Paul Walter Hauser is one of the greatest Ame, Rican actors. He is best known as a character actor and a comedian. Here, you can learn some important facts about him. Have a look:


Paul Walter Hausar: Biography

Paul Walter Hausar is quite an efficient actor in modern Hollywood. He is an expert in playing characters of critical people and comedians. He is both active in films and TV, which makes him a known face among all types of viewers.

Paul Hausser most likely would have got a nomination for the Academy Award for his marvelous acting in Richard Jewell, but things ended up in a controversy. He portrayed Shawn Eckhardt in the film and got global acclamation. However, he had his break in the cinema industry in 2005 with the television show, Too Late with Adam Carolla. In addition, he worked as a voice artist in a series that had two episodes.

Paul played a prominent role on a TV show in 2010. The name of his character was Richie, and the name of the show is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

When it comes to films, Paul Walter Hausar acted in a film for the first time in 2010. The name of his character was Dale. Nowadays, he acts in most crime-comedy pictures. Some of them are Cruella and Paul Walter Hauser Cobra Kai.

Paul has also got an award for his role as Richard Jewell. However, it was a title character film, and the NBR awarded him the award due to his breakthrough performance.

Personal Biography

As per the personal biography of Hauser, he was born and raised in a Christian family. He has been married to his spouse Amy since 23rd July 2020. The couple also has a son born on April 2021 in Georgia. Hauser’s child is named Harris Boland Hauser.

As per the educational background of Paul Walter Hauser, he attained the Valley Lutheran High School that is located in Saginaw. After he completed his course in the aforesaid school, he attained the university for higher education.

Paul Walter Hausar: Wiki

Paul Walter Hausar Wiki

In this section of the article, you can read the facts regarding Hausar that are present on the Wiki. Here, all information is written as points as you can easily grasp them. Have a look:

  • Name: Paul Walter Hausar
  • Date of Birth: 15th October 1986
  • Current Age: 35
  • Activity in the Industry: 2005 to present
  • Spouse: Amy Boland Hausar
  • No. of Children: 1

Paul is a bonafide citizen of the United States of America, and he was born in Grand Rapids in Michigan State. According to his birthdate, Paul has Libra as his Zodiac sign.

Paul Walter Hauser: Age And Height

Paul Walter Hauser Age & Height

As of now, Paul is in his 35th year of age. Moreover, he has a height of 1.75 m.

Paul Walter Hauser: Movies

Hauser started his movie career in 2010 and he has only been a part of a few of them. However, his film career has always been on a buzz due to his performance in some underlying incidents. In addition, here you can read about Paul Walter Hauser movies.

First, you can take a look at the list of the movies that Hauser has been a part of. Later, go through the incidents that happened during some of his films.

Filmography Chart


















Locked Away, Kiss Me When I’m Down, I, Tonya


Super Troopers 2, BlacKkKlansman


Late Night, Beats, Richard Jewell,


Adam, Da 5 Bloods, Songbird, East Wheaties!


Cruella, Queenpins


Delia’s Gone (On Post-Production Stage)

Buzz On Films

Buzz On Films

Hauser has always been in a buzz from the time he acted in Virginia as Dale. He was successful in attracting many film critics and made many fans. Moreover, he again came into the limelight during the I, Tonya shooting after dramatically losing his weight. During this time, Paul Walter Hauser weight loss is around 35 pounds.

According to him, deconstructed booze helped him lose extra weight, and… well, not the treadmill. At present, Hauser is busy with Delia’s Gone. As per the news, this film would release soon.

Paul Walter Hauser: Net Worth

Actor Paul Walter Hauser net worth is approximately $14 Million in the current year. However, it was quite low during 2018-2019. The approximate value of the net worth clearly shows that Paul Walter Hauser.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is Paul Walter Hauser Still Married?
Yes, Paul Walter Hauser has been married to his spouse Amy Boland Hauser since 23rd July 2020. The couple also has a son who was born in 2021.
Q2. Was Paul Walter Hauser Nominated For An Oscar?
No, Hauser never really got the nomination for the Oscars.
Q3. Who Plays Stingray In Cobra Kai?
Paul Walter Hauser plays the role of the “Stingray” in Cobra Kai.
Q4. What Is Paul Walter Hauser In?
Paul Walter Hauser is a much-celebrated American Actor of versatile talent. He started his career way back in 2005 as a voice artist. However, he shifted to TV programs and movies sooner. Paul is now one of the highest-earning actors in the industry.

Moreover, he has recently started producing films. There has always been much buzz in the life of Paul Walter Hauser. It is expected to carry on till he stays in the industry.

Final Take Away

In recent times, Paul Walter Hauser has been an acting sensation. Since the inception of his career, Hauser has been working as a perfectionist. As of now, he is more tilted on Amazon series and movies than TV shows.

Most of the fans are pretty concerned about the recent overwhelming success of Paul. However, the actor is more into Twitter controversies. Well, Paul is now married and the father of a stunning baby boy. Many fans still have no idea why Paul reacted to the Academy awards critics, but they got them back on Twitter. Finally, talking about social media platforms, Paul is quite active on Instagram.

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