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Many of us know the name Xresolver or Xresolver Xbox. If you are playing games on Xbox, then you must know about xresolver. It is a great tool for pulling IP addresses. But before you use it, you should know that hackers and gamers can use this tool and identify your IP address. They will not even let you know your IP address leaving you unprotected against an identity breach.

Many gamers keep asking questions like how to blacklist your data. What are the alternatives to xresolver? If you are one of them, this article might be helpful to you. 

What Is Xresolver? Here’s The Answer 

Xresolver is a web-based platform that pulls and stores online gamers’ IP addresses. They grab the IP addresses of gamers from online gaming platforms. Xresolver uses the username of the players to pull their IP addresses.

This platform uses the letter X to represent Xbox players. But they work with other different platforms as well. So sometimes, the same platform is called PlayStation Resolver or Xresolver Xbox. 

This tool exists to convert the Gamertag and the usernames into IP addresses. To do this, the tool uses an Xbox resolver. The Xbox resolver uses bots to scrap data. This data includes the username of the Xbox player, IP address, and ISP address. 

I understand many gamers would rather use the desktop to play games rather than play on Xbox or PSN. Still, many of us do use Xbox or PSN while gaming. These gamers use the xresolver for ps4 to blacklist themselves from the breaches. 

Xresolver Features 

Xresolver Features

So, here are the features of this tool. Reading them should help you understand how this tool works. 

  • Identifying Geo-location: The Xresolver tool users helps users check their and others’ geographical locations. They can use the Premium Geo IP. It is a Geo Lookup service that Internet Service Provider cooperatively provides.
  • Xbox & Playstation Resolver:  Playstations and Xbox players can use this feature to convert their Gamertags into secured IP addresses and prevent any breach from harming them. 
  • Obtain other’s IP addresses using an IP logger:  this is one of the most exciting features of this tool. A user registered on this platform can make a custom link send the link to another person and derive an IP address. 
  • Blacklisting Your Personal IP Address: you can remove your data from the Xresolver database and blacklist your personal IP address. You can do it by going to the Remove Data section. This will help you blacklist your IP address, your location, and other records.

Xresolver Alternatives 

Now, if you don’t want to use this tool, then there are alternatives that you can try. Here are some of the alternatives.

1. Lanc Remastered PCP

This tool is always free to use, and it works both offline and online. The cross-platform use case of the PCPS makes it one of the best alternatives for xresolver. Also, you can pull IP addresses from this tool easily from both Xbox and PS4. There are 1.5 million users of the tool. There are more than 15 IP pullers.

The alternative is very compatible with regards to gaming console systems and comes in both wired and wireless forms. You can connect through a wireless connection or ethernet.

The tool helps you track the geographical location, ISP, and country for all connections so basically use Geo location. The tool is also customizable!

What I Like ✔️What I Don’t
Free, and no registration is needed.Additional software may need installation.
Simple to installTime-consuming. 
Fast in terms of pulling IP 

2. Octosniff

Offered by XResolver, this alternative is also a good try. However, you will have to buy plans after the trial period is over. You can use Bitcoin, MasterCard, or Ethereum to pay for it.  Here is a small review –

You can access information on other players with whom you will be playing. You do not need to have any mods to use this tool. Players will be getting the Logs Exporting feature which is enabled with this tool. Also, your GEO IP has been enabled.

What I Like ✔️What I Don’t
It supports almost all versions of
Playstation, Xbox, and windows. 
Costly plans. 
Easy-to-use interface 
Free from malware 

3. Xbox Booter

Another alternative to xresolver is the Xbox booter. In addition, This tool is dedicatedly used for pulling and grabbing applications to boot other plates both offline and online. This software will let you install the best VPN

The alternative is efficient with regards to increasing the standards of the computer. The operating system is boosted with this alternative.

What I Like ✔️What I Don’t
Good performance and reasonable price. The website is slow. 
Gamers will find the VPN useful. The process is typical. 
Games can also boot people offline.  

4. Console Sniffer 

This tool is great for network research and monitoring. It works with all the consoles. This tool works for all consoles. You can see the IP address as well as the usernames of the people who are competing with you during gameplay. 

The alternative is identified as a monitoring tool and network research console. You can also identify the IP addresses and usernames of the opponent players.

What I Like ✔️What I Don’t
You get the IP address and the usernames.Limited to windows computers. 
Simple setup and works with VPN.  
Compatible with Wi-fi/wireless.  

5. Psycho-Coding 

Another alternative to Xresolver is psycho coding. It is an Xbox Live data search database. It offers LANC, PCPS, and other Xbox tools. You can explore other gamers’ data and also use VPN servers for seven different locations.

What I Like ✔️What I Don’t
Good User interface Some users don’t prefer it.
Offers you the IP address.  
Offers LANC PCPS.  

Frequently Asked Questions:-

I think that this article helped you understand all about this tool. However, if there are any further queries related to X-resolver, then you can read these questions and answers here –

1. Does My IP Address Ever Change?

Ans: Yes, your IP address changes each time you change your own location. If you are moving from the airport to your office, and then to your hotel, then your IP address will change each time you move. There is no need to tweak things and maintain your changes.

2. How Do I Find Someone’s IP?

Ans: If you want to find someone’s IP address, then you have to use an IP lookup tool. There are many such tools available allowing you to look up people. 

3. Can You Still Pull IPS Through Xbox Parties?

Ans: Yes, it is totally possible to pull the IP addresses through Xbox Parties when you are in a party as such. You can pull the addresses of all those who are with you at the Xbox party. 

Final Words

This tool is great if you are trying to blacklist your IP address and other records from Xbox. You can safeguard your records and Identity using xresolver. 

However, if you are looking for answers to any further questions, then you can comment below. Will will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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