People Ask Why Do We Eat Turkey On Thanksgiving?

People Ask Why Do We Eat Turkey On Thanksgiving

Several side dishes vary from house to house. After all, in some parts of the country, you might find mashed potatoes served with gravy. In other places, you might find sweet potato pie. But regardless of anything, you want to celebrate a Thanksgiving party in some home around America.

The history of the Thanksgiving party is all about a mystery. People have yet to learn how this particular bird acquired the place of honor at the table, especially in November. But there are multiple historians, and you might have different theories.

However, historians won’t be able to say which type of fowl was especially served at the day. This happened when a letter composed by pilgrim Edward Winslow notes a turkey hunting trip before the feast. At the Thanksgiving party there are some Thanksgiving football games to enjoy the party.

Other theories exist about the Thanksgiving party turkey to the Queen of England. This was during the 16th century when a caravan of Spanish ships plunged on their way to strike England. As per the legend, Queen Elizabeth accepted this news while dining at dinner. After all, she was so ecstatic that Elizabeth ordered another goose, which was going to be done.

Historians believe the early settlers were motivated by the Queen’s actions to roast a Turkey instead of a Goose. This wild Turkey is a native bird, especially in North America. As a result, Benjamin Franklin claimed that this made Turkey a more suitable national bird, especially in the United States, than the bald edge.

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