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No, you always don’t have to risk your money if you are working in the real estate sector. There are other ways to earn money from the real estate industry without putting your money at risk. One of these ways is to get a job in real estate investment trusts.

If you love to manage, maintain, rent and sell properties, then you can consider the real estate investment trusts as a good place to start your career. There are thousands of job opportunities lined up in real estate investment trusts. You can start working as an asset manager, property manager, investment analyst, or acquisition manager. 

Is real estate investment trusts a good career path? Yes, it is. All of these roles in real estate investment funds are great for choosing your career. This article will help you understand the potential of jobs in real estate investment trusts. 

What Is Real Estate Investment Trust?

Investment Trust

Real estate investment trusts, also known as REITs, are investment organizations generating revenue using real estate properties. They don’t earn by investing in stocks or bonds. Instead, these trusts (REITs) own, operate, sell, or buy real estate properties and make money out of them. REITs have many apartment communities and commercial buildings that they can rent out or sell. 

These trusts work with different investors who can make money through different means. Here is how they make money –

  • They don’t have to own or manage a property; these investors can earn money simply by investing in investment firms.
  • Investing in REITs is simple, like investing in mutual funds. They are publicly traded platforms. Hence anyone can invest and make money from these trusts.
  • Investors looking for a liquid form of investment can leverage the liquidity that REITs offer. Instead of putting your money on hold on any specific property investors can invest here and liquidate their investment funds. 

Since the REIT industry is a large industry and the number of sizable investors is not minimum, it opens a wide range of job opportunities.

Is Real Estate Investment Trusts A Good Career Path?

Most of the jobs in this sector are about managing, developing, and selling real estate properties. The increasing size of the REIT demands fresh talents to work in this sector. A large amount of job opportunity is opened in this industry every day. Here are some job roles in this industry. 

1. Property Manager

Property Manager

One of the entry-level jobs in the REITs is the job of the property manager. As a property manager, you may have to maintain one property or a portfolio of multiple properties. Collecting rent payments, leasing, dealing with evictions, and enforcing lease provisions are some of the responsibilities of property managers. 

There are more extensive roles for property managers beyond the ones mentioned above. The median pay of the property managers is $60000 per year. If you are looking for a career in real estate investment, then the role of a property manager is a good choice. 

2. Asset Manager 


Unlike property managers, asset managers don’t have to deal with the day-to-day operation of real estate properties. As an asset manager, you have to deal with the financial and operational deliverables of the REIT portfolios. 

Part of their job is to get the maximum amount from the market. As an asset manager, you have to collaborate with the development, acquisition, and accounting and financing department in the REIT. Their median salary is around $840000 per year. This is an illustrious career path in real estate investment trusts. 

3. Acquisition Team Member

Acquisition Team

Is real estate investment trusts a good career path? You will not have any doubt about a career in the REIT once you understand the value and opportunities of being an acquisition team member. With expertise in marketing, finance, capital market, and business, you can create your career as an acquisition manager. The median salary of these professionals is $120,000 per year. 

4. Investor Relationship Management 

Relationship Management

Working under this job title in the REIT sector will require you to work with the REIT stakeholders. They have to control all the communications. These professionals have to plan and assemble data for the annual meetings. Such meetings include proxy statements and making annual reports. Also working closely in the REIT sector will also help you learn about the REIT passive income sources. 

I think that this article was helpful and informative. If you have any further queries related to the same, you can ask questions in the comment. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

I think you have found your answer related to the jobs in real estate investment trusts. However, here are some popularly asked questions and answers you might find informative. 

1. Are Real Estate Investment Trusts A Good Career Path?

⁍ There are many jobs in real estate investment trusts. There are varieties of job roles in real estate investment trusts. Aside from investing in these trusts getting jobs in this sector will enable you to work collaboratively with the retail, healthcare, and several other industries. Most of the jobs in this sector are well paid. 

2. What Is The Average Rate Of Return On A Real Estate Investment Trust?

⁍ Compared to residential and commercial properties, REITs return at a better rate annually. The residential properties return 10.6 percent, while the commercial properties return 9.5 percent on average. But the REITs return at in 11.08 percent rate. 

3. Why Do You Want To Work At A REIT?

⁍ The REITs are profitable to work in. they offer all the investors an opportunity to work in. They also offer dividend-based income to the investor and a sizable total amount of return. There are diverse options for growth in a career in these publicly-operated companies. 

Final Words

Is real estate investment trusts a good career path? I think this article will stop you from wondering about REIT jobs being worth it. The different job roles in the REIT sector I have talked about offering a great salary and healthy job opportunities. People interested in the real estate industry can choose to work in the REIT sector.

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