Several Controversies Arise After Seeing Kim Kardashian’s Christmas Home Decorations  

Several Controversies Arise After Seeing Kim Kardashian’s Christmas Home Decorations

Seeing Kim Kardashian leaves netizens in suspense regarding whether they are real. Regarding Kim Kardashian’s home decor, it is hard to tell if it is real or fake. Kim Kardashian said that the trees are real and they smell good.

One Reddit user wrote that the trees are the paper-cornstarch mixture, which is supposed to be flame retardant. This also looks like snow. Real trees last longer than fake trees. An average number of trees usually takes seven years to grow. On the other hand, if pollutants occur, they take ten times more time than the artificial tree factories, based on the information of One Tree Planted.

Fake trees are made up of metal and sometimes with plastic. This means it will stay in the environment for thousands of years since more than 85% of these are made in China. After all, they add a large amount of carbon pollution via shipping.

Multiple controversies arise over Kim Kardashian’s decorations for Christmas. According to her, she is willing to experience the essence of childhood. Some highlight the importance of fostering and moderation, which is an appreciation for the non-material aspects of the celebrations.

The festive preparations for Kardashian underscore the ongoing dialogue surrounding the intersection of societal expectations, the authentic joys of holiday traditions, and so on. Even on social media platforms, seeing Kim Kardashian’s home decorations continuously provokes diverse opinions on the true meaning of Christmas.  

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