Okonomiyaki Has Become Favorite Of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak After G7 Summit!  

Okonomiyaki Has Become Favorite Of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak After G7 Summit!

The three-day Group of Seven (G7) leaders summit involved leaders from different countries in the world-based discussion! In this summit, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak “particularly enjoyed” the Hiroshima delicacy, okonomiyaki, according to the reports!

Okonomiyaki is a cheap, savory Japanese pancake that is cheerful for its disposition and taste. It is the subject of local pride and a deep rivalry with other places where this dish is cooked. For example, according to the Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, there are different recipes!

He pointed out to PM Sunak how the pancakes are made in Hiroshima compared to Osaka or those made in Tokyo! However, the Japanese Prime Minister also agreed that the ones made in Hiroshima are the best! No one can disagree with it, considering it is delicious.

The okonomiyaki that Rishi Sunak sampled was a heaped mound of batter, often made with some meat fried on a hot plate, noodles, and cabbage. The pancakes are then smothered with a savory sauce. People in Hiroshima are quite proud of this dish, and there is deep rivalry among restaurants and eateries!

Rishi Sunak sampled the dish along with Fumio Kishida, who represents Hiroshima at the parliament. He tried it in Hiroshima style and became a fan! The city of Hiroshima has more than 1 million people, and before the G7 summit, some local restaurants produced new dishes!

There are about 800 okonomiyaki restaurants, of which many have created special recipes catering to foreign tastes from the countries involved in the G7 summit. If you want to read about the 6 best okonomiyaki in Tokyo that you should try, go ahead! The French dish option had cabbage, cheese, bacon, bean sprouts, a fried egg, and sauce, wrapping it all in a crepe. There was also one with a British version with fish and chips even though Sunak tried it or not, we have yet to learn!

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