Back in the 1900s, the preppy aesthetic was a status symbol. Whether it’s Brooks Brothers polo or knit sweaters, the preppy society always fits in their closet.

Remember the preparatory and Ivy League schools?

Yes, that is where the particular style statement is routed back, hence the name.

Well, the evolution of pretty trends helped it sink in every era, and people have different notions of wearing preppy dresses.

However, today’s fashion is more about stocking up instead of particular age pieces. So, probably it’s the perfect time to go for chinos, basic white button-ups, and gingham prints. Why not go for a preppy aesthetic in your bedroom when you are going for stripes with dresses?

The decoration is always exciting for people; thus, there is a never-ending expectation of people remaining with their new room decoration process.

If you think preppy is all about fashion with the dress and reshaping your wardrobe, then you are at the right place to get exciting ideas on bringing in a preppy aesthetic to the room decor.

Ready to dive into the preppy aesthetic?

What about your bedroom?


Innovative Preppy Aesthetic Room Decoration Ideas

Well, it can be a good idea to get preppy room decor.

But what is the plan, and how exactly do you start and end the whole decoration with a perfect posture with a preppy gesture?

Don’t get overwhelmed; we are here to back you with exciting room decoration ideas.

Trust us, when we say preppy, you have to do something extra with the decoration. It’s not usual; it’s not simple.

Yes, this is a modern world, and thus you have to smartly execute the planning of decoration that does not match with others.

A style can change, but the class is constant.

And preppy room decor is all about maintaining the status symbol. When a person enters your room, he or she can feel the vibe of a pin-up look.

Preppy Aesthetic Types

Preppy Aesthetic Room

You can find two variants of preppy aesthetics.

  • East Coast prep and New England.
  • Southern prep.

Comparatively, East Coast prep is more marine-inspired. In contrast, Southern prep denotes summer elements.

You can use any of these two variants to decorate your room with preppy stuff.

The preppy aesthetic is mainly a choice of college-going students who are more into class. However, it was all about wealth and comfort. But you can bring in the vibe in your bedroom without going too expensive. 

So, if you are a preppy enthusiast and want to design a college dorm room or bedroom, let’s follow the instances.

The Preppy Aesthetic Color Palette

Preppy Aesthetic Color Palette

If you are scouting a go preppy shade, then it’s definitely but not limited to pink and green. You can also call pink the foundation palette to preppy aesthetics.

Before you style and decor your room, you need to consider a strong foundation. So, choosing a preppy aesthetic color is the first step you can take.

What are the traditional preppy aesthetic colors?

Well, it’s blue, pink, white and green.

Never miss keeping a room for creativity while going with preppy room decor. So, it’s time to have fun with color and make sure that you are also using black or gold to give a touch of accent colors to your bedroom.

Preppy Patterns And Motifs

The thing that separates the regular aesthetic from the preppy room ideas is that they always have to have a summery and cheerful vibe to them. When it comes to patterns and motifs inspired by the preppy aesthetic, then gaze at the list down below.

  • Tie-dye
  • Cowgirl hats
  • Animal prints (giraffe, cheetah, leopard)
  • Roller Rabbit patterns (pink monkey)
  • Brand Logos and patterns (Chanel, Prada, Vineyard Vines, Louis Vuitton)
  • Stars
  • Evil Eye
  • Smiley Faces
  • Hearts
  • Floral Prints (lily pulitzer)
  • Palm Trees
  • Pink Dollar Signs
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Decorative Patches

Preppy Aesthetic Wall Decor

Preppy Aesthetic Wall Decor

Wall decor is the nucleus of a preppy aesthetic in your room. Without wall painting, you cannot archive the essence of a preppy aesthetic.

Well, it sometimes gets costly, and decorating a preppy room with proper wall decorations goes out of our budget. Don’t worry!

Your dream is going to get shape this time.

Using preppy posters and collages is particular preppy stuff that can manage the whole room. Sometimes, when college gues stay with their colleagues, they might have a different niche on wall paintings.

But if you choose to keep wall posters, it’s easy to add adhesive strips to the room. You can simply go for magazine clippings and hexagon-shaped cork to expose the poshness.

Importance Of Preppy Aesthetic Stripes

Preppy Aesthetic Room

Proper coordination of stripes and puppets can be your best choice to ensure glamour and fun in the room. 

Well, wall decorations with wall posters may not add enough to the room. So, additionally, you may consider playing with stripes.

But do not go for pronounced patterns if you have a small room. In contrast, small stripes might not catch the essence of a large room.

So, balancing is the key while incorporating patterns and strips.

Well, where can you use this idea?

Floor carpets? Yes, and also pillows, curtains, and even striped wallpapers can be on your list to upgrade the room.

Lighting Decor

Lighting Decor

Do you forget something?

Oh! The essence of fun lighting.

A preppy aesthetic room without preppy lights is nothing but a waste of money, being a mirage. The fun lights can add better functionality to your preppy room. So, these lights are preppy stuff that you need to decorate the walls.

For instance, you can buy light therapy lamps to add different moods. On the other hand, bring in pineapple fairy string light and place it around your wall posters.

Tapestries and fairy lights are also good options to avoid budget risks and decor the preppy room.

Preppy Bedding

Preppy Bedding

Well, it’s time to be creative with your bedding. A bed in a room captures a big part, and if you avoid that part, you are not competing with your decoration.

A preppy aesthetic is about being comfy and glamorous in the same room.

Floral or striped bedsheets can be a good option. However, you can also mix pastel pink with heart-pattered bed sheets and duvets.

No, it’s not the end yet!

The use of monograms can match up with soft and furry rugs and pillowcases to fit the preppy aesthetic room.

People think that preppy aesthetics are extreme, but it’s more about prominence and pink. If you are newly getting addicted to this preppy style, it’s time to change your perspective on this aesthetic. It’s about posh and luxury more than vivid.

Find out the above-mentioned preppy stuff and enjoy the preppy vibe in your dorm room.

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