Yellowstone Season 4: Family Bonds Tested In The Face Of Danger

Yellowstone Season 4 Family Bonds Tested In The Face Of Danger

Yellowstone is one of the most popular American TV Series, and the viewership of the series has increased significantly in a very short span of time. In addition to that, the storyline includes a crime drama and is very engaging.

The series shows a family (The Dutton Family) associated with politics and power struggles and the individual lives of the members of the family. After the success of the first three seasons, especially Yellowstone Season 2 and Season 3, people expected a lot from Yellowstone Season 4.

In this article, you will come across a Yellowstone Season 4 review and understand how it is a bit different from its previous seasons. You will also find out how the family tried to keep its bonding intact even in situations of utter distress and danger. The Yellowstone Season 4 release date was 7th November 2021, and the show aired till 2nd January 2022. Hence, to learn more about Yellowstone Season 4, read on through to the end of the article.

Yellowstone Season 4 – A General Overview

Yellowstone Season 4 – A General Overview

After the absolutely wild ending of Yellowstone Season 3, the viewers of the show expected a lot from Season 4. Hence, they all wanted to get the answers to all the cliffhanger situations that happened in the final episode. Like Season 3, the fourth Season also consisted of 10 episodes.

Although the Season was good, it was nothing in front of the performances given in the last Season. According to a review in Forbes,

"halfway through Yellowstone season 4, I'd argue the show has badly lost its way and seems to be aimless and unfocused in regard to both its overall story and the vast majority of its characters. Let's go through them.”

After the last episode of Season 3, fans were eager to know what happened to their favorite characters in the show. However, it started pretty blandly when the viewers found out within the first ten minutes of Season 4 that all those characters of the show were alive. Many felt that the directors were toying with them.

The Cast Of Yellowstone Season 4

The Cast Of Yellowstone Season 4

The following are the stars behind the characters of Yellowstone Season 4 (Most of the important characters are similar to that of the last Season):

SL No.CharactersActor/ Actress
1John DuttonKevin Costner
2Kayce DuttonLuke Grimes
3Beth DuttonKelly Reilly
4Jamie DuttonWes Bentley
5Rip WheelerCole Hauser
6Monica DuttonKelsey Asbille
7Tate DuttonBrecken Merril
8Jimmy HurdstramJefferson White
9RyanIan Bohen
10LlyodForrie J. Smith
11ColbyDenim Richards
12CarterFinn Little
13WalkerRyan Birmingham
14Thomas RainwaterGil Birmingham
15Garrett RandallWill Patton
16Caroline WarnerJacki Weaver

To learn in detail about each of these characters’ roles in Season 4, you can check out this article.

Yellowstone Season 4 How Many Episodes?

Yellowstone Season 4 How Many Episodes

The number of episodes is the same as Yellowstone Season 3, which is 10 (ten) episodes. The following are the major details and names of each of the episodes:

1. Episode 1: “Half the Money “

2. Episode 2: “Phantom Pain”

3. Episode 3: “All I See Is You”

4. Episode 4: “Winning or Learning”

5. Episode 5: “Under a Blanket of Red.”

6. Episode 6: “I Want to Be Him”

7. Episode 7: “Keep the Wolves Close.”

8. Episode 8: “No Kindness for the Coward”

9. Episode 9: “No Such Thing as Fair.”

10. Episode 10: “Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops”

Yellowstone Season 4 Review

Yellowstone Season 4 Review

Once you start watching Season 4, you will instantly get the picture that the characters have been given a big disordering in terms of with whom the power is right now. This is because, after the finale of the last Season, the antagonists of the series got an edge, and the Dutton family came in the face of experiential coercions.

According to a review in,

“Roarke and Market Equities, the Broken Rock Reservation (at the urging of Angela Blue Thunder), and Jamie’s newly revealed biological father, Garrett Randall, were now all in the hideous mix, leaving the Duttons in the face of multiple existential threats.”

The storyline of the Season felt a bit disconnected from the central theme of the show. You will see a unique connection of Beth with a teen orphan but with a slight twist. You will also see John Dutton retired and losing his edge in the drama. His effect and role are pretty less now.

However, on the other hand, you will see Kayce Dutton taking a better role, and it is more important to hold the family together. Nevertheless, Kayce running for the Governor, after his short time as a Livestock Commissioner, is a bit too much. In comparison, last Season, it felt like Jamie Dutton was heading for the role of the Governor.

The Season actually did not amaze like the last two seasons. Hence, you can consider it to be not among the best seasons of the Yellowstone Series. Here, review complains –

“The narrative ambition and pluck are still there, shyly waiting in the wings. Most of the characters are solid and worth supporting, or at least following. But this Season felt like a missed opportunity. Then again, it could be all part of the grand design, an intentional sedate interregnum before the story goes hog wild again.”

How To Watch Season 4 Of The Yellowstone Series?

How To Watch Season 4 Of The Yellowstone Series

Many new fans ask regarding “Yellowstone Season 4 where to watch?” If you want to watch the Season 4 through the web, the best way is to search for “Yellowstone Season 4 Amazon Prime” on the search engine. However, if you already have an Amazon Prime subscription, then you will just need to type Yellowstone Season 4 on the platform’s search bar.

Summing Up

Hope this article was helpful for you in getting a better understanding of how the Yellowstone Season 4 went generally. You can see that the Season has some unnecessary drama and the storyline shifts. This was a bit annoying after the amazing ending fans experienced last Season. Do you think that Season 4’s story is good, despite its poor performance? Share your reviews with us in the comments section below.

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