Singaporean Cuisine – Top 10 Traditional Dishes You Must Try In 2023

best singaporean cuisine

Singapore is home to one of the best financial markets, great airport facilities, botanic gardens, and so much. But is that all? Once in Singapore, will you just roam around? Won’t you have anything to eat? Surely, you will.

But have you decided on the best Singaporean Cuisines? I’m sure you have not. Whether you did or did isn’t the question.

Since you are reading this, it means you need some good recommendations. In that case, let me be your guide to Singaporean Cuisines. Here, I have listed the ten best cuisines (from the best of Singapore cuisine history) you can taste in Singapore. So, without any delay, let’s get you started.

Top 10 Traditional Singaporean Cuisine You Must Try

1. Hainanese Chicken Rice

hainanese chicken rice

So you are in a restaurant in Singapore in the middle of the day, wondering what to order for lunch. Order Hainanese Chicken rice – it is going to be worth it – really. The steamed chicken served with rice is one of the most fulfilling Singaporean cuisines you can have at lunch. The steamed rice is also full of luscious flavors swarming all over.

2. Chili Crab

chili crab

You don’t have to take it from me – just ask any Singaporean what is their favorite. A major percentage will reply with Chili crabs. Dipped and soaked into chili and tomato sauce, this is the most mouth-filling Singaporean cuisine if you are a sucker for spice. The best way to eat them is with stemmed manitous.

3. Char Kway Teow

char kway teow singaporean cuisine

If you had enough of that juicy and greasy food, you might need to eat Char Kway Teow. These flavored rice noodles are stir-fried and come with crispy bean sprouts. Clams, Chinese sausage, dark soy sauce, and the paste of shrimp. I am sure that you will love this Singaporean cuisine.

4. Kaya Toast

kaya toast

Dishes only for lunch and dinner don’t do you any good. You are in Singapore, and it is likely that you will want to choose Singaporean breakfast dishes. If you want something for breakfast, then Kaya Toast is something I can recommend. Kaya is a jam (sweet coconut egg jam), and they spread it over bread. You need to eat it with half-boiled eggs. If you add some black soya sauce, it will taste even better.

5. Laksa

laksa singaporean cuisine

Rich with Chinese and Malay influences, Laksa is a creamy coconut curry mixed with sauce. They serve it with fried bean curd or cut-up noodles. If you are looking for something delicious, this Singaporean cuisine ranks among one of the best. This one is an easy-cook Singaporean dish.

6. Nasi Lemak

nasi lemak

The term Nasi Lemak stands for rich rice. This Singaporean cuisine does perfect justice to its name. This dish is rich in different textures and tastes. Steaming in the yummy coconut milk, this is the national dish of Malaysia. This rice comes with fried chicken, roasted peanuts, egg, and so much more.

7. Satay

satay singaporean cuisine

Another delicious Singaporean cuisine on this list is Satay. This cuisine consists of small pieces of meats that they grill using a skewer. They serve this dish with spiced sauce, steamed rice cakes, and peanuts. The dish often accompanies cucumbers and onions. Just dip your Satay into the spice and enjoy.

8. Bak Kut The

bak kut the singaporean cuisine

Bak Kut Teh stands for “meat bone tea.” the name originates from the Chinese tea that is usually coupled with a soup dish made from pork rib. This Singaporean cuisine is strongly scented. They use a wide variety of herbs, and rock sugar, to make it thick and cloudy in steam. You can have it with tofu, puffs, mushroom, etc.

9. Hokkien Prawn Mee

hokkien prawn mee

Hokkien Prawn Mee is Singaporean cuisine consisting of yellow and white noodles. They come with slices of chicken or pork and prawn. Then they season it with vinegar and chili. They serve it with a lime wedge and sambal sauce. The variation available in Singapore uses flat egg noodles.

10. Oyster Omelets

oyster omelets singaporean cuisine

If you love omelets, you must try the Oyster omelet. They fry the egg together with fresh, plump oysters. That food creates a pillowy starchy scramble. Oyster omelet is garnished with crispy bean sprouts, coriander leaves, etc. You can get it crispy or soft – just the way you like it. If you love to eat eggs, then the oyster omelet is one of the must-try Singaporean cuisines.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

So you are now ready to try these cuisines from Singapore? In case you need more information, the following questions and answers may help –

1. What Is The Most Popular Cuisine In Singapore?

Ans: Here are some of the best cuisines in Singapore that you can try–
i. Hainanese chicken rice
ii. Chili Crab
iii. Laksa
iv. Nasi Lemak
v. Char Kway Teow
vi. Nasi Biriyani

2. What Makes Singaporean Cuisine Different From Other Cuisines?

Ans: There is variety in the taste, texture, look, and feel of the cuisines of Singapore. They are rich in sweetness and spiciness. They are sour, citrusy, and so much when it comes to taste. When it comes to inspiration, they take from multiple cultures and make a thing of their own.

3. What Dish Is Unique To Singapore?

Ans: The unique Singaporean dishes are available at the street food stalls. Indian Rojak is a Singaporean dish rich in crunchy, savory, and sweet tastes. You will find this food from the hawkers who sell it in every part of Singapore.

4. What Makes A Dish Singaporean?

Ans: When it comes to a Singaporean dish, the primary ingredients are usually noodles, seafood, and rice. Most Asian dishes focus either on rice or on noodles – noodles being a prominent ingredient. They serve the noodles in soup, or they use stir-fried soup to serve it. The use of herbs, spices, fish, and meat is also prominent in most Malaysian dishes.


Singaporean streets are filled with some awesome hawkers who vend the world Singaporean cuisines. If you are ever in Singapore, I would wholeheartedly want you to try these dishes. This list of ten Singaporean dishes consists of only the best cuisines there are.

Please let us know if you loved this list. Are you eager to taste any of these cuisines? Let us know in the comment.

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