How Do Seasons Influence Your Skin Tone?

The 16-season color analysis helps you in evaluating your skin tone and undertones thus deciding on your clothing, makeup and accessories. With the help of this analysis, you can learn about colors which you are missing out on!

Spring And Summer Is Light

So, mostly the colors in this skin tone will be light, warm and clear. So, range of colors like orange to yellow are used to develop the color palette for your skin. For summer, the color varies from yellow green to Blue green.

Autumn And Winter Is Deep

If you categorize it as autumn, the color palette develops from the range of colors starting from red orange to Blue-Violet. However, if you belong to winter season, the color range starts from blue to violet.

Seasons Analysis In Fashion

Once you have received all the key colors and palette, you can create your outfit combinations along with understanding the makeup style. You effortlessly develop your own fashion sense and style!