. Directed by John Woo, Kinnaman plays a grieving father seeking vengeance for his son’s Christmas Eve death due to gang violence. This action-packed thriller offers a unique take on the holiday season.

While it may not be on the list of new Christmas movies on Netflix, it’s a must-watch for action enthusiasts during the holiday season!

10. Round And Round

Round And Round
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Next on this list, Hallmark delivers a Hanukkah-themed movie with a Groundhog Day twist in a groundbreaking move. Vic Michaelis is Rachel, stuck in a time loop en route to her parents’ Hanukkah party with Bryan Greenberg’s Zach.

The result? It is a comedic journey through repeated nights with a touch of holiday magic. Besides, it’s a fresh take on Hanukkah movies, and although it’s not on the Netflix Christmas movies list, it’s a delightful addition to the holiday movie lineup!

11. Christmas in Notting Hill

Christmas in Notting Hill
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Sarah Ramos, known for Parenthood, stars opposite William Moseley in “Christmas in Notting Hill.” A breezy film that combines the star-civilian concept of “Notting Hill” with soccer comedy, this promises to be a delightful addition to the holiday movie lineup.

While it may not be on the list of best Christmas movies on Netflix, it’s a charming film for a cozy holiday night!

12. Christmas on Cherry Lane:

Christmas on Cherry Lane:
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Last but not least, bringing together Hallmark’s preeminent stars, “Christmas on Cherry Lane” follows three couples at inflection points in their lives. From preparing for the arrival of their first child to contemplating expanding their family during the holiday season, this heartwarming tale explores love during the holidays.

Expect surprising turns by the end of its brisk runtime. Furthermore, even if it’s not on the list of new Christmas movies on Netflix, it’s a captivating addition to your holiday watchlist!

So, Get Ready For A Cinematic Sleigh Ride

One thing is evident as the credits roll and the curtain rises on our cinematic sleigh ride through the holiday film offerings of 2023: the lineup this year is a festive feast for movie buffs. And this is particularly true for those searching for the top family-friendly and brand-new Christmas films on Netflix.

The silver screen is aglow with the warmth and magic of the season, offering everything from ageless classics to creative takes on seasonal themes. Additionally, this cinematic sleigh trip has something to offer everyone. So, whether you’re looking for tears, laughs, or a good dose of action, they’ve got you covered!

The classic and contemporary Netflix Christmas movies provide extra happiness and festive spirit to your celebrations as you cuddle up for your holiday movie marathon. I hope you have a joyous, cheerful, and magical holiday season full of the magic of the greatest Christmas films available on Netflix, including the latest releases.

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