The Horrific True Story Behind Netflix’s Demonic Documentary: ‘The Devil On Trial’  

The Horrific True Story Behind Netflix’s Demonic Documentary

Recently, the latest foray of true crime story, a Netflix documentary, “The Devil on Trial,” explores ‘demonic possession’ just for one time, which has been used as a defensive material in the U.S. murder trial.

The case is sometimes called the “Devil Made Me Do It” trial, which concerns the 1981 murder of landlord Alan Bono, Brookfield, at the hands of his 19-year-old owner, Arne Cheyenne Johnson.

The backstory of this crime documentary is horrible. A guy named Johnson was engaged to a young woman named Debbie Glatzel. The family of Glatzel was struggling with ominous and unexplained events that had happened over the past few years to her 11-year-old younger brother, David Glatzel.

The troubling events happened in the year 1980 in July when David and Johnson were working together to clean up a rental property where the Galtzel family was planning to shift. A few times later, David began speaking Latin while being tossed into the air, and he also had specific physical injuries from beatings.

Once the devil left David’s body, it was alleged that it possessed Johnson. After that, the defense attorneys at the trial started a long research, concluding that it resulted in the murder of a friend who was being driven by demons. However, this is a semi-fictional documentary on Netflix.

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