Which Celebrity Color Family Do You Belong To?

Your skin tone, your hair color and other aspects go well with certain colors while other colors do not suit well. It is what we call color analysis! One of the biggest trends on social media hence, go through these color family to know more.

Actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow and Cate Blanchett belong to Light color family groups thus, if you are someone who belong to light color family, you should wear light colors such as ivory, gold and other metal hues instead of dark color.

Light Color Family

With strong coloring like Penelope Cruz, you need dramatic colors like blue, red or purple to balance it out. Your natural coloring will improve a lot better with appropriate deep color family!

Deep Color Family

With auburn or red hair tones along with yellow shade of skin, you must wear warm tones such as pink, coral and others. Spring colors will suit you just like actress Amy Adams while blue or cool tones will not suit you.

Warm Color Family