What is Queen Charlotte: a Bridgerton Story too Streamy for Teens? 

What is Queen Charlotte: a Bridgerton Story too Streamy for Teens

Have you watched the story of Queen Charlotte? If you are a parent, you know when I ask about your comfort regarding your children watching it? Why do we need a parent’s guide when discussing Queen Charlotte: a Bridgerton story?

In this blog, I am going to share the series’ plot along with the cast! You will get an idea of how the story goes and its impact on the series of Bridgerton Season 2 or Bridgerton Season 3. If you ask me, yes, there are several mature contents, including language, nudity, and intimate scenes.

However, the exposure every teenager gets to sexual content varies. Hence, deciding whether your kid should watch it is completely up to you. Let me create a Queen Charlotte, a Bridgerton story parents guide, so that you can determine whether you allow your teenage kids to watch the series.

What is Queen Charlotte: a Bridgerton Story that is too Streamy for Teens?

Queen Charlotte: a Bridgerton Story is heavy on nudity and intimate scenes, so it might not be an ideal show for your teen to watch. There is also love and romance, even with the Regency-era romance. There is a high probability that young minds can be influenced negatively!

There is nothing wrong with romance and intimate scenes, especially when there is context. However, young teens might not understand the difference between fiction and reality, leading to them developing a wrong concept about love, sex, or intimacy.

If you are asking, do you need to watch Bridgerton before Queen Charlotte, I would say keep reading to know more. Let me share some of the aspects you must consider before allowing your teenage daughter or son to watch the series. 


When we discuss the plot, the first thing we focus on is the love that blossoms between British Monarch King George and Queen Charlotte. Even though they meet for the first time on their wedding day, both feel a sense of relief when they see each other.


This onset is one of the most beautiful moments of the series. Even though there is doubt, confusion, and dilemma, the King and Queen keep missing each other’s company. However, when they finally come together, they share many intimate moments.

Several elements in this series are not fit for children, especially language, violence like yelling, drugs, smoking, and drinking. Yes, there are positive messages, too, such as diverse representation and encouragement of inclusivity.


India Amarteillo plays young Queen Charlotte, while Corey Mylchreest portrays young King George. There are also other characters, such as young lady Agatha Danbury as Arsema Thomas, while Ruth Gemmell portrays a young lady, Violet Bridgerton.

There are also future scenes. Thus, we see Golda Rosheuvel as Queen Charlotte while Michelle Fairley portrays the role of Princess Augusta. We also see a young Brimsley, played by Sam Clemmett, along with the experienced Hugh Sachs portraying the older version.

Are you questioning, where is queen charlotte filmed? Why don’t you go through the blog to know more about it?

Real or Fiction: Queen Charlotte: a Bridgerton Story!


Of course, there is a real Queen Charlotte in history, but not all real-life events match the fictional representation in the series. Queen Charlotte was biracial, as she was the descendant of Margarita de Castro y Sousa, the black branch of the Portuguese Royal House.  

Many artists who followed her images accepted that she was traditionally African and that she had brought change to society. She started a movement that many supported by encouraging minority people to attain higher positions, more education, social status, and riches. All these facts have been incorporated into the series!


Neither King George nor Queen Charlotte had seen each other before they married. After the marriage was announced in 1761, Queen Charlotte married King George on 8 September, just after arriving for a few hours in the U.K.

Furthermore, the two had 15 children, out of which 13 survived! You will find that the series has also incorporated these facts. One of the very first British Monarchs to study Science was King George, and this was incorporated into the series.

Even the nickname, Farmer George, is also true! He was so in love with agriculture that it was incorporated. Even the issue with the mental issue is real, as the Monarch was known as the “mad King who Lost America.” 

King George did battle with Mental illness during his reign. Apparently, towards the end of his reign, he was completely deranged, and Queen Charlotte was in a powerful position. However, his eldest son, George IV, was made Prince Regent!

What Should Parents Know about Queen Charlotte: a Bridgerton Story?

Are you wondering if the story of Queen Charlotte is safe for kids to watch? It is a prequel to the Bridgerton series, and fans love it because of the combination of sex and drama. However, teens and tweens might not be ready for the content in the Bridgerton series.


The story of Queen Charlotte and King George is not just a love story but also symbolizes the societal shift. One persistent aspect of the story is the way racism is addressed. With an African American background, Queen Charlotte creates an environment where diversity is welcomed.

Individuals of diverse ethnicities and racial backgrounds are welcomed by Queen Charlotte, not just in her home but also in society. I will also discuss the social issues addressed in the series Queen Charlotte: a Bridgerton Story!

Social Issues Addressed in Queen Charlotte: a Bridgerton Story!

What is wrong with King George in Bridgerton? The power that a young Queen had to take over because the King was unfit to rule was a huge social issue.

The concern of mental health was addressed as Queen Charlotte navigated the manipulation and power of the court to deal with the nobility and the people of the country.


There is also the issue of racism as it is the Queen, herself biracial, who helps create awareness about their race. She also creates opportunities and positions leading to the Black elite coming up on top without being judged on their skin color.

What can Parents tell about Queen Charlotte in their Teens?

A spinoff series, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, made people more aware of the characters, but is there any reality to the characters and the story? There have been some facts and some dramatized moments in the series; hence, let’s see what you can share with your teens.

You can show your children the documentaries about the Queens of England and Ireland, Queen Charlotte and King George III. You can tell your children that the Queen was biracial, and it was probably one of the first steps towards creating equality and diversity on the Monarchy level.


Your children should also learn how Queen Charlotte never met her husband before marrying him. The royal couple was in love even if their marriage was arranged. Furthermore, King George had mental illness, including convulsions, mania, hallucinations, and depression.

The couple did have 15 children, which is shown in the series. The series appropriately adapts some historical facts. However, as teenagers, your children must wait a few more years to watch it.

Mature Content for Teens!

The first thing I will share with you is the age rating of the Queen Charlotte series: a Bridgerton Story! The story is rated as TV-MA for sex, smoking, and nudity; thus, the content is not appropriate for children and teen kids. To be more precise, you should not allow your kids under the age of 17 to watch it.

Even there are languages used in the series Queen Charlotte: a Bridgerton Story, which has words like whores, bastard, and damn. You will want your kids to avoid seeing something where people use slang. Of course, children after a certain age hear these slang words in their world, especially with peers.


However, it should not be from a television series, especially under parents’ supervision. It will give the children the wrong message. Hence, I would say that Queen Charlotte: a Bridgerton Story is appropriate for mature audiences. It has scenes that are very similar to Bridgerton but raunchier and steamier!

There are scenes where couples are seen in various sexual positions, there are scenes with thrusting towards each other, and the naked backside, butt, and bosoms are quite apparent; hence, it is better if you set restrictions so that your teenager cannot access this content.

Finishing Off…

In short, Queen Charlotte: a Bridgerton Story is a love story but an adult love story. For parents, it is quite a nice watch, especially if it is a date night and you spend some time with your partner.

However, I suggest not watching this series with your teenage children or even allowing them to watch it alone. After reading the article, you will learn about the significance of the right type of guidance that you should cater to your children, especially when they are growing into adults.

Comment on what you think should be the right way to tell your teens to wait a few years more to watch this series!

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