How The Twitter Logo Became An Iconic Identity?

Twitter Logo

Twitter is probably one of the biggest social media platforms. Furthermore, it has become one of the most important places to get live updates on various events and happenings. If a leader or a CEO makes a statement on Twitter, it becomes a piece of big news the next day. Throughout the years, Twitter has seen massive changes, of which one of the major aspects is the Twitter logo.

In this article, you will mainly learn about how the Twitter bird has become one of the major iconic symbols. Additionally, you will also get to know about the new Twitter logo and the evolution of the Twitter logo with time. However, before that, you will learn some important details about the history of the Twitter logo change. Hence, to fully understand the significance of the Twitter bird icons, read on through to the end of the article.

A Brief Idea About Twitter (If You Still Don’t Know Its Importance)

Twitter is a major social media platform where leaders, businessmen, and also common people from all over the world come to share their opinions through their accounts. Even in some cases, Twitter also played the role of a political battlefield. It plays a huge role in elections throughout the world. Twitter’s effect in the 2016 and the 2020 Presidential elections.

Due to the large number of Twitter users throughout the world, Twitter has become a huge social media platform with a huge effect. Within the last year, Twitter has seen a lot of changes, including a new owner, reshuffling of employees, and various political effects throughout the world, especially in the United States.

Currently, the owner of Twitter is Elon Musk, who bought the platform for a whopping $44 billion, and the deal went on till 27th October 2022.

A Few Interesting Facts You Need To Know About The Twitter Logo

When the platform first started in 2005, its icon consisted of a green-colored icon, which will then change to a baby blue color, as you can see till now. The Twitter bird, which is in itself a famous icon, usually people knew it as Larry Bird. Developers first introduced to the platform in 2010.

Unlike the newest Twitter icon, the bird was different in 2010 and would later go through various changes from time to time. The icon is also created with a variety of things in mind to create a psychologically pleasing effect on the minds of the onlooker. Hence, Logo designer of Twitter created this with a certain design principle and a golden ratio.

Today, the Twitter logo has become iconic. However, this was not the situation before, as users not be able to recognize immediately in its early years. After the logo was almost perfectly designed, it founds its way to perfection and recognition as it evolved throughout the years.

The Evolution Of The Twitter Logo

Here is a description of how the Twitter logo evolved throughout the years, just like the facebook logo and became completely different from what was first thought of by the creators of the platform:

The First Logo: 2005-2006

First twitter Logo

According to,

The original Twitter logo was never actually used on a public product! This logo was only used as the program was being developed and designed. Originally, the logo used a dark and light green color scheme, with drops of dew covering it.”

Actually, the creators of Twitter designed the logo in such a way as to represent freedom and nature. That is why they tried to keep the green color. However, the logo changed later, and the attribute and the ideal behind the logo are kept intact.

The Entry Of The Blue: 2006-2010

After the launch of the Twitter platform in 2006, creator Linda Gavin designed the official logo of Twitter in blue. It took just a day to create the Twitter logo. However, the logo consists of capitals, and the font is used fully in small letters.

Blue twitter logo

Even today, the Twitter icon makes use of similar text and similar colors to represent the brand name. The logo designer of Twitter kept simple to represent the simplicity of the company as well. For the logo, as per the claims of,

they completely changed the color palette, moving from green to a light aquamarine. A common color within the social media sector, blue is associated with trust, calmness, and integrity.”

The Birds Got Introduced: 2010 To 2012

The bird that you see today with Twitter was actually introduced by the company in 2010, however, in addition to the “twitter” icon in written form. The name of the bird is given to Larry. The name is kept after a famous basketball player in the USA named Larry Bird.

twitter logo 2010 To 2012

The logo was actually redesigned by a designer named Simon Oxley. As per sources, originally, the logo consisted of a cartoon mascot with eyebrows, eyes, and paws. However, the simple bird image replaced the mascot soon and was kept as fully minimalist as possible.

The Perfect Twitter Logo: 2012 Onwards

 Perfect Twitter Logo

Logo designer first introduced the Twitter logo in 2012, when the name “twitter” was removed from the logo, and only the bird was kept to represent the brand.

According to,

First, the color was slightly altered to a darker shade, close to true blue. This was done so that the logo would stand out better on the white background of a webpage! Additionally, the fluff on the top of the head and the top feather were removed to simplify the new Twitter logo.”

Furthermore, the name of the bird was also changed from Larry Bird to only “Twitter Bird.” As per inside sources, the bird represents free communication and unlimited freedom.

Summing Up

Hope this article was helpful for you in giving you a better idea of the significance of the Twitter logo and how it evolved throughout the years to become one of the most identifiable icons in recent years. Although Twitter’s logo represents freedom and communication, it was not fully the case with the platform, as, in many cases, the company had to change its policies to a variety of political factors. What do you like the best about Twitter’s logo? Share your thoughts with us in the comments box below.

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