Sony PlayStation 5’s ‘Up’ Game Set To Enter Classics Catalog, Subscribers Opting 12-Month Plans: Latest

Sony PlayStation 5’s ‘Up’ Game Set To Enter Classics Catalog

Ever since PlayStation Plus introduced tiers which is the gaming platform’s subscription-based service for PlayStation users, gamers have struggled to decide which tier would suit them best.

PlayStation Plus now offers three tiers, with each tier progressively allowing more games through Game Catalog, Classics Catalog, and Game Trials. Recent reports have suggested that the PlayStation Portable title may be the next addition to the Classics Catalog.

In a tweet shared by the gaming news source Gematsu, the PSP game based on the Pixar franchise Up has apparently received a rating in Taiwan for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The reevaluation of the gaming platform’s rating in any country typically suggests an impending release on a different platform. This could be pointing to a potential entry into the Classics Catalog for this particular title.

Some fans, however, feel like PlayStation could “pick better titles.” This could validate their claim to the “Premium” tier that allows access to Classic titles.

Another user is of the opinion that there are “many better PSP games to add.” For some players, Up could evoke nostalgia, but its appeal to a broader audience is questioned. Are you looking forward to any other title in the Classics Catalog? Let us hope that they will be adding Sly Cooper to their next addition.

In other news, PlayStation CEO Hiroki Totoki revealed in an earnings call that most of the PlayStation Plus users opt for the 12-month plan. It roughly constitutes 60% of the users. The trend comes as no surprise considering the 12-month plans offer much more savings in the long run when compared to the cost of purchasing a 1-month or 3-month plan individually.

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