Is Wattpad Really Legit? Things You Should Know In 2022


Are you an author? If you want to make a living out of writing, but you don’t have the platform, why don’t you check Wattpad?

Wattpad has enchained (read enchanted) around 90 million global readers and writers only through the power of telling stories. This international writing and reading community hands your pen the paper( read platform) to write the story you wanted millions of readers to imbibe.

I know; you want me to stop telling you whether all the dreamy talk I am talking about Wattpad is true or utter nonsense. As some writers say they have launched their writing careers, is that true? Or is it just a facade like another selected set of writers say.

The confusion boils down to one question, is Wattpad legit? So, to clear your question, I have drafted this review to help you understand if it is worth checking out? Or should you just move on to some other platform?

What Is Wattpad?

As Wattpad brands themselves, they are a ‘social storytelling platform.’ The platform, as it claims, is an amalgamation of technology and community. So the readers who crave more stories will have some new stories and writers to look forward to.

It is a Toronto-based platform. They make it very clear that their aesthetic matches Generation Z readers. Many talented and rising writers have found their opportunities and career. It says that you can get your stories published as a book.

Not only that but also, your story may get adopted as a TV series or turned into a movie. Talented writers may get picked up by media partners like Hulu, Sony, SYFY, etc.

Wattpad online is the platform that discovers talents like yours. It is like a performance reality show like American Idol but for the writers. You can start publishing your stories for free.

It is a social network platform for authors who want their voices to be heard. Across varied genres, you can choose whatever you love and are capable of.

I told you earlier that Wattpad uses technologies and community as a mix. For example, it uses machine learning and AI to spot the top stories. Also, their intuitive mobile app helps both the readers and the writers stay seamlessly connected.

How Does Wattpad Work?

It works by letting you create your stories, build your audience, and amplify your worldview with like-minded authors and readers. You can share your unique voice and create an ingenuine story on this platform. Here, you will find rich resources, an ample audience, and people who share similar aesthetics.

Create Your Story On Wattpad

Wattpad offers you 50 plus resources for your writing. You can craft your own story using the resources that wattpads offer. It is an intuitive platform for creators. So you won’t have any problem fitting in here.

Build An Audience On Wattpad

You are sure to find your audience among the huge 90 million millennial readers and writers on this platform. When readers like your creation here, you can gradually build your base of audience and fans.

You will not only build a local fan base on it, with their global readership, but you can also gain an audience from around the world.

Amplify Your Story On Wattpad

You can be the next superstar writer of Wattpad whose story gets featured in the next blockbuster TV show or movie. Yes, that’s right; It has many top-notch media partners like Hulu, Sony, etc. the platform allows you to shine as a star writer. But whether you want to be that writer or not is up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I hope you have the gist of how Wattpad works and what Wattpad is. If you have any further queries related to the same, you can check out some of these popularly asked questions on the internet. Hopefully, those will solve your problems.

[su_spoiler title=”1. How To Get Discovered On Wattpad?” open=”yes” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” anchor_in_url=”no” class=””]So, you are a writer, and you have published a couple of your stories on Wattpad. But how do you get noticed? You enter the writing contests and get noticed by global brands and publishers. It is one way to gain exposure as a writer. In addition, the annual award program, Wattys, will gain you some readership.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”2. Is It Free To Read On Wattpad?” open=”yes” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” anchor_in_url=”no” class=””]Yes, pretty much. You can read most of the books for free on Wattpad. However, if you want to read the paid books, you can use the available tokens as coins on the app. On both Android and iOS, you can read stories using this platform. Zane books and other popular current stories are available for free on this platform.

If your story is really interesting, it will pick them up and highlight them on people’s reading list.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”3. Is Wattpad Worth It?” open=”yes” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” anchor_in_url=”no” class=””]Without a doubt, it is worth checking out. As a growing writer who looks for a platform to share their stories, it offers you the writing tools and exposure to do what you love to do. If you are a really capable writer, the machine learning AI of the platform will handpick your story and highlight it for more exposure.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”4. What Age Is Wattpad For?” open=”yes” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” anchor_in_url=”no” class=””]Some parents recommend it for 13 years old kids, and some advise people to access it if they are 17 or above. But, just so you know, they publish some explicit content. So, I would recommend not using it unless you are of legal age to consume explicit stories. Unless you are an adult, you cannot read Wattpad unblocked stories.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”5. How To Delete Wattpad Account?” open=”yes” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” anchor_in_url=”no” class=””]

  1. Login.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. On the right side, click on Close Account.
  4. Fill out all the required info.
  5. When asked for affirmation, click on Yes.



There are many Wattpad alternatives, but this app can be your go-to writers’ social network. As a new writer, it will give you the exposure you want. Who knows; you might collaborate with some famous publishers within a few months. If the ‘Wattpad download PC app is your concern, you can use the website directly on your pc.

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