Most South Asian countries have cuisines that center around boiled rice coupled with meat, fish, lentils, and some exquisite veggies. Their tradition of aromatic spices full of flavor and coconut in cooking makes some of the best cuisines.

Also, surrounded by the ocean, seafood is regular in the normal Sri Lankan kitchens. Some Sri Lankan cuisines are worth not missing out on – especially when you are visiting Sri Lanka.

Wait, are you really going to Sri Lanka? Please, please, please try these cuisines that I have in mind. Even if you are not going to Sri Lanka, you can still try then from any Sri Lankan restaurant in your town.


Here Are Ten Such Sri Lankan Cuisines You Must Try

1. Asmi – Sri Lankans Owning Cinnamon

asmi sri lankan cuisine

Cinnamon is the treasure of Sri Lanka, and they are good at using it to its best potential. This Sri Lankan cuisine is made using rice added to rice flour. Then they squeeze cinnamon leaves into a cup of coconut milk and use it to make the batter.

They deep fry it in oil and garnish it with treacle syrup. When you need something, this Sri Lankan snack is tasty to munch on.

2. Fish Curry & Mixed Rice – Sri Lankan Being South Asians

fish curry and mixed rice

It’s unimaginable to think of a dish without Fish curry. This Sri Lankan cuisine is nutritious, delicious, and heavenly. Once you have a plate full of rice piled with veggies and, obviously, fish curry, there is nothing more you will ask for six hours ahead.

3. Gotu Kola Mallum Sambola – Salad Full Of Greens

gotu kola mallum sambola sri lankan cuisine

I know doctors keep saying – green veggies, eat green veggies. How about some Sri Lankan green salads with shredded green and coconuts. You can find basic spices like chili, onion, Umbalakada fish, and coconut mixed with different green veggies. If you have steamy hot rice, then this might be a good addition on the side.

4. Sri Lankan Cuisine Parippu – Dhal Curry

sri lankan cuisine parippu

Not just in Sri Lanka, Dahl Curry is one of the major dishes in the south Asian countries. This dish is basically made of Masoor Dahl ( lentils). They use different types of spices to make the Dhal and add some coconut milk on top to add some flavor and create a rich stew. Dhal Curry is everywhere in Sri Lanka. If you are eating rice, then it is an integral part of your dish.

5. Polos – When Jackfruit Is Spicy & Hot

polos sri lankan cuisine

Spices are the treasure of Sri Lanka, and they can make jackfruits taste hot like nobody else. First, they roast the spices dry and mix them with small pieces of jackfruits. Now, use mustard oil on the heated pan, then fry the onions, garlic, lemongrass, and cinnamon. Finally, they add the mix of jackfruit and coconut and cook it for an hour – that’s how they make jackfruits hot – you must try.

6. Chili Fish Curry – Something Fishy & Non Veg

chili fish curry

Polos and the salad I mentioned before are indeed tasty. But if your tongue craves something nonveg, then the chili fish curry is your Sri Lankan cuisine. It is full of flavor, fragrance, and oil ( although I am not too happy about the oily part, it doesn’t hurt every once in a while). If you are grabbing a plate of rice, grab a plate of chili fish curry too.

7. Wambatu Moju – Side Dish? Yeah!!

wambatu moju sri lankan cuisine

So, you have grabbed a plate of mixed rice and chili fish curry; you even have Gotu Kola Mallum Sambola. But what about a side dish? I can already imagine your eyes getting bigger. Yeah? Yeah! Just get Wambatu Moju.

This flavored eggplant pickle makes up for the best Sri Lankan side dishes. They deep fry the eggplants and then caramelize them using sugar, vinegar, green chilies, and red onions. You can smell it, can’t you? No wonder it is one of the best Sri Lankan cuisines.

8. Kottu – Hamburger In Sri Lanka


If you want to eat hamburgers in Sri Lanka, then why not eat something made in Sri Lanka? Kottu is another Sri Lankan cuisine I cannot stop admiring. They fry this flat and crispy bread called Godamba Roti. Then they add some vegetables and spices and serve it with curry sauce. There are cheese, egg, and veg options for this dish.

9. Sri Lankan Cuisine For breakfast – Egghoppers

egghoppers sri lankan cuisine

So you are staying in a Sri Lankan hotel and not sure what to order for breakfast – here, have some egg hoppers. This tasty and yummy pancake is made of rice flour (fermented overnight), coconut milk, and eggs. This is one Sri Lanka cuisine you must try in the morning.

10. Kiribati – Blend Of Rice & Coconut Milk


Sri Lankans keep some delicious and special dishes for occasions. Kiribati is a tasty food that makes Sri Lankan special occasions happier. They boil rice and cook it in coconut milk with a pinch of salt. You will love the taste and texture of this Sri Lankan cuisine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some popularly asked questions about Sri Lankan foods. If you need to know more about these questions and their answers may help.

1. What Is Sri Lanka’s Famous Food?

Ans: Here are some of the famous foods of Sri Lanka –
i. Fish ambul thiyal
ii. Kottu
iii. Lampard
iv. Dhal Curry
v. Kukul Mas Curry

2. What Is Sri Lanka’s National Food?

Ans: The national food of Sri Lanka Is Kottu Roti. It is tasty and is common among most Sri Lankan households. You must try it once you visit Sri Lanka.

3. How Is Sri Lankan Food Different From India?

Ans: Sri Lankan and Indian foods seem very identical. Especially when you look at the choice of ingredients and the dishes, they seem really identical. But there are significant traits of Sri Lankan dishes that distinguish them from Indian dishes.

For instance – they have thinner curries, but they are heavily spiced. Sometimes the use of non-native ingredients is majorly noticeable in the Sri Lankan dishes.

Finishing Off The Plate

The Sri Lankan cuisines that I talked about here are yummy, spicy, and hard to not enjoy. You can take Kottu, Asmi, Fish Curry, and Kiribati. It will be really a waste if you don’t taste one of these dishes upon a visit to Sri Lanka.

If you have tried any of them, please share your experience with us. If you want to try them, let us know that too.

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